What Are Silicone Socks For?

There are so many different kinds of socks available today; Cotton, nylon, spandex, wool, and now silicone.  So, what are silicon socks for?

Silicone socks are used as a tool to reduce or eliminate fissures on the heels of your feet.  Silicone socks are non-toxic, lightweight, anti-slip material that can soften the dead and rough skin on your foot and heel especially in conjunction with heel cream.

Several clinical studies have been completed for Diabetics for the use of silicone socks to help reduce the pressures and stresses on the foot during walking and running.  They’ve found that silicone socks can reduce the foot and heels stress and therefore reduce the onset of the ulceration process on a diabetic’s foot. (See Source at the bottom of this page)

Another study, reported in the US National Library of Medicine, used silicone socks in conjunction with heel cream for the treatment of heel fissures in people with diabetes.  This study was started in December 2015 with ongoing results through May 2021.

While research is ongoing, silicone socks have become popular for the benefits and advantages they provide. The majority of the users tend to utilize silicone socks to reduce or eliminate dryness on their feet, which gives their feet with unattractive appearance.

Dry feet do not only provide unattractive and embarrassment, but they may sometimes provide a source of infection and pain. Although you can do some DIY procedures to induce elimination or reduction of dryness and unattractive feet, you may opt to go for some silicone socks.

Most of the silicone socks you can buy from the market contain botanical gel lining, which is infused with mineral oils and vitamin E. These minerals and vitamins repair, nourish, and even hydrate your, resulting from having soft and attractive feet.

What You Get When You’re Using Silicone Socks?

Try to treat your foot towards hydration heaven! What do you think will you get when you use some sorts of silicone socks? Generally, you will get a soft and silky foot.

By just using silicone socks, you may now skip the DIY procedures or even visiting your foot spa salon to have a smooth and sensuous foot ready for the socks, flip flops, peekaboo pumps, or flannel sheets.

If you tend to use a pair of silicone socks for your feet, you will be comfortable since they will soften calluses. These will also keep your foot as soft as the baby’s foot.

You don’t need to use sandpaper foot between sheets. With the advent of silicone socks, you can transform your feet for good. Thus, a pair of silicone socks can soothe painful and cracked heels. These silicone socks can change your feet as if that you are undergoing some treatment for the following foot conditions:

  • Rough, scaly calluses
  • Lizard feet
  • Corns
  • Snagged sheets
  • Bleeding and cracked heels

High-quality types of silicone socks from a reputable supplier and manufacturer can provide you better results than using any foot file, callus shaver, or foot scrubber. You will not also risk some painful burns against prominent callus-eliminating chemicals or foot peels.

Then, you can surely be comfortable when doing your daily activities even you are in your sandals or slippers.

Remarkable Features and Uses of Silicone Socks

If you want to experience the essence of silicone socks, then you can directly purchase a pair of these socks from a nearby shopping store, or you can make some online purchases. There are some product providers and manufacturers who offer these types of socks for good.

However, you need to know first its best features so that you can end up choosing the best silicone socks for your feet. Here are some of the best attributes and its uses that you may know about the product:

  • Soft silicone which embraces your foot to have a perfect hydration fit or hu
  • Soft, lightweight, and non-toxic materials to make sure that you’re using safe products for your feet
  • Air holes that offer breathability and helps in wicking moisture away once the hydration treatment
  • Reusable type of socks since you can just clean these socks with soap and water after use
  • High-quality materials which are good to prevent and repair peeling and cracking and soften the dead rough foot skin

These features must be highly present on the silicone socks that you will purchase in the market so that you can have a guarantee that you will gain the benefits you are looking for.

Intensive Instructions for Pedi Hydration Using Silicone Socks

If you have some calluses or dry feet, then it is recommendable to use silicone socks to enhance the softness of your feet somehow. For best results, it is advisable to do the following things:

  • Shower and moderately exfoliate your foot first with a washcloth or loofah to remove any loose or flaking dead skin. Make sure to gently do this procedure so that your foot skin will not be irritated.
  • Apply some hydrating body balm first to your feet before you wear the silicone socks.
  • Put your thumbs inside the silicone sock and crumple to the toes of your sock. Point the toes of your feet and slip them inside your sock.
  • Slide the socks on your heel and place the strap towards a more comfortable position.
  • It is highly recommendable for those with an extremely cracked foot to wear socks for about 2 hours or more; for less dry foot, it is advisable to wear silicone socks for about 15 minutes.

One of the expert’s pieces of advice is not to walk if you’re just wearing plain silicone socks. If you need to walk to do some of your daily chores, then it would be advisable to put some regular socks over the silicone socks.

This is to add safety and security when walking and avoid falling these socks from your feet. Furthermore, don’t use acetone on your nails since this will eat away silicone and would damage your silicone socks.

Some Things to Know About Silicone Rubberized Socks

Silicone rubberized socks are flexible and elastic polymer made from different kinds of silicones. These are generally used in insulation and making gaskets.

These are manufactured to produce the rubber-like feature, which results to molding and shaping processes. There are several good things that silicone rubber for socks provide, and these are the following:

Chemical Resistance

One of the advantages of silicone rubberized sock is their resistance power. Silicone rubberized socks can resist bases, acids, chemicals, oils, waters, and solvents.

Versatile and Economical

Silicone rubberized socks are versatile and stable. This is said to be stable because of the reliability of the materials used. It can sustain its maximum performance level for a longer period, which reduces the cost of production.

These are also considered versatile since these offer compounds which can be easily mixed. These types of socks don’t pose the danger of toxic or flammable solvents.

A newly molded silicone-rubberized sock can cure or dry at room temperature even without the need for an oven.

While the cost of the production for silicone rubberized socks reduces, molding and maintaining some rubbers may become costly.

 For instance, liquid silicone rubber may increase its costs because of the requirement for oven-curing procedures and injection rubber machine. However, if you want to make sure that you can be comfortable with your feet and want to treat some calluses and their dryness, then provide yourself with silicone socks.

 Purchase them online and experience the benefits that you can get out of the products.

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