Are Birkenstocks Good For Feet?

A friend and I were discussing our plans about heading out on a little adventure to the coast.  During out discussions, she asked what activities we would be doing and the topic of footwear came up.  I was going to wear my Birks. 

She was just going to wear flip flops, but if we are walking all day, she wasn’t sure if that would be good for her feet.  Then she asked me if Birkenstocks are good for feet?

Birkenstock sandals are good for your feet because of their orthopedic design.  Birkenstocks combine arch support with a firm heel cup and open toe box.  Your foot is supported and doesn’t slip around in the sandal providing comfort and support at once.

Howard Osterman, a podiatrist from Washington DC, named the “Birkenstock Arizona Soft FootBed Sandal” as the “Best Sandals for your Feet”. He added there that Birkenstocks offer good footbeds at a very reasonable price. Birkenstocks are durable, with top structure and features. Such are qualities that can make feet more comfortable while walking.

If you need more convincing statements, then this article is for you. Read more to know the specific factors that make the Birkenstocks shoes good for your feet.

Four Components of the Birkenstock Footbed 

Birkenstock footbed is what many people love about sandals. But what makes it really special, you may wonder. Well, the Birkenstock footbed is not the typical material you see in most sandals. Birks are made by combining 4 different components to create that supportive and perfect footbed: jute, a cork & latex blend, suede lining, and a foam insert. 


The first layer of Birkenstock sandals is made of jute, forming a strong and lasting footbed strong and lasting foundation. It stabilizes both the latex and natural core like no other. Every piece in Birkenstocks is indeed manufactured with full attention and no shortcuts. 

The second layer is also composed of jute. It is placed around the footbed’s sides. The jute is thick and absorbent, regulating moisture, taking its durability to new heights, and leveling its flexibility. 

Cork & Latex 

The actual footbed is a blend of latex and cork, and it is available in most Birkenstock footwear. The cork is not only highly flexible but also shock-absorbing. 

The latex core, on the other hand, relieves pressure on our feet. We can wear Birkenstocks all day long without too much tension in our legs and knees. 

The latex core serves as an excellent insulator all year long, withstanding the extreme heat and cold. Also, the latex core creates a comfortable foot climate that you cannot resist. 

Suede Lining

Apart from Jute, Birkenstocks is made of another moisture-absorbent suede lining. It is soft and can control odor. Birkenstocks use the same nubuck, suede, and other premium leathers in most of their factories in Germany and Portugal. 

Foam Insert

But wait, there’s more! Birkenstocks are packed and manufactured with an integrated soft-footbed. Like the original footbed, this innovative footbed has solid and comfortable properties. It is padded with a foam insert that prides itself on millions of air bubbles, providing the best experience you deserve. 

In addition to these four components, Birks are molded specifically to provide support to your whole foot, rather than just one or two parts of your foot like other shoes do...

Boston Leather Birkenstock Clog

Benefits of the Birkenstock Footbed Design 

Apart from comfort, Birkenstock footbed provides other benefits highlighted below: 

Deep Heel Cup 

It is extremely inconvenient and painful to wear sandals or shoes without enough stability. Birkenstock sandals, the footbed, in particular, is known for its deep and ideal heel cup developed to keep our feet natural padding. It aligns our feet with the hips, ankles, and knee. 

Once proper foot alignment is maintained, it helps counter supination and overpronation, minimizing tension in our feet and back. The risks of serious foot injury are lower than expected. 

Longitudinal Arch Support

Lateral and medial are the two longitudinal arches in the foot. The lateral arch is flatter. The medial arch is higher, and Birkenstock sandals provide longitudinal arch support. The longitudinal arch is prone to arch pain, stress fractures, poor biochemical alignment, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and joints tightness without enough support. 

Traverse Arch Support

Aside from the longitudinal arch, our foot consists of a transverse arch. Located in the feet coronal plane, the transverse arch is formed by the cuboid, three cuneiform bones, and metatarsal bases. It supports the weight of our body efficiently. 

Without transverse arch support, we are more prone to numbness, bunions, hammer toes, and other forefoot problems. Supporting transverse arch offers optimal relief and promotes the circulation of blood vessels. Birkenstock sandals excel in this department. 

Raised Toe Bar 

Another benefit of the Birkenstock footbed is its raised toe bar. It allows the toes to flex and grip. It stimulates foot circulation, avoiding numbness and tension. It exercises the leg and helps us maintain good balance throughout a long walk. 

More Toe Room 

The footbed also features a more toe room. It helps distribute weight evenly, improve posture, and promote balance. 

An adequate toe space avoids hammertoes and bunions, improves agility, stops overpronation, maintains a strong arch, reduces the risks of leg tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, spread pressure between toes, and ensures joint alignment. 

Granada Soft Footbed Birkenstocks

Factors that Make Birkenstocks Good for Feet

Premium Materials

Birkenstock is one of the most trusted shoe brands in the market. The main reason for this is that they offer premium materials in their simplest and most comfortable styles or designs.

Behind the footwear’s simplicity lie the hidden materials of the product. These materials include a one-of-a-kind contoured footbed/s made with cork and natural latex, coupled with good quality soles which are shock-absorbing, high-grade leather, non-leather upper materials, nubucks, and suede.


