Are Red Wing Boots Waterproof?

Founded in 1905, Red Wing Shoes has been producing high-quality boots for more than a century. Red Wing has always been dedicated to both quality and comfort when it comes down to its boots. However, you may be wondering whether or not Red Wing boots are waterproof.

Red Wing Shoes offers boots for both men and women that are waterproof. All of Red Wing’s waterproof boots are safety-rated for exposure to electrical hazards and feature non-metallic toes to provide the wearer with maximum comfort. Red Wing also offers waterproof boots that are CSA rated for safety.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at Red Wing’s history of making durable boots during the past century. We’ll then take a look at their waterproof boot selection for men and women and the reasons you need a pair!

Are Red Wing Boots Waterproof?

When investing in a quality pair of work boots, you want to ensure that the boot is perfectly suited to your needs. If you come into contact with water on a daily basis, you want to ensure the boots you wear are up to the job. Luckily, Red Wing has got you covered!

Red Wing Heritage Men's 6" Classic Classic Moc Toe Boot, Oro Legacy, 10 M US

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boots

Red Wing offers a wide variety of boots, both on their website and in-store. If you’re looking for a boot that’s waterproof, there’s a Red Wing pair for you. Red Wing Shoes offers both waterproof boots for men and for women.

The boots in these above-linked categories are designed to withstand exposure to water, no matter where that is. Whether you plan on wearing these boots on a hiking trail or on a worksite, these boots are designed to support you wherever you go.

Not only that, but all of the waterproof shoes that Red Wing offers are also electrical-hazard safety compliant. Furthermore, none of their waterproof shoes have metallic toes, which further goes to show their dedication to quality and comfort.

Some more specialized waterproof boots are also puncture-resistant. This is perfect for those who work on rougher terrains where they might encounter more than water. Many of their waterproof work boots are also CSA rated, which stands for Canada Safety Association Standard for safety footwear.

Waterproof boots that are CSA-rated are denoted online by a green triangle with the letters “CSA” within it. This means that these shoes are not only waterproof but also resistant to sole punctures and feature a Grade 1 protective toe. These CSA-rated boots are perfect for those who work in construction or in machine shops.

Can I Use Red Wing Boots in Snow?

Now that we’ve established that Red Wing does, in fact, produce waterproof boots, you may be wondering how these boots will fare in snowy and icy conditions. After all, ice is just water in a different state!

When it comes down to winter boots, you can’t go wrong with Red Wing! Their waterproof boots are among the best winter boots available on the market today. With more than a hundred years of experience to back up their boots, this comes as no surprise!

With a pair of Red Wing’s waterproof boots, you’ll be ready for the winter. If you’re worried about those freezing temperatures, you might want to consider wearing a pair of equally durable socks with your Red Wing boots. You can find these socks in the accessories section of the Red Wing website!

If you’re still not sure that waterproof boots are the boot for you, then you should keep reading as we look at the many advantages of waterproofed boots. 

Reasons You Need Waterproof Shoes

There are many great benefits to waterproof boots. Keep reading as we break down some of the key reasons that you need to invest in a pair of waterproof boots!

Red Wing Heritage Classic Chelsea Ebony Harness 7 D (M)

Red Wing Men's Classic Chelsea Suede Leather Boots

#1 They’re More Durable

When you’re buying a boot for work, you want to ensure that it’s more than waterproof. Luckily, waterproof boots are more durable by design. Due to the fact that these shoes are waterproof, the shoe’s durability isn’t compromised by exposure to water. Waterproof boots are designed to last longer! 

#2 They Keep Your Feet from Getting Cold

You might be thinking: don’t most shoes? However, if you were wearing a shoe that wasn’t waterproof and got your feet wet, your feet would get progressively colder as the temperature drops. When you get a sturdy and comfortable waterproof boot, you guarantee that your feet will stay dry and warm!

#3 They Prevent Blisters on Your Feet

Did you know that when your feet are wet, you are more likely to develop blisters! Therefore, having a shoe that keeps your feet dry will help prevent you from getting blisters on your feet during a long day on the site or trail. Luckily, Red Wing boots are not only waterproof; they're designed to provide lasting comfort. With their waterproof boots, uncomfortable blisters on your feet will be a problem of the past!

#4 They’re the Safer Option

Getting water in your shoe is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a safety hazard! The water your feet could be exposed to with non-waterproof boots could contain harmful bacteria or chemicals that could compromise your health. Waterproof work boots eliminate this possibility altogether.

The History of Red Wing Boots

Founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman, Red Wing Shoes is an American footwear company. As the name suggests, the company is based in Red Wing, Minnesota. The inception came about when Beckman, then a shoe merchant, noticed a demand for durable and comfortable work boots.

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch Boot, Oxblood Mesa, 4 D(M) US

Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" Boots

Beckman would then establish Red Wing Shoes, which was named after the Native American leader of the original occupants of the Mississippi River territory. By 1915, a mere ten years after being founded, Red Wing Shoes was producing upwards of 200,000 pairs of boots annually.

When World War I began, Red Wing Shoes knew they had to step up – and they did just that by letting soldiers step into their sturdy boots. This is a tradition that the company kept throughout the second world war, too!

Today, Red Wing is still known for the quality of its boots. Their lasting success throughout the last decade can be attributed to their unwavering dedication to both quality craftsmanship and superior comfort. Together, these two qualities form the perfect work boot.

This company was founded when Charles Beckman observed a need for durable and comfortable work boots – and the company has stayed loyal to this ethos. With more than a century of experience in crafting premier boots, Red Wing Shoes has perfected the work boot.

From the seams that are triple stitched to a sturdy welt construction, Red Wings has perfected the signature elements that every work boot needs. If you find yourself wondering about how these boots would handle exposure to water, then keep reading!


Red Wing Shoes has been committed to quality and comfort for more than a century. Over time, the company has perfected the art of the durable boot. This is reflected in their current waterproof boot lines, which are readily available in-store and on their official website.

Red Wing Heritage Men's Six-Inch Moc Toe Lug Boot,Brown,7.5 D US

Red Wing Heritage Men's Roughneck Lace Up Boots

Red Wing’s waterproof boots are the perfect option for those worried about exposure to water, whether that’s out on the trail or on-site at work. These shoes do more than keep your feet dry; they keep them warm, blister-free, and safe!

Your feet carry you around all day and deserve to be protected. Red Wing has made doing that easier than ever with their collection of waterproof boots, designed to support you come rain or shine.

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