Does Birks have a lifetime warranty?

If there is one thing that should convince you to purchase a pair of Birks, it is that the brand is committed to providing you with high-quality footwear. But what if a problem arises needing repair or replacement? Does Birkenstock offer some sort of warranty?

Unfortunately, Birkenstock does not have a lifetime warranty for its products. Instead, it has a return policy that allows you to get a full refund and an exchange policy if you want a smaller or bigger size of the same item. Just make sure that initiating either of these is still within 30 days from when the Birks were delivered.

In this blog, we will tell you everything that you should know about what Birkenstock offers you in place of a lifetime warranty. If you are interested in this, then continue reading until the end!

What is the purpose of a lifetime warranty?

A lifetime warranty offered by many brands is an assurance that they can repair or replace the defective products purchased by their customers. It is a lifetime one because there is no time limit for claiming, and interestingly, it is free of charge. 

Oftentimes, a lifetime warranty is a crucial factor in why customers get enticed to buy a product. It serves as a guarantee of getting a high-quality repair or replacement from the brand itself without paying even a single penny.

Unfortunately, Birkenstock does not have a lifetime warranty for every footwear it sells. This just shows that the brand is confident that it creates neither underwhelming nor damaging footwear. As promised, you will only receive high-quality and best ones.

Instead of a lifetime warranty, Birkenstock only has return and exchange policies. They are only available within 30 days after delivery.

Birkenstock’s Return Policy

Birkenstock Milano Sandal,Mocha Birkibuc,40 M EU

Birkenstock Milano Men's Sandals

As a consumer, you always have the right to assure that you received high-quality footwear. Making sure that it is free from defects, like cracking, should always be observed. But if you think you need to return your Birks because of whatever valid reason you have, these are what you should remember about the brand’s policy:

  • All of the products purchased online should be returned through the official Birkenstock website. This is true for its counterpart. Birks bought from a physical store should be returned to it as well.
  • The Birks and accessories should be returned within 30 days of delivery at no charge. Remember that they should be returned in their original condition and packaging like when you bought them. Once received, the company will inspect them to assure that they are not defective. 
  • To officially return the Birks purchased online, request a return at the Birkenstock website and follow the instructions. You are required to fill out a form, indicating the details of your purchase. Be extra careful with encoding all of the information to avoid possible mistakes and return problems.
  • If you want to exchange your Birks for a new pair, you may do so by contacting the brand. Birkenstock is more than happy to assist you with the process of exchange. You can either call their customer service hotline or directly email them. Note that this is only allowed within 30 days of delivery, too.
  • Birkenstock’s skin care products (e.g., nourishing leg and foot oil and moisturizing foot balm) can also be returned within 30 days of purchase at no charge. They should neither be opened nor consumed to be successfully returned.
  • Birkenstocks will thoroughly inspect the returned product before issuing a credit. Remember that any defect or imperfection will void the chances of returning them. Make sure to be extra careful when handling them. Additionally, the shipping charges will not be refunded. 
  • Wait for 2–3 weeks for the processing of the refund. Once approved, you will be notified when you will receive it. In case of a problem, do not hesitate to contact Birkenstock for assistance and clarification.

Return Instructions for Birkenstocks Purchased Online

For a successful return of Birks purchased online, you should follow the instructions stipulated on its website. Be careful when accomplishing them because possible mistakes can lead to further problems, like miscommunication and possible delays in delivery.

  • Step 1: Make sure first that the date you plan to initiate a return of the Birks is still within 30 days from when they were delivered. You are only given a month to be eligible for initiating a return. Remember that Birk products are no longer applicable to be returned past the 30th day of the delivery date.
  • Step 2: Answer the form found on the website by providing the order number, your email address, and your postal code. You have to be attentive when filling these out. Make sure that all of the information is provided correctly.
  • Step 3: Once approved, prepare the Birks and the packaging before sending them out. Handle them with extra care as they will be inspected by Birkenstock before returning your money. They should be in good condition just like when you purchased them.
  • Step 4: Wait for Birkenstock to issue a credit for the returned product. This is to be done to the original payment method used for the transaction. 
  • Step 5: Wait for 2–3 weeks for the processing of the refund. This might take some while. What is important is you are assured of a refund already. If a problem arises, immediately contact Birkenstock. 

If bought from a Birkenstock retailer, can I return the Birks through 

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Birko-Flor White

Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandals

Birks from an accredited retailer or distributor cannot be returned through the website of the brand. Instead, they should be returned to whom and where you purchased them. They hold the record of your transaction, making you eligible for a return.

To initiate a return in this situation, it is best to contact the store or distributor. Check your receipt to see if there is contact information that you can call or email. Express to them your intent to return the Birks.

Additionally, if you bought them from a local retail store, you can just go there and talk to a person who can assist you with your concern. 

Before the return, make sure that the Birks are in good condition and packaging just like when you purchased them. Any defect or damage can revoke your chances for a return.

