What Socks To Wear With White Sneakers?

Who doesn’t like wearing a pair of white sneakers out?  Sneakers are comfortable and provide support that just don’t compare to other shoes.  However, have you ever wondered what socks you should wear with white sneakers?

The type of socks to wear with white sneakers should be guided by the type of pants you are wearing.  If wearing shorts, or blue jeans that show off your ankles, and white sneakers then choose no show socks.  If wearing jeans that cover your ankles, then choose ankle socks or crew socks.

Let’s take a closer look at the choices of socks for white sneakers… For your choice in socks, the main factor to consider is your overall outfit and not the color of your sneakers, here are my recommendations to consider white sneakers:

Insole (no show) socks

If you are wearing blue jeans or shorts where your ankles are going to be showing, then the best option is to choose no show socks (aka insole socks). 

These socks will provide your feet with some added cushioning and help to wick away moisture that often forms around your feet when you are bare foot.

Saucany Invisible (no show) socks for women

Generally, no-show socks are made up of cotton to give great comfort and a relaxed feeling during use.

IDEGG Athletic Crew sock (unisex)

You can have that “no sock” look while getting the moisture wicking and cushioning benefit from these socks.  I don’t know about you, but when I wear my shoes without socks too much, then my shoes get smelly.

No show socks helps to prevent the “smelly” issue by wicking moisture away from my feet and preventing my shoes from getting smelly too quickly.

Ankle Socks & Crew Socks

If you are wearing blue jeans with white socks and the jeans will cover your ankles, then no show socks are certainly a good option, but you can also choose ankle socks or crew socks (socks that come mid-way up your calf).

White socks are probably the best option here whether they are ankle socks or crew socks.  I wouldn’t go with multi-colored dress socks or even a solid color casual sock unless they were white.  A sport sock is also an option.

Dickies Dri-Tech Men's Crew Sock

If you are wearing chinos or trousers then I wouldn’t recommend white sneakers as a shoe option… 

Women's White Cushion Socks

For chinos, a casual shoe or loafer is a better shoe choice, then you could choose a solid color crew sock.

For trousers, a dress shoe is the better shoe choice, then a multi color dress sock would be the sock I’d choose.

Hanes Women's Breathable Sock

Choosing Socks according to their length and color

It is not advisable not to wear long socks with your white sneakers. Ideally, white sneakers are worn with shorts or blue jeans.  They don’t really go well with other styles of pants.

No show socks are the first choice.  Ankle socks (sport socks) would be good second choice, especially if you are wearing jeans that cover your ankles.

The third choice would be crew socks (again sport crew socks) for blue jeans that cover your ankles with a pair of white sneakers.

Longer socks, just don’t look good.  Multi-colored socks can show your personality, but they are best paired with trousers or dress pants and a pair of dress shoes.

When wearing shorts, white sneakers are a great choice but loafers, deck shoes and vans are also great alternatives.

With blue jeans, loafers, casual shoes, high-tops, sneakers, boat shoes are all options.  No shoe socks are the best sock to choose with these options, although a casual crew sock would be OK in a pinch.

Invisible socks

Showing off your ankles is the fashion.  Shorts with the “no-sock” look is stylin’. Using a pair of no-show socks will help your feet to be comfortable and breath a little more than if you were actually bare foot in your shoes.

For me, my feet sweat when I’m wearing any shoes and I like to have a pair of socks to relieve the heat and wick some of the moisture from my feet!

I always felt “stupid” wearing a pair of shorts with deck shoes and crew socks.  When I discovered no-show socks, I was thrilled.  I could have the look that I wanted while also feeling comfortable (that is, no sweaty smelly feet).

Sock Design

Another thing you need to consider when choosing specific kinds of socks to wear with your sneakers is the actual design and styles of your socks.

Socks come in many designs, patterns.  The overall styles of your socks can impact the overall look of your outfit.

Swiss Cotton Stiped Arbyle Socks

If you’re wearing white sneakers, don’t choose multicolored crew socks or socks with patterns.  They just don’t look good!  Long black dress socks are a NO!

Sure, these pattern socks can allow you to show some personality, but save these to wear with a nice pair of dress pants (trousers) and dress shoes.  The socks with personality will peak through when you sit without overtaking your overall look.

Women's Fishnet Patterned Socks

I’d stick with no-show socks when wearing white sneakers.

Why not wear no socks with white sneakers?

That’s certainly an option. 

I’ve done this and it’s been fine. However, my feet tend to get sweaty.  When I wear no-show socks, my feet are much more comfortable.

If I go somewhere that would require me to remove my shoes, then I’m fairly certain that my shoes won’t smell when I remove them if I’m wearing socks.

If I haven’t been wearing socks and have been wearing my shoes for some time and then remove the, there is a risk that those shoes smell and that my feel also smell.  That’s a risk I really don’t like to take!

Plus, I find that my socks tend to give my feet a little added cushion in my shoes.  My feet are comfortable, they don’t get overheated and I’m comfortable.  At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters!

Here are a couple of examples of no-show socks that I wear!

Some Essential Tips in Matching Your Socks to Your Outfit

Finding a perfect type of socks to your outfit would be quite challenging on your part, especially if you would like to match them properly to your overall appearance. For you to be guided accordingly about matching your socks to your sneakers or outfit, then you may consider the following tips as your guide:

Avoid clashing designs or patterns

If you’re wearing a sneaker combined with checkered pattern pants, then you should avoid wear socks that have alternate pattern types. Make sure that your sock would be apt according to your outfit’s pattern, style, design.

Contrast the type of socks

You can think of some types or colors of socks that would even match your white sneakers. Of course, you need to choose a quite longer sock which you may be comfortable with.

Pro-Mountain Athletic Sneaker Socks

Consider white socks for your white sneakers.

Whatever color of your pants or shorts to wear, you may use white socks for your white sneakers. This color would complement your whole outfit since this can even make you cleaner to look at.

These three things should always be remembered when wearing white sneakers for any of your outfits. Just don’t pick the socks that don’t complement your outfit’s pattern, styles, designs, and overall appearance.

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