Mayari vs. Arizona: Which Birkenstocks to Buy?

Are you torn between the elegant strappy design of the Birks Mayari and minimalist slip-on Arizona? Who wouldn’t? These two models, which offer distinct fashion tastes, would really make it hard for you to decide.

Mayari Birks are known for their feminine look brought by their crisscrossing three-strap design. Although unisex, Mayari has been designed to suit women’s fashion. On the other hand, Arizona Birks are the staple footwear worn by almost everyone. It comes with two adjustable horizontal straps and metal buckles. 

Undeniably, knowing which Birks to buy would complicate your mind. However, you don’t have to worry because I’m here to help! In this article, I have discussed the main differences between the two models in terms of material, features, and availability,

More so, I have elaborated on relevant topics such as versatility, sizing, and comfort level. I believe these will enlighten you about the advantages and disadvantages Mayari and Arizona can bring you. 

What are the differences between Mayari and Gizeh in terms of:

Birkenstock rose as one of the best sandal producers in the shoe industry. Throughout the years, the brand has already created several iconic models. Two of which are the Mayari and Arizona Birks.

Mayari and Arizona models are the top-selling models of Birkenstock. Both have styles and features that are distinct from one another. In this section, I have listed them all for you.


Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandal, Metallic Stones Copper Birko-Flor, 38 R EU

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Metallic Stones Copper Birko-Flor Sandal

Infusing modernity with elegance and comfort with its toe-loop thong design, the Mayari indeed is a trendsetter! Just like any other Birkenstock model, Mayari is available both in genuine leather and synthetic ones. 

Some of its most sought-after variations under the natural leather lineup are the oiled and nubuck Mayaris. On the other hand, Vegan and Birko-Flor, and Birkibuc are the top-selling styles out of all synthetic Mayari Birkenstocks. 

Mayari Birks come with an anatomically molded footbed, the same as Arizona and other Birkenstock models. Footbeds of leather-made variations are made of natural materials such as cork, latex, jute, and suede. 

Arizona is also available in genuine and synthetic leather, just like Mayari. Therefore, the material composition of both styles has no significant difference. They just greatly vary in terms of features and style. 

Features & Style

Suppose you prefer simple and relaxed footwear to pair with your everyday outfit ensemble. In that case, the Arizona design is perfect for you. Arizona Birkenstocks has an adjustable and functional dual strap ensuring your feet’s safety and comfortability. 

The Arizona design is considered one of the best and most iconic “Jesus sandals.” Its straps just scream pure classic. Arizona Birks can match almost every attire, from the most casual to even smart. 

Arizona also flexes the brand’s trademark features: deep heel cut, contoured footbed, elevated edges, and spacious toe box. The design of Arizona offers both longitudinal and transverse arch support.

On the other hand, if you want something more feminine and elegant sandals to match your chic style, Mayari is the better option. Mayari is a stylish cross-strap that looks best with casual dresses and jeans.

Mayari also has the same material composition and feature which Arizona takes pride in. Mayari has a cork-latex footbed, deep heel cup, and raised edges, which contribute to excellent support to the arch and heel.

In terms of size, if you have a narrow foot and are looking for a slim-fit pair, Mayari is the Birkenstock you should buy. Mayari has a narrow-fitting style best suited for people with narrowly-sized feet. Further, each Mayari pair weighs less than Arizona.

Colors & Availability

Both Mayari and Arizona are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Classic Mayari and Arizona leathers can be bought in solid colors like black, gray, white, or brown. They are also available in dual or triple-colored designs.

Suppose you want some attention-grabbing and bold-colored Birkenstocks. In that case, you may check out the Mayari and Arizona lineups under synthetic leather. They are not naturally dyed; that’s why they can incorporate trendy palettes such as metallic and pastel colors.

Birkenstocks also offer a “Printed Collection” for both Mayari and Arizona. This collection includes Birks with multi-patterned designs either on their footbed or straps. 

Which is the more comfy pair?

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Black 41 (8-8.5 US M US)

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstocks have been dedicated to producing easy-to-wear and comfortable pairs, although most classic designs need breaking in. Without a doubt, Mayari and Arizona are made to bring their wearers a high level of comfort.

This is brought by the brand’s initially crafted footbed, which is anatomically shaped and designed to conform to the contours of our foot. As time passes, these footbeds will feel like custom fits and become comfier to wear.

Arizona and Mayari’s regular footbeds offer orthopedic support best for people with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. The molded footbeds ensure correct positioning, resulting in a healthy and comfy foot.

If you want to take the shortcut to a long-lasting comfort without going through the break-in period, opt for Arizona or Mayari’s soft footbed versions. This new footbed design requires no break-in process and is already comfy to wear, even when worn outside the box.

A misconception is that soft footbed variations are cushiony and soft. However, they are not. They are just less stiff and rigid than regular ones but not too much because the brand knows that the softer the footbed is, the more discomfort the sandal may bring. 

Which Birkenstock style fits true to size?

Arizona is a wide-fitting Birkenstock design perfect for people with medium to wide-sized feet. On the other hand, Mayari has a slimmer fit than most Birkenstock styles and is excellent for those with narrow-width sizes.

Birkenstocks now offer two width sizes: regular and narrow. If you’re eyeing that Arizona style but are hesitant because of its big toe box, opt for its narrow version. However, if you want a Cinderella type of fit, you should try checking out Mayari. 

