Should You Wear Birkenstocks with Socks?

There always seems to be a controversy about wearing socks with Sandals.  The first debate started over 20 years ago when people would ask about Birkenstocks and socks.  Should you wear socks with your Birks?

It is considered fashionable to wear sock with Birkenstocks.  In the June 2003 issue of GQ, Birkenstock USA Chairman at that time declared that "it’s perfectly acceptable to wear Birkenstock with socks." In 2010, the sock and sandal combo became popular on the runway for many Designers and top brands.

In case you are living in a rock, Birkenstock sandals are casual footwear with flexible cork and latex insoles shaped-like the bottom of a person’s foot. Birkenstock, considered the innovator behind the concept of “comfort shoes” in the United States since the 1960s, providing the youthful generation with comfortable clothing

Birkenstock has a unique take on footwear. Birkenstocks are made from cork and silicon, two materials that, when warms up, compact and form to your footbed.  Making them extremely comfortable once molded to your feet, they may seem rough. Another interesting take on Birkenstock is its durability.  

According to, “Birkenstock-wearing” describes environmental activists or those who support other social causes. However, most people buy them for the comfort they provide.

In 2010, the sock and sandal combo became extremely popular and a mainstream trend.  Labels like Miu Miu, Wood Wood, and Vetements have sported their models with socks and sandals on the runway. 

Gone are the days that it was a fashion no-go. The dispute became clear with regards to what kind of socks to wear to achieve that desired fashionable look. The length of the socks should not exceed 5 inches above the ankle.

What socks go with Birkenstocks?

What is the best sock that can be used in Birkenstocks? It is best to wear warm and thick socks, especially when the weather is cold, in order to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

You can also choose a color that suits your attire. As a matter of fact, thick socks can help prevent your feet from getting cold.

Merino Wool Socks

What can you wear with Birkenstocks?

If you are thinking of going on vacation or during another workweek, it is better to try a midi skirt style and t-shirt with a clear white pair. It is elegant and comfortable on your body and also looks beautiful. When your outfit is bold, wear white accessories that match your sandals and bag.

When your attire has rainbow colors that are a bit dark in color, it is better if you pair it with rose gold sandals.  It is better to pair light jeans and a solo button blazer with classic sandals.

Birkenstock Socks

Dickies Dri-tech Crew Sock

For classic clothes paired with khaki pants and box type bags. You better pair these with hippie, cool sandals. Wear your Birkenstocks Yao sandals in your everyday life. Choose unique shapes that will fit your foot.

TeeHee Sandal (Birkenstock) Socks

Vintage Knit Slouch Vintage Cotton Sock

There are different types or brands of Birkenstock. These are Arizona, Gizeh, Madrid big buckle, Mayari, and Boston. Most sandal shop stores sell Arizona, Gizeh, and Mayari. It is more common in stores than other Birkenstock brands.

Thick Knit Wool Crew Sock

MADRID Birkenstocks

The Madrid Birkenstocks have a one shoe strap and the oldest brand of Birkenstock.

It is better known as gymnastic sandals. It provides the perfect combination of comfort and ergonomics for you.

ZURICH Birkenstocks

The Zurich Birks feel lighter to be able to wear the perfect shape for your foot.

Zurich is for both women and men. Zurich has a closed lid, and it also feels good on your feet.

ARIZONA Birkenstocks

The Arizona Birkenstocks are often called the Birk for everyone. You can wear it at work, when traveling, and even when you are just at home.

These sandals are for all genders, and it has many colors available. These Arizona sandals are the symbol of Birkenstock. When Birkenstock is mentioned, this style is immediately what people often think of. It has two thick buckle straps. This style has not changed since 1973.

BOSTON CLOG Birkenstocks

The Boston Clog Birks, have the highest level of comfort.

Your toes will not be congested, and it also has a latex footbed.

GIZEH Birkenstocks

It is simply feminine. In 1980 its style was changed. Gizeh Birks have become an imprint in stores.

These sandals are tweezers, and they have steel on the side that resembles a belt. It is second to the most famous style of Birkenstock sandals. This is a flip flop version of Arizona. There are other people who prefer the flip flop to the slides.

YARA Birkenstocks

The Yara Birkenstocks sandals can be considered vacation sandals. It has a combination of toe aligners and adjustable straps.

It has a strap around your ankle that is crosswise patterned to fit you perfectly. You can adjust it if you want to loosen or tighten it.

KAIRO Birkenstocks

It is a close ankle incline. The Kairo Birkenstock sandals are comfortable and also adjustable so that you can be perfectly tightened or loosen.

Birkenstock has also become popular in the fashion world. Aside from having a nice style, it is also comfortable on your feet.

Birkenstock continues to thrive on the fashion trend. Women and men can wear these sandals. It is shaped to fit your foot.

How To Wear You Birkenstock Sandals?

Unbeknownst to us, that Birkenstock is brand and not style, it is also long lasting to use.  It is better to choose a two-strap Birkenstock. This style with a strap over the toes and one at the top of the foot that is ideal to use at the beach resort. When The Arizona strap is big for you, try the model in Sydney, the strap on this sandal is thin, and the buckles are smaller. It is even more feminine.

Try at strap style. You can also choose a model that has a stylish loop that surrounds your toe. This style is a more feminine version.

Your foot needs more support with a heel strap, and maybe you are worried that your foot may slip on these sandals, try the model and style of Bali or Milano. It grips your foot tightly. If you do not like the heel strap and prefer a safer fit, try the three-strap style.

Try to keep your feet warm in a cold weather. Birkenstock has models like Boston that looks like slip-on clogs than classic strap sandals. These sandals will keep your feet warm during the cold season. They also have sandals that you can wear inside your home.

Choose a color that fits your outfit or your destination. There are over 300 colors of this sandal that you can choose carefully according to your style. Do not be afraid to choose what color is right for you.

Black and white are best chosen because it is easier to find suitable clothing. This color can also be used in any climate.  If you want a summer look, choose pink. If you like fashionable colors, metallic Birkenstock is beautiful.

Birkenstock provides a narrow and wide size. They are easy to use because they have an adjustable belt. Most of its users are women and often pair it with shorts.

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