Are Doc Martens slip-proof?

Undeniably, Dr. Martens has earned its spot in the shoe industry for producing high-quality working boots. It did not become a popular and reliable brand just because of its classic and stylish footwear. Docs have something more to offer. 

Most Docs are built with slip-resistant soles. In particular, the brand takes pride in using a patented GripTrax sole known for having an excellent grip perfect for any kind of weather. In 1960, Docs produced the iconic 1460 model, its first non-slip boot. To date, they offer a number of slip-proof boots and shoes.

Dr. Martens boots will let you enjoy working or traveling safely. Its slip-proof sole will let you walk through the rain or snow without the hassle of tripping or slipping down. If you’re still not convinced, you better keep on reading!

Are Doc Martens slip-resistant?

Dr. Martens, 1460 Original 8-Eye Leather Boot for Men and Women, White Smooth, 9 US Women/8 US Men

Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Unisex Boots

Most Doc Martens are slip-resistant. Although, there are Docs styles that do not offer the same GripTrax sole that provides that anti-slip movement for most Dr. Martens boots. The built-in sole of a Docs will prevent you from slipping, especially at your workplace.  

However, wearing one does not make slipping or tripping impossible. Docs’ soles just provide additional safety by reducing the risk of accidentally slipping or falling and having major injuries. 

Doc Martens are designed to be slip-resistant which means that their soles can minimize but not absolutely prevent the possibility of slipping or falling. This made the brand so popular among workers.

Do Doc Martens have good traction?

If you are searching for working boots perfect for industrial environments or you’re going for a hike, Dr. Martens got your back! Doc Martens’ non-slip boot models provide very good grip and traction most especially in slippery or muddy areas. 

Slip-resistant Docs which are famously made of premium leather and are seamlessly stitched offer excellent resistance and traction. Doc Martens has a lineup designed for workers specifically looking for this type of work boots. 

Additionally, Doc Martens are worker-friendly boots not just because of its non-slip sole but also it's inside AirWair soles. These air-cushioned inside soles maximize comfort while the non-slipping properties, including its tread pattern, ensure safety.

Are Dr. Martens slippery on ice?

Living in a place that constantly experiences snowy white winters with very cold temperatures surely requires a good pair of snow boots. Dr. Martens which are built with GripTrax soles are also handy during snowy days

As mentioned, they provide excellent grip and traction which make a Docs pair perfect when used on icy surfaces. However, this may vary with regard to the weather’s extremity.

If you want some extra protection for winter, there are Doc Martens lineups specifically made for this. For instance, their Wintergrip boots can provide you exceptional grip and traction as well as protection from the rain.

Are non-slip Doc Martens good for restaurant use?

If you work in an environment where you encounter wet surfaces or oil spills daily, Dr. Martens boots would be a smart buy. It will surely bring you that anti-slip movement even when you’re in demanding work areas. 

Dr. Martens boots are the ideal footwear for restaurant workers who experience slippery or oily surface conditions, especially inside the kitchen. Although, a pair would cost you more than purchasing other slip-resistant footwear. 

Do Doc Martens slide on club floors?

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Bex Tan Inuck UK 3 (US Women's 5) Medium

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Bex Boots

Docs don’t slide on club floors. As mentioned, slip-resistant Dr. Martens provides superior grip and traction. Without any reservations, you can dance in crowded bars and clubs all night without the fear of slipping or falling down, except when you’re too drunk!

Dr. Martens are also reliable footwear on the dance floor. These boots have good slip resistance and will let you perfectly groove. Even when partying in a club where anyone can step on your toes, Dr. Martens comes to the rescue. 

Are Docs 1460 slip-resistant?

The 1460 was the first non-slip boot produced by Dr. Martens. This is one of the popular models built with the patented GripTrax sole which makes it look thicker. Docs 1460 is particularly designed as slip-resistant working boots. 

The innovative GripTrax sole of a 1460 has good abrasion and non-slipping properties. Although the 1460s already possess excellent grip and traction, it was redesigned in 2021. 

Since then, Dr. Martens 1460 became prominent for its trademarks: durable premium leather, air-cushioned soles, seamless stitches, and the non-slip GripTrax tread.

How do you stop Doc Martens from slipping?

If you bought a Dr. Martens and you can’t feel its slip-resistant properties, maybe you purchased a non-slip model. Don’t worry because you can still make some things work. You can still give your Docs some slip-resistance factor!

To stop Doc Martens from slipping, you can try walking in your Docs then scuff its sole on rough surfaces to add more texture. You can also try the scuffing method with sand or salt. This can also bring about better grip and traction. 

If scuffing on rough surfaces or using sand or salt still did not work, try using a nail file. It will cause your Docs’ sole to wear off and instantly give that grip you’ve been wanting.

If you have more left in your budget, you can buy a traction spray that can give an additional non-slip effect to your Docs. When used in snowy weather, you can also use ice grips and place them on your Docs’ outsoles. You can also insert some traction pads or use an ankle strap.

Best slip-resistant Doc Martens

Dr. Martens, Jadon 8-Eye Leather Platform Boot for Men and Women, Black Polished Smooth, 8 US Men/9 US Women

Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Leather Unisex Platform Boots

Not all Doc Martens are non-slip. You must take a careful check on the anti-slip properties of the Docs model you are eyeing. Non-slip Docs usually have rounded outsoles, grooved edges, and a slip-resistant tread pattern.

This tread pattern is provided by Dr. Martens’ GripTrax sole design which is featured in most of 1460, 1461, and 2976 lineups. These three models are the most commonly recognized non-slip Docs, and also the most popular ones. 

In 2001, these models were redesigned. Aside from their slip-resistant innovative soles, they are now built with air-cushioned soles and seamless stitches. 

For women, Mary Jane Doc Martens are also recommended. Jadons also has Docs’ AirWair sole which can give off slip resistance but is heavier than other DMs.

These pairs are the best choice for those experiencing demanding working areas and those who walk on slippery, icy, or oily surfaces. 

Key Points: Are Doc's Slip Proof?

Dr. Martens’ GripTrax and AirWair sole designs are really the game-changers. These have made the brand’s working boots superior to any other footwear. Having comfort as well as safety are the requirements for the perfect working boots, which Doc Martens delivered.

Most Docs are slip-resistant. You can particularly look in the 1460, 1461, and 2976 lineups - these DMs are the best non-slip boots for industrial environments. For non-slip winter pairs, the regular slip-resistant Docs can give you a good grip but you can also opt for DM’s Wintergrip for extra traction.

As mentioned, not all Doc Martens models are non-slip. However, you can still add additional slipping resistance by following the techniques mentioned in this article. Next time you purchase a pair, you need to have a close look at its materials to surely take home a non-slip pair.

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