If purchased online, can I return the Birks at a Birkenstock retail store?

You cannot return the Birks you purchased online at a Birkenstock retail store. What should be done is to initiate a return through the brand’s website. Take note, though, that this may take quite a while to be processed.

The return policy of Birkenstock requires you to fill out a short form asking for the order number, your email address, and your postal code. Be keen on putting them correctly to avoid further delays in the processing of the return request.

In addition, make sure that the date you plan to initiate a return of the Birks is still within 30 days from when they were delivered. Otherwise, your request will be canceled.

Before surrendering the Birks for delivery, pack them with extra care because the brand will not accept them if they see even minor defects, like stains.

How long will it take to get the refund?

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Soft Sandals, Metallic Copper, 9

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Soft Sandals

Because processing return requests take some time to be completed, wait for 2–3 weeks to get your refund back. This is because Birkenstock follows a thorough process to assure that the returned products are still in good condition. 

After you return the Birks, the Birkenstock team carefully inspects them. They check if they are in good condition just like how they handed them to you. Once they see that they do not have defects, scratches, stains, or detached parts, Birkenstock will approve your return request.

The brand will immediately issue a credit for the product to the payment method you used previously. However, this does not include the shipping fees paid to transport the Birks.

If you encounter any problem, like a delayed refund, please contact Birkenstock for assistance. For sure, they will be more than happy to guide you through the return process.

Birkenstock’s Exchange Policy

If you have a problem with the sizing of your Birks (i.e., wanting a smaller or bigger size), you should not worry because Birkenstock has an exchange policy. The good thing is that the brand will charge you nothing in exchange.

However, there is a catch. Birkenstock’s exchange policy is only valid within 30 days from when they were delivered to you. You have to be certain whether or not your Birks perfectly fit you before the deadline. Or else, you would no longer be able to apply for an exchange.

At the same time, concerns regarding size are the only acceptable reason for exchange. If you want to opt for a bigger or smaller size, your request will be accommodated. However, if changing the Birk style or model is your concern, the brand will not entertain it.

Remember that changing the size of the same style is the only reason accepted for an exchange. 

How long will an exchange take?

Similar to the return policy of Birkenstock, expect the completion of the exchange process after 2–3 weeks. Since the request is to be done online, instantly granting the exchange is highly impossible.

Fret not because the time range is already inclusive of the entire process of exchange. This covers sending back the Birks to the store, inspecting, assessing the quality, and shipping the new pair back to you. 

To avoid any delay, make sure that you have prepared the Birks carefully upon pickup. Do not damage them so that your exchange request will be successful.

Can I exchange the Birks for a different style or width?

Birkenstock Gizeh Soft Footbed Supernatural Flower Navy Birko-Flor™ 36 (US Women's 5-5.5) Regular

Birkenstock Gizeh Women's Sandals

Birkenstock offers a wide range of footwear in different sizes and styles that fit different fashion trends and people, like hippies. However, in case you intend to change what you have now for a different style or width, unfortunately, Birkenstock does not allow an exchange for this reason. 

Opting for a smaller or bigger size of the same item is what Birkenstock only entertains. Wanting a different style of width can only leave you with one option: to purchase another pair.

You might also think to exchange the Birks for a different style or width and just pay the difference. However, Birkenstock does not allow this either. It has been very specific that only sizing concerns of the same item are to be entertained.

But if you are truly determined to exchange the Birks for a different style or width, you can choose to return them to get a full refund. Just make sure first that the date you plan to initiate a return of the Birks is still within 30 days from when they were delivered to you.

After that, you can place another order following the different styles or widths of your choice.

Related Questions

How do I print a return label? 

You have to go first to the official website of Birkenstock and look where you should generate a return label. A PDF file will appear on your screen indicating the details of your return request. After that, you can either save the PDF so that you have a soft copy or immediately print it. Make sure that all of the information on the return label is correct.

Can I cancel my order?

No, Birkenstock does not allow placed orders to be canceled or changed. However, if you no longer want the Birks you ordered even before receiving them, you can just wait for the shipment of the product and immediately initiate a return online at no charge. If successful, you will get a full refund. However, this might take some time.

Can I still change my order after being placed?

Unfortunately, a placed order can no longer be changed or canceled. Birkenstock will immediately process your purchase after being placed. Good thing that they have a return policy. After receiving the product you ordered, you can apply for a return online to get a full refund. You can use this to place another order for your new choice of footwear.

Do Birks Have A Lifetime Warranty? Final Thoughts...

As explained in this blog, Birkenstock does not offer its customers a lifetime warranty. However, it provides you with both return and exchange policies that you can request at no charge. The former enables you to get a full refund, whereas the latter allows you to choose a different size of the same item. 

Whether or not there is a lifetime warranty available, you must always take care of your Birks to avoid seeking repair or replacement.

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