Are Birkenstocks good for your back?

Birkenstocks work like magic for many of their wearers. They are not just stylish and comfortable, but also practical and great for people suffering from back pains. Who would have thought that a pair of flip-flops could do wonders?

For sandal lovers who have been enduring backaches for a while now, Birkenstocks are the best option. Their contoured footbeds can give the arch support you need. Also, a pair is designed to distribute weight equally and lessen the pressure on the foot. With no strain on this part, muscle pain in the back may be reduced. 

Only some know that lack of sufficient support on the feet may cause severe problems in the back, such as misalignments in the spine. Generally, poor shoe choices affect our backs.

These shoes are to blame for back pains that do not go away. However, you need not worry anymore because Birkenstocks got our backs! In this article, I have listed down some reasons why Birks are incredibly suitable for your back. 

Can shoes help with back pains?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,39 M EU

Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandals

Basically, feet exist to support the body. Everyone knows this. However, only some know that the feet also keep our spine aligned and balanced. If you choose to wear the wrong shoes or sandals, you’ll surely experience foot pains. 

Worst case scenario: the pain from the feet goes up to strain your legs and up again to your spine. You would want to put a halt to this cycle. 

When there is too much pressure on the foot, there is a chance that your backbone may be misaligned or stressed out. As a result, you’ll experience backaches, stiffness, and muscle spasms, disrupting your day-to-day life.

For instance, women who wear stilettos are very much prone to experiencing back problems. This is because their high-heeled shoes cause stress to the back and throw them out of alignment.

Those who are also fond of wearing flat shoes are also very likely to suffer from back pains. Flat shoes do not offer any support for the arch and heel, which can worsen or exacerbate your back issues.

So, there is a need for you to make a few changes to your footwear choice. Without a doubt, the right shoes can help with back pains. 

What are the shoes to consider for back pain sufferers?

If you have been experiencing back pain for a while now, you must consider buying a pair of shoes that are excellently supportive of the arch and heel. A sandal with an insole that matches the natural contours of your feet would also be better.

You also have to remember that getting the right size is also crucial. If you got the wrong size, it is plausible that your feet will get strained or stressed, resulting in aches. Get rid of those ill-fitting shoes!

As previously mentioned, you have to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, particularly stilettos. These are factors that contribute to the worsening of your back condition. Platform shoes may be alright, but this depends on the weight. 

You have to refrain from buying another pair of flat shoes or flip-flops. These won’t help you with your back pains. I suggest you get a pair of Birkenstocks which have the best-contoured footbeds!

The tips I mentioned worked for some people, but if you are doubtful, it is best that you consult a medical professional. This is highly recommended especially when your back pains are not tolerable anymore. 

Are Birkenstocks back-friendly?

Birkenstock Original Arizona Birko Flor Regular width Soft-Footbed 051061 (38.0 EU)

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

Yes! Birkenstocks are great not just for the foot but also for the back. As discussed earlier, back pains can be caused by poor shoe choices. Birkenstocks are never the “poor” choice.

Birkenstock has pioneered in producing orthopedic and arch-supportive sandals. The brand takes pride in its original footbed design, which is anatomically shaped following the natural contours of the feet.

This footbed is made of four natural materials: cork, latex, jute, and suede. When they are integrated, they create a supportive and breathable insole for the sandals. 

Additionally, Birkenstock footbeds promote proper blood circulation and equal weight distribution due to their contoured surface. This feature is beneficial for people experiencing back, foot, and knee problems.

All in all, Birkenstocks are not just back-friendly but also good for the feet and knees. If you think your back problem is not that severe, a pair of Birks can make your life easier.  

However, if the back pain you’re experiencing is grave and perennial, you better book a consultation with a medical professional. Your back pain may be caused not by poor shoe choice but by another reason.

What are the benefits of wearing Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks have become the go-to sandals of almost everybody. This is primarily because they are very comfortable, durable, and stylish, although these are just the initial judgments.

If you get to know more about Birkenstocks, you’ll see that they are more than their coziness, sturdiness, and chicness. Among all brands in the shoe industry, Birkenstock is one of those who prioritize foot health over anything else.

The brand’s innovative footbeds are designed to avoid the concentration of pressure on the feet, this being the reason for foot pains or strains. These anatomically shaped insoles allow for equal weight distribution. 

This feature offers relaxation to the feet even when standing or walking. Many reviews asserted that wearing a pair of Birkenstocks relieved the back and hip pain they had been experiencing. Kudos to the sensational Birki footbed!

In addition to the above-said benefits, these footbeds also support vital areas, which are the foot’s heel and arch. As previously mentioned, adequate support in these areas can ease back aches. 

The mass-produced orthopedic Birkenstocks assist in improving and healing specific foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions, among others. Moreover, these pairs are proven to be therapeutic.

Best Birkenstock Models for Back Pain Sufferers

Every Birkenstock model has the brand’s legendary footbed. So to answer this question, I can confidently say that all models are suitable for people suffering from back pains. However, if you want a specific answer, here are my top three recommendations.


Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Vegan Sandal, Iridescent Light Rose Microfiber, Size 41 EU (8-8.5 M US Men/10-10.5 M US Women)

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Birkoflor Slide Sandal

Arizona’s design became the brand’s image. This is because Arizona has become one of the most sought-after Birkenstock models, and it continuously tops the chart.

Arizona comes with two upper straps and an anatomically shaped footbed. This model is available both in leather and synthetic versions. Their footbeds also vary between regular and soft footbeds. 

In addition, Arizona is very easy to wear because it is a slip-on. Its footbed also gives your feet, knees, and back the ultimate support they need. Arizona EVA and nubuck leather are the best variations under this model’s lineup.


If you prefer something other than double-strapped sandals, you may opt for a pair of Madrid which only comes with one strap and an adjustable metal buckle. This model also features a footbed that supports the natural motion, which is great for back pain sufferers.

Madrid is also available both in synthetic and leather materials. Madrid Birko-flor is one of the most in-demand Madrid variations. 


Birkenstock Men's, Boston Soft Footbed Clog Habana Brown 42 M

Birkenstock Men's Boston SFB Sandals

If you are not into sandals but would like to test the greatness of Birkenstock footbeds, you can check out Boston Clogs. This model is one of the most comfortable Birks on my list. 

Boston Clogs are available in soft and regular footbed variations. This is best worn during winter with fluffy socks beneath. Boston is also suitable not just for casual looks but also for smart-casual outfits. 

Are Birks Good For Your Back, Final Thoughts...

In conclusion, you can significantly rely on Birkenstocks in case of back pain. If you want to put an end to your back pain dilemmas, a pair of Birkenstocks is the answer.

Birkenstock’s footbeds work like magic, and many wearers can attest to this. So, if your back condition is not that serious and you think your poor shoe choice is the reason for your suffering, then opt to get a pair of Birks. 

You must consult a professional if you think that your situation calls for medical intervention. You have to listen to your body! 

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