Birkenstocks Narrow vs. Regular: What’s the Difference?

You are probably wondering about the difference between Birkenstocks narrow and regular sandals. You’ve seen the symbol that they use, the foot print that is either an outline or filled in.  So, what’s the difference between Birkenstocks narrow vs. Birkenstocks regular fit?

Birkenstocks regular sandals for men have an equivalent American width of D-EE and for women, size regular are equivalent to C-D. Birkenstocks narrow sandals for men have an equivalent American width of B-C and for women are equivalent to A-B. Most people fit into the regular width. 

Birkenstock Width Explained

If you have normal feet, Birkenstocks in a regular or standard size will be your best bet. If you have smaller feet, consider Birkenstocks sandals in a narrow size.  Let’s get into the details a little bit.

Are Birkenstocks True to Fit? 

Birkenstocks fit true to size and are available in two width choices (regular and narrow) for men, women and children.

Although Birkenstocks sandals are sized using the European sizing system, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you are buying Birkenstocks for children with a 6-foot length, sandals in 6 or 6.5 in the US sizing system are perfect. It is 7 in the UK/AU sizing system and 24 under the European sizing system. See the illustration below for all equivalents...

Birkenstock US vs. UK vs. EU Sizing Chart

Feel free to read our article that goes into more details about how Birkenstocks should fit!

Birkenstock Fit Guide

Birkenstock sandals are popular for a reason. People of all ages have switched to Birkenstock footwear because it is comfortable, long-lasting, tested, and durable. But it will be uncomfortable when you wear the wrong size. 

Birkenstock Fit Guide

A too tight pair of sandals will press against your metatarsophalangeal joints and may lead to misalignment. A too loose pair is no exception. Although it feels right, foot misalignment remains inevitable. Your toes will usually push against the front of the footwear. Your heel will lift from the sandals. Plus, your foot will slide forward, which is highly uncomfortable. 

Shoes in the right size are always a fantastic choice to consider. 

How to Measure Your Foot? 

You bought Birkenstock footwear because it was on sale. You were very excited when it was delivered. But you ended up disappointed when you wore the pair for the first time because it was too fit or tight. Although you could exchange them with the right size, it could be a headache, literally. 

So, whether a Birkenstock sandal comes with a discount or not, it is imperative to measure your foot. To do that, here are simple and easy steps you can bear in mind: 

Prepare all Necessary Materials. 

These include a piece of paper, ruler, pencil, or coloring pen. Be sure the piece of paper is thick. Instead of an ordinary pencil, use a coloring one for ease of use. You do not need to buy any of these materials. Go to your garage or open your kit closet. You can find all these materials while helping you save some cash. 

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Put Your Foot on a Piece of Paper. 

Make sure to wear thick socks to enjoy a quality and accurate measurement. But does it affect the size of your chosen Birkenstocks footwear? It’s not as you thought. But you can also avoid wearing socks depending on your preferences. 

Draw an Outline Around Your Foot. 

Just hold your marker or pen vertically. It may sound easy, but it may be uncomfortable. Ask assistance from your siblings or parents for your comfort. 

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Put a Dot Where your longest toe and heel end. 

Measure the distance between the dots using your ruler and identify the length of your feet in centimeters. 

Repeat the Process with Your Other Foot. 

Once you are done, find your size in the shoe size chart on our website for more details. That’s it! Do not be afraid to ask for help from your family or loved one to make the process less trouble-free and comfortable. 

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What Does the N or M Mean for Birkenstocks? 

You are looking for a leather sandal, and you find Birkenstocks. Once you are browsing the site, you encounter N or M for the first time, and you do not know what it means for Birkenstocks. Birkenstock sandals come in two width sizes, including N and M. 

N means narrow while M means medium. The former (that is the "N") is an excellent choice for more petite feet, which provide a slimmer fit. The latter is suitable for regular and broader feet. If you know your size and a bit overwhelmed with what to invest in, Birkenstocks has a fantastic customer support you can trust.

Here are a couple of different Birkenstock Styles available online:

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How Should My Toes Fit in My Birkenstock Sandals? 

You have measured your feet. You knew your size. What else should you understand and know? Knowing the right toe fit is worth your time and attention. 

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Now how should your toes fit in your Birkenstock sandals? Good question! Your toes should not be too close to the end of your Birkenstock sandals. If it’s close, it may hurt and sometimes be uncomfortable.

Additionally, there should be enough space between the end of your Birkenstock sandal and the tip of your toe. Both must have some space that ranges from 1/8 to 1/2. It depends on your requirements. But the former is advisable. 

Avoid purchasing too tight or loose Birkenstock sandals as they may cause problems in your feet and joints, as well. Always choose the right pair that suits your style and needs. 

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How Should My Heel Fit With My Birkenstock Sandals? 

Aside from your toes, your heel fit is another thing you cannot afford to miss. Be sure your heel sits as comfortably as possible in the Birkenstock sandal heel cup to enjoy an injury-free, safe, and convenient experience. 

Like your toes, your heel must have some space at the end of your sandals. Do not use a pair of Birkenstock that’s too tight in the heel cup. 

Whether you go to malls or offices, you can be confident that your feet are protected from any serious injury and discomfort. 

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How Should the Straps Fit in My Birkenstock Sandals? 

Like the toe and heel fit, your Birkenstock strap should be comfortable. The company suggests that there should be around 10 mm of space from the sandal strap to your foot. 

But do not choose Birkenstock sandals with too much space, as your foot will just flop around. Also, avoid little space because your foot will feel constricted, causing blisters, joint pain, and other serious problems. 

What you need is a strap with enough space so that your foot can move in the Birkenstock sandal freely, even if you wear it throughout the day. 

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What Are the Other Things to Remember? 

But wait, there’s more! Here are the other things to bear in mind: 

When preparing to purchase a pair of Birkenstock sandals, measure your feet so that you know your size. Sometimes, your feet may be slightly different sizes, then go with the larger foot. It's easier to tighten your shoes a little to make them fit your smaller foot that it is to stretch a small sandal to fit your larger foot.

Birkenstocks will take some time to break in. Don't wear them for 8 hours as soon as your get them. Break them in and allow your foot to get used to them. Birks are designed specifically to support your foot like no other sandal you have ever owned. Get used to them and you will love them forever!

Use the charts and illustrations that we've provided here to make sure you choose the right pair of Birkenstocks for you.

Enjoy your Birks. When I first got my Birks, my feet hurt a little. But I was patient and now they are my sandal of choice!


Now that you know the difference between regular and narrow Birkenstock sandals, what are you waiting for? I think you are ready to buy any Birkenstock sandals you want. 

Remember that Birkenstock sandals and other types of footwear are comfy. But choosing the right size can play a critical role in your experience. 

Take your time and enjoy! 

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