If you’re someone with flat feet, it’s natural to wonder whether or not any shoe would be comfortable for you. Especially if they’re Yeezys and you’re spending a fortune to acquire them. Yeezys are some of the most comfortable shoes ever made for flat-footed people according to users on Reddit. It does not have an […]
Yeezys are essentially meant to be casual outfit shoes. However, a few models like the Yeezy 500 and 700 can perform well as workout shoes. But if you’re paying over a couple of hundred bucks for them, why would you want to risk destroying them in the gym? I’ll put it simply, Yeezys are non-fancy […]
The best place to buy Yeezys is obviously, straight from the source i.e. Adidas stores. That way you can get the best quality, prices and after-sales services. However, given the rarity of Yeezys, it’s next to impossible that you get the opportunity to buy Yeezys directly from Adidas stores unless of course, you use a […]
The most comfortable Yeezys are known to be any of the ultra boost series shoes; Yeezy 350, Yeezy 380, and Yeezy 700. The comfort of Yeezys largely depends on getting the correct size so make sure you refer to my article on sizing! Shoe Name Comfortable Rating (out of 5) Foot fatigability with long-duration wear […]
Planning to use your Yeezys as running shoes? Read on below to see why that might not be a good idea. Whether or not you can run in your Yeezys depends on what type of Yeezys you own. While you might be able to run in Yeezys 700, Yeezy 500 and 350 are definitely not […]
Planning to buy a pair of Yeezys and wondering if they’re comfortable enough? Let’s find out! All Yeezy fans will confirm the fact that yes, Yeezys are one of the most comfortable sneakers out there. Among the various Yeezy editions, the popular Yeezys 350 and 380 are claimed to be the comfiest of the lot. […]
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