UGGs have gone in and out of fashion for the past couple of decades; now, it seems everyone has become obsessed with them again in 2022. The Australian sheepskin boots are well-known for being warm and comfortable. But how practical are they, and what type of weather can you wear them in? UGG boots will […]
Whether you own a pair of UGGs or not, I’m willing to bet you know exactly what they are. The footwear is so beloved among its target audience that it has remained in high demand since its first rise in popularity in the early 2000s–proving that UGG boots are no fleeting fashion trend. But the […]
UGG boots and slippers are known for being comfortable and warm. Unfortunately, they're also notorious for tripping people up. For a shoe model that's loved for its comfort, the falls and injuries it causes leave many unanswered questions.  Your UGG boots or slippers might have a high ridge on the front that makes you trip. […]
UGG boots have been a constant favorite choice of footwear for the last few years. They’re incredibly comfortable and can be worn year-round. Even then, UGG owners might ask at one point, “Why do my UGGs lean to one side?” UGGs tend to lean to one side because the sheepskin material they’re made of doesn’t […]
Imagine you've been wearing your UGGs almost every day for a couple of months, and they just don't look like they used to. Where they were once stiff and straight, they now seem to slouch. So, how can you keep these UGGs nice and stiff? Here’s how to keep your UGGs from slouching: Choose the […]
The UGG brand is best known for its iconic comfy boots, in the same way Louboutin is famous for its heels and Levi's is famous for its denim jeans. UGG has fluctuated in popularity since its inception in the late 1970s, always reinventing the brand to stay on-trend while still selling their beloved boots. But […]
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