The more durable the footwear is will mean or can be equal to the more benefits it can give. Longevity is one of the main considerations in choosing a shoe that is good for your feet.

Birkenstock Papillio Women's Lola Leather Sandals

Why? Because of the premise, you might not want your shoes to fall apart amidst a long trip or vacation. In visualizing the said scenario, you may opt to wear Birkenstocks shoes than other brands in the market.

With Birkenstocks, neither damages nor repairs are a struggle. Minimal repairs are noted in the users’ reviews about Birkenstocks. As an owner of Birks myself, I'm very pleased with the durability of my Birks.

Zurich Birkenstocks

My mother has owned her Birkenstocks for over 10 years. She has had them resoled several times and takes them to her local cobbler to have them cleaned and maintained every couple of years.

Here's a YouTube Video that shows a pair of Birkenstocks being resoled and cleaned up. The before and after images are very good.

Perfect Fit or Mold

A perfect fit pair of shoes will make your body fitter indeed. Body alignment must be one of the top things in your mind while choosing the right pair of shoes.

Remember that an ill-fitting shoe can get you to serious trouble. This entails more health complications.

Madrid Birkenstock

On that note, Birkenstocks offer various styles and designs that can suit any kind of feet. This can help you in your endeavor of finding the right fit for your feet. Wearing the right fit of footwear will help in your posture and balance.

Birkenstocks footbeds’ structure is designed for evenly distributing the weight around the arches, stimulating blood circulation, exercises the leg, and establishing stability. It will also benefit your feet in avoiding small bruises along the way.

It can then give you the exact amount of confidence you need while walking or roaming around the city.

Arizona Birkenstocks

Aid Healing of Foot Problems

If foot problems are a big no-no for you, you may choose Birkenstocks footwear in your everyday life. As you age, more physical changes and problems come along the way.

Birkenstocks are known for their ability to aid in healing or, better yet, averting common foot problems. These foot problems include calluses, foot pain, ingrown toenails, and the likes. One of the great features of Birkenstocks is the orthopedic insole that helps in your stability and your feet’s cushioning.

The said orthopedic support provides the right positioning of your feet while creating solid support for you. If you see it as a very beneficial feature of Birkenstocks, then it means they are the right shoes for you.

Milano Birkenstocks - Oiled Leather

Promotes Healthier Muscles and Joints

Always bear in mind the crucial role of your feet in your body. They play a vital role when it comes to proper blood circulation. You must give importance to ensuring the free flow of blood around your feet as well. That is also the very reason why Birkenstocks shoes are good for your feet.

After doing a strenuous activity, you might still want to ensure that your muscles can get relaxed for a short while. Well, if that is the case, proper blood circulation will help you relax those tired muscles.

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandal

Nourishing your body joints and muscles is another plus for Birkenstocks shoes. Their designs and styles make the users’ feet more relaxed and comfortable.

You may also use them on any occasion, making it easier for your feet to be in their most stable position most of the time. In the long run, your Birkenstocks shoes will make your muscles and joints healthier than ever.

Kairo Birkenstocks

Offers Shoe Care Kit

Despite their simplicity, Birkenstocks shoes are no ordinary. Why? The Birkenstocks Company set the standards higher.

They set another hard-to-follow trend when they introduced the “Birkenstocks Deluxe Shoe Care Kit (available on Amazon).” This is their positive response to the dilemma of their users. Whenever their shoes become older, the shoes’ footbeds have developed dark brown spots.

 The DeLuxe Shoe Care Kit provides the perfect solution to it.  This Shoe Care Kit includes a Multipurpose Cleaning Tool and a bottle of Footbed Cleaner/Refresher.

You need to use this kit regularly for the best results. This will make your shoes look younger or new again. This will also benefit your feet as they become odor-free whenever sprayed with the said refresher.

Yara Birkenstocks

Another set included in Birkenstocks Deluxe Shoe Care Kit is Stain and Water Repellent. You must use this whenever your Birkenstocks shoes get wet. After drying your shoes, you must also apply this to avoid possible damages caused by rainwater or flood.

Gizeh Birkenstocks

Cork Sealing

Care products are mainly designed to prolonging the life of the Birkenstocks shoes that you purchased. Cork Sealer is another part of the Shoe Care Kit offered by the Birkenstocks company to its users. Thus, Cork Sealing is the most recommended care to do on your Birks.

This will also benefit your feet since sealing the exposed corks on your shoes will ensure long-lasting support on the footbeds. Thus, giving an emphasis on the comfort, it may give to your feet as well.

Birkenstocks have a lot to offer when it comes to the quality of the products. Added to this are the underlying benefits of these shoes to the users. If you are still hesitant to get a pair of Birkenstocks shoes, then now may be the right time to decide on it.

With all the benefits Birks may give to your feet, Birkenstocks sandals are a good and healthy companion.

Vintage Knit Slouch Vintage Cotton Sock

You will definitely save a lot of your money if you invest in good quality footwear.

Wool Knit Socks, Casual Crew Socks for Birks

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