What Are No-Show Socks For?

Are you wondering about no-show socks?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  I was wondering about no show socks myself and did some investigating.  So, what the heck are no show socks for?

No show socks are a low cut sock designed to give the “no sock” look when wearing shoes, loafers, sneakers, vans or deck shoes, while still offering the advantages of wearing socks with your shoes.  No show socks can wick the moisture from your feet and prevent your shoes from getting smelly over time.

I really like the look, where I’m wearing a nice pair of loafers (or sneakers) and shorts without socks.  I have a few pairs of shoes that I use for this and I’ve found that they get a little smelly faster than my other shoes that I normally wear with socks.

When I found the no show (or invisible) socks, I thought this could be a solution to my “smelly shoe” problem, and it was! 

I’m not sure where I was hiding, but I hadn’t really heard of no-show socks in the past.  I was introduced to them when I was shopping for vans and they came as a recommended additional purchase.  I bought them and the rest was history!

For men there are a few choices in no-show socks. Here are a couple of examples:

Jormatt Genuine No-Show Low Cut Cotton Sock

Men's Low Cut Casual Cotton Sock

Men's No-Show Low-Cut Classic Non-Slip Casual Sock

No show socks are also recognized as a low-cut type of socks. These types have lengths lower than your ankle. These are also recognized by many people as meds, loafers, or invisible footie socks.

No show socs have more size options for women, likely because women’s shoes typically show more of the upper foot than do men’s socks.

Here are some examples of Women’s no-show socks:

Hanes Ballerina Liner Invisible Sock

Ultra Low Cut Dress Sock for Women

No Show Women’s Low Sock

Most people used these types of socks for fashion.  They allow you to have the “barefoot” look while still wearing socks.

Although some of these socks are very thin, some are thicker and provide additional padding for your foot.

Essential Benefits of No-Show Socks

Using these no-show socks provide remarkable benefits to all users, which helps them have a perfect appearance for fashion trends. Wearing good-looking shoes without any type of socks is not a big deal for many people.

Colorful Low Cut Cotton Socks

No-show socks are perfect options, especially when these are matched up with the loafer and the boat style shoes. It may look odd if a type of shoe has a peeping out sock.

So, the no-show socks are said to be a better choice in this specific case, which you may eventually learn once you try this outfit for good. It seems that you do not wear any type of sock inside your shoes, and yet this provides a more relaxed feeling and great comfort. You may also feel that you are just wearing a casual sock that can be used anytime and any day for your activity.

Saucony Men's Mesh Ventilation No-Show Socks

The heels of no-show socks can also reduce foot odor; so, these could be a convenient option for you. These absorb unwanted sweating that gives a bad odor or smell on your feet.

Aside from that, these types of socks lessen their foot odor by about 90%. These soak up perspiration, which prevents the bacteria from growing and giving a bad odor. These no-show socks can be purchased in various types that depend on the tastes and preferences of the users.

So, you can choose anything you want since there are wide arrays of selections both for men and women. These are also available in various types of colors, fabrics, or materials.

Moreover, these are highly designed to preserve your foot to have a breathable way. You can use these types of socks even in cold or hot weather.

What to Know More about No-Show Socks

No-show socks are some of the hot items that you can find online. So, you can easily find a specific type of these socks if you decided to wear any of them. The first thing you need to bear in mind is that these socks are different from other types of socks. You can check out its size guide prior to place an order for these specific types of socks.

If you are on the nib between sizes, then it is highly recommended to place an order with a larger size of no-show socks. Besides, there is a plenty of variety of these types with different designs and styles.

All these styles are specifically designed never to fall or give you discomfort when you are wearing this stuff.

These no-show socks feature a stay-put heel grip, which helps your socks to stick on your heel. You can choose a specific type of no-show socks for your shoes prior to purchasing this item for you. Take a look at the following types for your reference:

Lightweight no-show socks

Generally, these are the prototypical no-show socks. Since it was manufactured with ultra-lightweight and a top-of-foot handling, these socks are perfect for casual sneakers, booties, and slip-on.

Cushioned no-show socks

These kinds of socks are highly equipped with an additional full cushioning for those people who want more support in their no-show socks.

Low Cut Men's Athletic Performance Socks

These provide a maximum performance to-of-foot handling, which is good to be worn with casual sneakers, booties, and even athletic sneakers.

Merino wool type of no-show socks

These socks are made up of Merino Wool, a season-fiber that is super soft, breathable, and unsurprisingly moisture wicking.

Many people tend to use these socks because they are versatile. Moreover, these can be added to your collections inside your drawer. These are also a perfect match for slip-on, booties, and sneakers.

Low cut type of no-show socks

These socks are manufactured just like the lightweight no-show socks. However, the only difference is that these provide less top-of-foot handling; so, these do not show on your ballet flats, loafers, or boat shoes.

In some cases, if you need some deeper cut to make your socks not visible, then it would be advisable to give a try on these low-cut types of no-show socks.

These no-show socks are manufactured to stay put on your feet. So, if you are experiencing undue bunching or slipping, or even finding yourself making you try to dig your socks back on your heels, then it may be because these are not a perfect size for your feet.

So, it would help if you made sure to purchase a specific size of no-show socks for your feet so that you can comfortably wear them for your daily activities.

Check out some sorts of no-show socks online and learn the different types, styles, designs that would be good enough for your overall outfit.

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