Why do Birkenstocks cost so much?

The best things in life are expensive; by analogy, the best footwear is usually high-priced. Birkenstocks cost so much because they offer superior quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. 

Birkenstocks are expensive because they are made with premium-quality materials. More so, the brand has pioneered the creation of orthopedic and anatomically shaped footbeds. Birkenstock’s minimalist and sophisticated designs are also sought-after in the fashion industry. Undeniably, Birks are worth their price. 

If you are just new in the Birkenstock world, maybe you are in disbelief with the brand’s price range. This is totally understandable! But you must hear me out before looking at other brands. 

In this article, I have explained why Birkenstocks are costly. I have also enumerated so many perks of having a pair. I have also shared some tips on finding the best Birks deal. 

What’s the big deal about Birkenstocks?

The recent surge in the popularity of Birkenstocks is unprecedented. Have you remembered the era when almost everyone on the streets wears Fitflops? Who would have thought that Birks would replace these in the next few years?

Compared to other sandals, Birkenstocks are very comfortable, durable, and stylish. Who would not want a three-in-one pair? You'll surely get a fashionable and versatile pair without sacrificing comfort and durability. 

High Comfort Level

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe,White,44 M EU

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip Work Shoes

Birkenstock is well-known for its very comfortable footbeds. The brand is the first to create an anatomically shaped footbed. Birks’ footbeds follow the contours of the feet to promote equal weight distribution and relieve pressure.

The features of these footbeds, combined with the durability of the upper straps, make every Birks pair very supportive of the foot. This is the reason why Birkenstocks are commonly known as orthopedic shoes.

After a couple of wears, the footbeds and the leather straps adopt the shape of the foot. All in all, the materials used by Birkenstocks contribute to the high level of the coziness of every model. 

If you’re worried about the break-in period, access this article for some tips. Birkenstocks are worth breaking in as they will fit comfortably after you wear them in. 


Aside from being comfortable, Birkenstocks are also very durable and long-lasting. Many shoe enthusiasts claim that purchasing a pair would be a good investment because Birkenstocks are built to last.

The thickness and sturdiness of the leather and synthetic materials used are superb. Birkenstock became famous because of this, combined with a high level of comfort and style. 

Birks do not last a lifetime, but they can survive indefinitely when adequately cared for. According to some reviews, Birks may last over a decade with maintenance. 


Birkenstock is timeless. Imagine surviving many years of changing trends. I believe that the secret behind this success is Birkenstock’s design: minimalist, simple, and sophisticated.

Birks stood the test of time as they proved to be versatile enough to match any outfit combination. They are made to keep up with the unpredictableness of fashion trends. In conclusion, Birkenstocks are the real deal! 

Why are Birkenstocks so expensive?

Birkenstock Gizeh Blue Womens Sandals Size 39 EU M

Birkenstock Women's Gizeh Sandals

As previously mentioned, Birkenstocks are comfortable, durable, and stylish, a three-in-one. Of course, premium-quality materials are needed to produce a pair, and I assure you, Birkenstock offers the best of the best!

For the brand’s trademark footbed, the following natural materials are mainly used: cork, jute, latex, and suede. These are used in creating the regular and soft footbed versions of the Birkenstock footbed. 

On the other hand, first-rate leather and synthetic materials are utilized by the brand for their upper and back straps. Birkenstock commonly uses smooth, oiled, nubuck, and suede leather.

Birko-flor, Birkibuc, and Birko-Felt are three of the primary materials used for the synthetic models. These patented materials greatly resemble leather. For a detailed comparison, you can check out this article

Aside from using high-quality materials, another factor that affects Birkenstocks’ cost is the fair-trade and sustainable production practiced by the brand. Birkenstock takes pride in these manufacturing practices. 

Lastly, you also pay for the brand’s name and its celebrity followers! Birkenstock is considered a luxury brand followed by many celebs and fashion icons such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Moss.

Is Birkenstocks the same price everywhere?

Birkenstock Gizeh Soft Footbed Supernatural Flower Navy Birko-Flor™ 36 (US Women's 5-5.5) Regular

Birkenstock Gizeh Women's Sandals

The answer to this question depends on the economic standing of one country. Some say that Birkenstocks are more expensive in the United States than in Europe. 

One interesting fact is that Birkenstocks in the United States are considered luxurious symbols of wealth. On the other hand, Germans view these pairs as embodiments of poverty. 

In the United States, Birkenstock prices are nearly identical. This is because the brand requires all authorized retailers to sell Birks models at the minimum price advertised. 

Before the surge in popularity, Birkenstock was considered an inexpensive and affordable shoe brand. However, due to its rise in the charts and markets, it became a luxury brand linked with many fashion companies. 

Are Birks worth their price?

Yes, definitely. Considering all the perks a pair of Birkenstock offers, I can say that Birkenstocks are worth every buck you’ll spend. Birks may be quite a bit expensive, but their quality is top-tier!

Again and again, other brands offer no match in terms of comfort and support level. Many other companies sought to imitate the Birkenstock footbed but could not absolutely replicate it.

Although they are costly, Birkenstocks can assist in the healing and improvement of certain foot problems. The cushioning of their trademark insole also prevents foot issues like bunions, calluses, or plantar fasciitis.

Besides being comfortable and supportive, they will surpass all walking spectacles you will encounter on the streets, in malls, or on trips. Don’t you want a travel companion that will last a decade or more?

Also worth stressing is that Birkenstocks are stylish, versatile, and timelessly elegant. These pairs will surely survive the test of fashion tides. 

Finding the Best Birkenstock Deals

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Black 41 (8-8.5 US M US)

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Indeed, you will get overwhelmed in choosing among the different Birkenstock designs and colors. If you want a narrowed-down list, you can check out this article. But for this section, I enumerated tips on how you may find the best Birks deals. 

It is now very easy to search for the most or least expensive Birkenstocks pair on some websites, particularly Birkenstock’s. You can even filter your choices and select the best-sellers. 

You can also visit other websites like Amazon, eBay, or Rakuten to look for your new Birkenstock pairs. Look out for discounted prices, sales, and promo vouchers!

I suggest you also check websites like Living Social or join Facebook groups for flash Birkenstock deals and sales. This way, you can stay updated.

If you are on a very tight budget but really want to obtain a Birkenstock pair, you can also check out other platforms, such as Reddit or Facebook groups, for second-hand Birks. 

Why Birks Cost So Much, Final Thoughts...

Without a doubt, Birkenstocks are worth their price. The brand rose to the top because of its products' superb quality. 

All in all, Birkenstocks cost so much for many reasons, which I have already listed above. Investing in a pair of Birkenstock, whatever model, is highly recommended if you are looking for long-term sandals.

And there you have it. I hope that I have satisfied your cravings for information about Birkenstocks! 

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