Can Crocs Be Worn Outside?

Safety and cleanliness are the main reasons we need to wear protection for our feet. This allows us to feel comfortable and free when we’re out walking around. Crocs company have grown since their humble beginnings in 2001 & 2002.  Crocs started off with the classic (some say Iconic) clogs and have developed so many different styles of shoes.

I recently heard someone ask, “Can Crocs be worn outside?”

Crocs can certainly be worn outside.  Originally, Crocs were designed as a boat shoe or a water shoe. The holes on top allow water to flow in and out of the shoe.  The unique closed-resin foam protects your feet from sharp surfaces and the occasional bump and cushions your feet and heel when you walk indoors or out.

I’m not sure how it began, but it’s been suggested that Crocs are a better indoor shoe.  Wear them with a soft and fuzzy pair of socks as you wander through your home in your comfortable pajamas. (Actually, I have a pair of fuzzy Crocs, and I’ve only worn them inside.  I love how soft they are and they keep my feet nice and toasty.)

However, Crocs are a very versatile shoe.  The classic Crocs can be worn to the beach, to work, to the grocer store.  In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Crocs donated over 860,000 pairs of Crocs to frontline medical workers, nurses, and surgeons.  (read more about that here: Can Nurses wear Crocs with holes?)

Let’s take a look at some reasons you can wear Crocs outside!

7 Reasons to wear Crocs Outside

Crocs are comfortable and light as air.

Crocs are known for their comfortable products. That’s why they made it to the top-selling brands of all time. To testify to that claim, the brand has released its Baya Casual Sandals that have only 170g of weight.

Isn’t that fantastic? It is one of the Crocs clogs styles that have become a fan favorite all over the world!

Moreover, it is named the bad boy yet truly soft, thanks a lot to its weight. These Crocs clogs can also be worn even when sleeping. Some say that its weight can be compared to a feather and the comfort it provides feels like sitting on a mountain of pillows. So, if you are looking for cushiony comfort, choose Crocs!

There are a huge variety of Crocs available today, here are a couple of different styles:

Woman's Leigh Wedge Chelsea Boot

crocs Women's Leigh Wedge Chelsea Boot Rain, Espresso, 10 M US

Crocs Leigh Wedge Chelsea Women's Boots

Men’s Santa Cruz Loafers

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Realtree Edge Slip On Loafer | Mens Casual Shoes , Realtree Camo, 7 US Men

Crocs Santa Cruz Men's Loafers

Bistro Crocs (designed for Bartenders & Restaurant Staff)

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Navy, 6 US

Crocs Bistro Unisex Clogs

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneaker, Light Grey/Orange, 4 M US

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Men's Sneakers

Crocs AllCast II Snow Boots

crocs Women's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot, Wheat, 4 M US

Crocs AllCast II Luxe Women's Snow Boots

Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot

Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Rain Boots, Navy, 4

Crocs Jaunt Shorty Women's Boots

Crocs are cool!

Another reason to choose and wear Crocs is that it is literally cool. Don’t feel ashamed of wearing it outdoor.

Crocs is literally cool in the sense that it keeps your feet feel comfortable and well-ventilated. That is because the holes maintain sufficient air ventilation. That then keeps your feet cool, fresh, and odor-free. If you don’t want your feet to smell using a clogged pair of shoes or sandals, then you need to choose Crocs.

Starlight Sequen Crocs from Etsy


With this brand, you can keep your feet free from any bacterial infections such as fungi. Besides, bacteria is a huge enemy of Crocs. That’s why it makes an effort to help stop the spread of it on our feet.

It does not make way for bacteria to enter our feet and bring harm. Well, thanks to the resistance of Crocs from any form of bacteria and its ability to be sterilized using bleach and water.

With that, you can see why hospitals and even restaurants choose Crocs as a part of their uniform. Due to the harm of bacteria from medicine and other transmittable diseases in a hospital and the food spills and leftovers in a restaurant, doctors and chefs always choose this brand.

Leopard Print Fuzzy Crocs

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Lined Animal Print Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Leopard/Black, 6 US

Crocs Classic Lined Animal Print Unisex Clogs

Crocs are recommended for people with foot problems

One of the biggest fans of Crocs is Harold Glickman, who is the former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

He always chooses this brand to be his partner, both indoors and outdoors. His reasons do not end up only because of the comfort it provides but because of his foot problems. Glickman was recommended to wear comfortable, light, and airy shoes. That’s why he trusted Crocs.

Good thing, after several months of using it, his feet got a little better. His wounds are not that severe now as his shoes do not make any skin contact with his feet.

Also, his Crocs pair makes it easier for him to walk than before. The swelling reduced, and now, his feet are healing. Well, thanks to his doctor, who recommended Crocs to Glickman. Now, he does not want any brand if it’s not Crocs.

Realtree Fuzzy Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog

Crocs Classic Lined Unisex Clogs

Royal Toddlers are in love with Crocs.

The next reason you have to wear Crocs outside is that even the Royal toddlers love to wear them. It is a low and easy maintenance pair of slip-ons that you shouldn’t miss.

William and Kate chose this brand for their children. Prince George was recently seen wearing Crocs outdoor. That gives us evidence that Crocs is the best brand for you and even your toddlers.

Make them feel like royalty like Prince George.

Goth Style Crocs from Etsy


Crocs are the “any-occasion” shoe.

If you are having a hard time choosing an outfit in your wardrobe, then you need to own a pair of Crocs. This is because of its ability to blend well with any outfit.

Besides, Crocs offer different designs and colors that you can choose from. Most of the colors in the spectrum have been used by the brand to leave us with so many choices.

Another thing, you can try the most iconic style of Crocs, which is wearing a good pair of socks with it. It may look a bit new and intimidating to other people, yet it is a unique style. It represents comfort and willingness to do anything. You can wear it at a party, a reunion, camp with friends, and even on a date. Isn’t it great and sustainable?

With a pair of Crocs, you both save yourself from a dull sense of style, as well as upholds sustainable living. You make more for yourself while you make less for the environment.

Crocs Women's Huarache Wedge Sandal

Crocs Womens Huarache Wedge Sandal Shoes, Multi/Candy Pink, US 5

Crocs Huarache Wedge Women's Sandals

Crocs can protect you from a bruised knee.

Slipping and other accidents causing you to have a bruised knee are not avoidable. It can happen anytime, anywhere. However, if you are going to wear Crocs outside, then you can avoid having it.

Crocs prevent you from slipping in a public place and, of course, getting hurt. This is because of the non-slip feature it has in which, in every step you take, the shoes keep an average grip on the ground. Do not worry, as it can loosen as you lift your feet.

So, if you’re afraid of slipping outside, then you should wear Crocs. Using this can guarantee you safety and comfort all the time!

Crocs are fashionable.

If you are looking for an upgrade in your fashion sense, then you need to include a pair of Crocs in your wardrobe. Crocs are produced with different color schemes that you can choose from.

It ranges from the darkest to the lightest, depending on your preference and style. With Crocs, you will never go out of style.

For these reasons, may you be encouraged to own one or more pairs of Crocs. It is the best outdoor pair that you need to try. Besides, it’s affordable and easy to purchase with its outlets, both physical and online.

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