Best Crocs for Nurses

Working as a nurse is not an easy task! Nurses ensure the overall well-being of patients and this task involves carrying out activities such as monitoring their condition, administering their medication, calming them, and making sure that they are relaxed.

We will discuss different styles of Crocs here, but the Best Overwhelming choice for Nurses is the Neira Pro 2 Crocs.

The runner up Alternative Choice Crocs for Nurses is: On The Clock Work Medical Professional Crocs

Best Budget Crocs for Nurses is: Crocs Classic Clogs

To carry out this role requires nurses to constantly be on their feet. Sometimes nurses are on their feet for hours before they change shifts and that is why it is essential as a nurse to work in comfortable shoes.

This year especially has shone a lot of light to see the immense effort put in by nurses to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Nurses had to spend extra long hours, with some even sleeping on the corridor floors. Since March 2020, over 860,000 pairs of Crocs sandals have been donated to healthcare workers who are working frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wearing the wrong shoes for long periods can have adverse effects on the feet and cause issues such as bunions or hammertoe which are quite painful. That is why, as a nurse who is constantly on her feet, the level of comfortability of the shoes you wear cannot be over-emphasized.

Crocs are an extremely popular option for nurses as they are believed to be therapeutic. Crocs are designed to give wearers maximum comfort while relieving foot pain in the long run. Crocs offer quality support to the arch of the feet while accommodating any foot shape comfortably.

In this article, we will be discussing the best Crocs options for nurses who are constantly on their feet and who need to stay effective while staying comfortable too. Please note, this list was not compiled in any particular order.


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Best Crocs for Nurses

Neira Pro 2 Crocs

The Neira pro 2 crocs offer a more work-appropriate feel for nurses in the hospital. This synthetic closed-toe shoe with molded footbeds and an enhanced arch support provides nurses with a comfortable shoe that can get them through long shifts.

Compare Price for Niera Pro 2 Crocs:
Amazon or Crocs Official Website or Zappos
(I've noticed pricing can differ between these 3 sites, and if you check all 3 you will definitely find the best deal!)

The clogs come in a variety of colors and patterns thereby allowing nurses to stay stylish and effective while being comfortable. The Neira clogs are non-slip, easy to wash with soap and water, and are easy to dry.

These clogs are usually worn by women and have removable footbeds liners that can be washed. These closed-toe clogs are excellent in preventing spills which could be uncommon when working in a hospital. They weigh only 10 ounces making them ideal for long shifts requiring constant movement.

Best Alternate Crocs for Nurses

Crocs On The Clock Slip-On For Medical Professionals

The On The Clock Work Medical Professional Crocs was designed for professionals such as nurses, surgeons, medical professionals, and baristas. Essentially, anyone who works long hours and spends a lot of time on their feet. The Crocs on the clock slip-on are excellent work shoes

Compare On the Clock Medical Professional Crocs Pricing:
Amazon or Crocs Official Website or Zappos

This pair of crocs tries to maintain a level of professionalism by having just two basic colors (white and black). They are slip-resistant and have enclosed toes and heel which protects the feet from spills which are unavoidable when working as a nurse in a hospital.

It has a Croslite foam and well-cushioned footbeds which offer extreme comfort even if worn for long periods.

Bistro clog

The Bistro Clog happens to be one of my favorite pairs of Crocs as they seem to be a mix of both the classic and the Neira pro. The heel is slightly covered up to ensure the feet rests well in the Crocs and it also has a heel strap to ensure a firm, yet comfortable feel.

Compare Bistro Crocs Clog Price:
Amazon or Crocs Official Website or Zappos

The Bistro clog is slip-resistant and can be easily washed with soap and water. It has a closed-toe area with a thick metatarsal area to protect feet from spills. These clogs are extremely lightweight, weighing about 7.4 ounces.

The Bistro clog is ideal for both men or women and are the perfect working shoes that ensure maximum comfort. It also has a synthetic sole.

Best Budget Crocs for Nurses

Crocs Classic clogs

There are so many variants of the Crocs sandals, with each having its unique attributes. However, I must include the style that started it all.  The Crocs Classic Clogs!

Compare Classic Crocs Clogs Price:
Amazon or Crocs Official Website or Zappos

These clogs were designed for the main goal of providing comfort for their wearers. The massage pod footbed makes it extremely comfortable thereby making long shifts much more bearable.

One caution I must offer if you are a nurse looking to purchase crocs for work: The Classic Crocs have holes on top.  Many health regions around the world do not allow their nurses and health care workers to wear shoes with holes.  Check with your own regional health authority to confirm whether these are appropriate for you. 

If you are unable to wear crocs “with holes”, then I refer you back to the Niero Pro 2 Crocs or On The Clock Work Medical Professional Crocs or the Bistro Clog, which are all excellent choices!

Getting back to the classic Crocs… The classic Crocs clogs come in a variety of colors thereby giving you an array of options to choose from. It comes with a soft rubber heel strap that takes the form of the wearer’s heel to ensure maximum comfort.

These Crocs are extremely lightweight, enabling people to wear them for long periods without experiencing any discomfort or pain. The sole of the Crocs is bacterial and odor resistant, making them the ideal shoes for nurses who work long hours at the hospital.

Best Budget Alternate Crocs for Nurses

Crocband Crocs

If you usually have sweaty feet, then it might be best to get a pair of Crocs with lots of ventilation, and the Crocband Crocs offer just that. With a rubber sole and lots of holes that allow for breathability and ventilation, these clogs are a great option for nurses.

Compare Crocband Cocs Price:
Amazon or Crocs Official Website or Zappos

Again, with these Crocs, I offer the same caution as I did with the classic crocs above.  Check with your Health Region Authority to confirm if you are permitted to wear this style of crocs.  The Niero Pro 2 Crocs or On The Clock Work Medical Professional Crocs or the Bistro Clog are crocs without holes on top and can be worn in health regions that do not allow shoes with holes.

These crocs come in a variety of colors giving nurses the option to add a little color to their plain scrubs attire. It comes with a heel strap that can be pivoted back and form allowing the wearer to switch from shoe to slip-on.

The Crocband Crocs are easy to wash and maintain. They are also extremely durable and would get you through long shifts while providing comfort.

The soles are made with rubber to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.  This is a must depending on the situation you find yourself in at work!


Working as a nurse can be very exhausting! The long hours and being constantly on your feet while tending to both the physical and emotional needs of patients could be draining.

Nurses and medical professionals have to be careful of slippery surfaces.  Stuff happens at work and you don’t want to slip, slide or injure yourself because of slipper shoes.

Crocs have gone a long way to try to make this tedious task for nurses have much easier.

Being in a good state physically can greatly improve a nurse’s level of productivity at work. Crocs clogs are one of the most comfortable shoes in the world and as a nurse, it is advisable you get a pair.

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