Birkenstock has a pretty accurate size chart conversion which you can refer to. You can check out this article for more information. 

Between Mayari and Arizona, which is the better travel sandal?

BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandal, Stone, 39 R EU, 8-8.5 M US

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

Arizona will be handy in every travel situation as its design is simple and relaxing. If I will be choosing what to wear on my summer trips, I would definitely bring an Arizona, which can be paired with almost every summer outfit I can think of.

If you are a water baby, the good news is that Arizona is available in the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) version. Mayari sandals, on the contrary, have no counterpart for this. 

Mayari in genuine or synthetic leather should not be left submerged in water or exposed to too much moisture. Although, they can still get wet occasionally. Make sure you take good care of them and do what’s best after getting wet. 

Which is more fashionable and versatile?

Some may argue that Mayari looks more fashionable and elegant than Arizona. Mayari’s design can cater to and complete almost every fashion-conscious men's and women’s outfit ensemble, like a cherry not on top but at the bottom.

But not every sandal person wants the same fashion style Mayari offers. Many still want a classic and minimalist pair to match their whole outfit and their personality.

Arizona is the one for you if you want the most straightforward and versatile Birks option. The classic two-strapped slip-on undeniably looks good without even trying hard. This is the primary reason this Birks model has become one of the most popular sandals in the shoe industry.

What are the top-selling Mayari variations?

Synthetic leather Mayaris are dominating the Birkenstock charts in the previous months. The fashion sense, comfort level, and durability of each pair are undoubtedly the reasons for this. 

If you think Mayari is the best Birkenstock model for you, I can help you decide which variation you should purchase. I have listed below the top-selling Mayari variations to narrow down your choices.

Mayari Birkibuc

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Vegan Birkibuc Faded Khaki 37 R

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Vegan Birkibuc Sandal

Mayari Birkibuc comes with a crisscrossing strap and a toe loop with a metal buckle that allows adjustability. Its upper strap is made of Birko-Flor, a patented synthetic material that looks similar to nubuck leather.

Birko-Flor nubuck is highly durable and has a leather-like finish. More so, it is less challenging to break in than most genuine leather uppers. You can buy a Mayari Birkibuc in two solid colors: mocha and stone. 

Mayari Birko-Flor 

Similarly, Mayari Birko-Flor’s material composition boasts a leather-like texture that contributes to the high comfort level each pair brings. Additionally, it comes with a suede footbed lining and an EVA sole, making it water-resistant.

The Mayari Birko-Flor sandals are incredibly comfortable to wear. More so, they don’t require a break-in period. You can wear them all you want upon buying them!

What are the top-selling Arizona variations?

On the other hand, if an Arizona pair would satisfy your sandal cravings, then check on its most famous variations. The list includes the distinct characteristics of Arizonas in EVA, oiled leather, and Birko-Flor. 

Arizona EVA 

As previously mentioned, Arizona is available in the EVA version. Just look for the Arizona Essentials EVA Collection. These are entirely waterproof and a much cheaper option for those with a tight budget.

Arizona EVA is flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant, perfect for your water-related activities and summer trips. Although its texture is foamy or rubbery, it has a contoured footbed that ensures heel and arch support. It is also available in solid and pastel colors.

Arizona Soft Footbed Oiled Leather 

For a softer and much easier break-in Birkenstock pair, opt for Arizona in the soft footbed and oiled nubuck leather variation. This model is very comfortable to wear due to its additional footbed layer that is cushiony in texture.

Its best-selling color is tobacco brown. However, if you’re not into this shade, do not worry because it is also available in black, dusty blue, habana, and blue.

Arizona Birko-Flor 

Birkenstock Arizona Tabaco Mens Sandals Size 41 EU

Birkenstock Men's Arizona Birko Flor Sandal

Arizona Birko-Flor is also made of the nubuck-like synthetic leather mentioned in the previous sections. This top-selling variation also comes with an anatomically shaped footbed, two Birko-Flor straps, and a metal pin buckle.

Arizona Birko-Flor in white is the best-selling variation under the said model. However, if you don’t want the color of innocence and purity, you can check out other basic colors like dark brown and black. For a uniquely designed Arizona Birko-Flor, try on their Desert Soil Camo Sand. 

How much do Mayari and Arizona cost?

Mayari Birkenstocks' starting price is $100, a bit higher than what Birkenstock’s competitors offer. Both the Mayari Birko-Flor and Birkibuc can be bought at this price. The most expensive Mayari model, the Mayari Shearling, can be purchased at $160.

On the other hand, you can buy an Arizona EVA for as low as $50. Arizona Birko-Flor is more expensive as it is priced at $110. At the same time, Arizona Soft Footbed in oiled leather is even more pricy as it is priced at $145. 

Some may complain that most Birkenstock models are too expensive for their price, especially those made in genuine leather. However, when buying a Birks pair, you are paying not just for the brand’s prominence but also for the premium quality materials used in producing it. 

Birkenstocks Mayari vs. Arizona, Final Thoughts…

All the factors mentioned in this article are worthy of consideration as these may help you reach a well-thought decision. Mayari and Arizona don’t have much difference; that’s why you must ponder about the little things you think would matter.

Both models offer the same level of comfort and durability. They just vary in some aspects, such as features and price. So, take your time to determine which of the two is meant for you!

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