Are Birkenstocks Good for Bunions?

Wondering if Birkenstocks can work to correct bunions? Then, you are at the right place! Birkenstocks are considered orthopedic for a reason, and this article will let you know why and how. 

Reducing tension is what Birks footbed does best. The anatomically molded insoles of Birkenstocks are designed to relieve pressure or stress on the feet. This is so much helpful for bunion sufferers. Although a pair of Birkenstocks can’t absolutely correct or remove bunions, they can offer natural relief for your feet. 

If you are a bunion sufferer, you might need a roomy and comfy pair that will give your toes enough space to breathe. Birkenstocks have a wide range of lineups for you to check out. 

Luckily, I have rounded up some of the best Birks sandals for people experiencing the hassles and pain caused by bunions. Just continue scrolling down to reach the list I have included in this article!

What are bunions?

Try reaching and feeling the side of your big toe. When there is a tiny bony bump, you’ve got to relax because there is nothing to worry about. However, when the bump is larger than usual, sore, and reddish, then you are experiencing the typical symptoms of bunions.

A bunion is a foot deformity. Cases are usually caused by genetics, but some are because of improper shoes. When left untreated, the big toe will bend towards the second toe, resulting in recurring pain.

Thus, bunions may limit the movement of your big toe and your whole body. Also, it might be challenging to find the proper footwear because of the unusual bone formation. 

Bunions can’t easily be corrected as it requires proper and long-term treatment. You can opt for natural ways to bring back the appropriate alignment of your toes. For instance, specialists may prescribe the use of orthotics or orthopedic shoes. They can also suggest ice therapy to relieve soreness and advise taking prescription medicines.

When natural treatment does not solve your bunion problems and the pain worsens, you can resort to bunionectomy, a surgical procedure that aims to correct foot deformities caused by bunions. 

Are Birkenstocks suitable for bunion sufferers?

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Vegan Birkibuc Faded Khaki 37 R

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Vegan Birkibuc Sandal

Finding the right sandal is crucial for bunion sufferers. First, you must identify whether or not a custom-made orthopedic shoe is needed to correct your foot deformity. 

When you think your bunions are getting out of hand, you must consult a specialist and get a custom-made orthopedic sandal. However, if you believe what you’re experiencing isn’t that concerning, a mass-produced one will suffice. 

Birkenstock has the most suitable mass-produced pairs for people suffering bunions. The brand has been dedicated to producing comfortable and spacious sandals great for aiding the big toe. 

A pair of Birks ensures general correction for foot deformities. Apart from this, the brand’s uniquely designed footbeds are bunion-friendly as they are able to distribute weight equally, reducing tensions in the feet.

More so, they are supportive of the arch and heels, which are two major stress points of your feet when standing or walking. Birkenstock’s footbed, to be specific, ensures that your joints and muscles are relaxed.

Can Birkenstock correct bunions?

You can’t correct bunions by just wearing a pair of Birkenstocks, but it can be helpful! The Birken footbed promotes proper blood circulation and equal weight distribution. That’s why they can help in correcting bunions.

In addition, these insoles can give your toes the comfort and safety they need. The footbeds, made of natural materials, feature elevated toe edges and a deep heel cup. 

As previously mentioned, Birkenstocks are mass-produced. When purchasing a Birks pair, you should expect a general correction, not a specific one. Their footbeds are claimed to be suitable for most people, but not everyone.

Therefore, you have to consider if a mass-produced orthopedic shoe is what you need to correct your bunions. Assess whether or not your bunion situation requires a specialist’s attention to receive proper treatment. 

Furthermore, Birkenstocks should not serve as a total replacement for orthotics. So, a consultation with a medical professional is much preferable when in doubt. 

Which feature of Birks helps in correcting bunions?

Birkenstock Women's Mayari ICY Metallic Old Rose Birko-Flor EU Size: 36 - US Size: 5/5.5 Regular

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

The Birkenstock feature that helps in aiding people with bunions is none other than the anatomically contoured footbed. The brand has two types of footbeds: regular and soft. 

Birkenstocks can’t instantly correct bunions, but they offer the essential feature that will help people suffering from bunions: a supportive footbed. Podiatrists suggest footbeds made of cork, to be specific. 

Birkenstocks have those! Undeniably, their footbeds offer excellent support and reduce strain experienced by the feet. Also, these will eventually mold to your feet and fit like they are custom-made.

Aside from the footbeds, the upper material is also vital. The upper portion of your sandal should not exert too much pressure on your toes, especially the affected ones. Birkenstocks have suitable leather materials and models for you!

Are Birkenstocks podiatrist-approved?

The makers of Birkenstocks designed their footbeds to be therapeutic and orthopedic in consultation with podiatrists. In the history of shoes, the brand is the pioneer in producing insoles that are shaped according to the contours of the feet. 

Generally, podiatrists approve of Birkenstocks due to their footbed composition and structure. A pair of Birks offers a solid fit, a supportive footbed, and a high comfort level, all in one!

So, yes! Birkenstocks are podiatrist-approved. Podiatrists even recommend Birks in correcting certain foot deformities. Also, several Birks models are considered to be suited for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other foot pains.

Best Birkenstock Models for Bunions

Birkenstock Women's, Gizeh Sandal - Regular Width Silver 39 M

Birkenstock Women's Gizeh Birko-Flor Thong

When suffering from bunions, getting a pair that will prevent the first and second toes from rubbing against each other is highly recommended. Additionally, the sandal should be able to reduce the stress in the big toe area. 

More so, it should also be spacious and supportive. You can have all these features by purchasing a thong-styled Gizeh Birko-Flor or a toe-looped Mayari Birkenstocks. 

Both models ensure stress reduction on the big toe area as they prevent it from rubbing against the second toe. They also have adjustable straps and shock-absorbing soles.

Wide-fitting Birkenstocks with roomy footbeds are also recommended for people suffering from bunions smaller in size. You can try checking out Arizona or Florida Birkenstocks. 

Are Birks good for bunions? Final Thoughts...

Birkenstocks can relieve pain experienced from having bunions. This is because their material composition and design ensure excellent support and comfort needed by bunion sufferers.

However, it must be noted that Birkenstocks only offer general correction. When you are experiencing a bunion that is greatly painful and has already caused misalignment, consult a specialist to avoid making the situation a lot more complicated. 

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