Best Socks for Doc Martens

Doc Martens shoes and boots have been around for a very long time (since the mid 1940’s) and styles and fashion have changed dramatically over the years.

If you’ve got a pair of Doc Martens and want to know how to wear them and what are the best socks to wear with your Doc Martens, then you’ve come to the right place.

The best socks to wear with your Doc Martens are good quality pair of no-show socks to give that bare leg look.  The next best socks to choose for your Doc Martens are a quality pair of colorful crew sock that are scrunched down to your ankles.

Did you know that Dr Martens are the only type of footwear that holds prestige for being included in the list of British design and style icons.

Let’s take a look at some of the sock options for your Doc Martens.  First, I will mention that if you are new to wearing Doc Martens, then take it easy.  Wear them no more than an hour or two at a time.  They take some time to break in.  Wearing a good quality sock, will definitely help.

Take it easy with your new Doc Martens.  They are going to last you a long time. Therefore, it’s ok if you only wear them for short bursts at the beginning of your new relationship!  Eventually, you will be able to wear these beautiful babies all day long.

At the end of this article, I’ll touch on new Doc’s!

OK. Let’s get to it.  Here are some options for socks for your Docs.

Best Socks for Your Docs

If you own Doc Martens shoes, then it is a must to purchase high quality pair of socks that would be suitable for these shoes. Below are some of the best type of socks that will work on Doc Martens:

Outdoor & Work True Fit Impact Cushion Sock-Moisture Wicking Breathable 360 Support

The Work True Fit Impact Cushion Sock is a nice sock option because of the moisture wicking properties of these socks.  They also

These socks are unisex, designed for both men and women since they provide them with great comfort and convenience, especially when they are doing their daily chores or performing outdoor sports. These have several great features that would give benefits to the users.

These benefits reinforced heel & arch support, and dry blend control of moisture.

Manufactured in the NE USA, a cotton blend sock: 78% Cotton, 14% Polyester, 6% Nylon and 2% Elastane. 

Note, these socks can be machine washed, but let them hang do dry.  Don’t dry them in your dryer.

Zando Athletic Sports Knit Cashmere Sock for Women

The Zando Athletic Knit Cashmere sock is a great choice for the ladies.  These come in a variety of colors and designs, but I like this design, seen below, with Doc’s. 

You can scrunch these socks down and they are a perfect match when you are out and about wearing your Doc Martens.

These socks are a wool blend: meaning wool , polyester, cotton and spandex blend

Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium-Weight Work Over-the-Calf Sock

The Fox River Fatigue Over-The-Calf Sock are also a great choice to go with your Doc Martens boots. Again, these have moisture wicking properties, which helps to keep your feet comfortable and warm in your Docs.

This sock is again a blend composed of 70% Polypropylene, 28% Nylon and 2% Spandex. The main component is synthetic meaning these socks won’t get all soggy and will keep the moisture from your feet.

Most sporty individuals want to wear this type of sock because this provides more versatility compare to those socks that are made up of ordinary cotton. This is also a custom fit that provides the ultimate personalized fit for a pro-active response, which combines memory knit compression.

Carhartt Men’s Steel-Toe Synthetic Socks

The Carhartt Men's Full Cushion Steel-Toe Sock are a good quality sock for men and a nice complement to your Docs.

These are said to be perfect for all-around work throughout the day. These rugged socks will surely make all your activities by keeping you comfier in your working boots. You can make sure that your feet will stay dry since it offers wick dry.

These socs are again a blend of materials: 87% Acrylic, 8% Polyester, 4% Other Fibers & 1% Spandex.

There’s an exclusive technology being used to draw moisture away from the skin of your feet quickly. So, rest assured that your feet will be comfortable and dry as you perform your activities in a day.

Some people tend to purchase these socks with their Doc Martens boots since the are good at wicking the moisture away from your feet, which tends to  reduce friction and hot spots that may be a cause blisters.

Resounding feedback for these socks are that they are very durable and hold up to heavy and regular use!

Unisex No Show Socks

This list isn’t complete without discussing No-Show socks.  If you are wearing Doc Martens boots, then a Crew sock is the perfect choice, or an ankle sock that doesn’t come up above the lip of the boot.  However, if you are wearing a pair of Doc shoes, then sometimes, that no-sock look is what you want.

These No-Show socks are a great choice for Docs or any other shoes you want with that look.

The IDEGG no-show sock are a cotton blend: 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% spandex athletic sock.  This blend creates a breathable material that wicks moisture away from your feet.

These socks are easy to take care of, machine wash and dry. A solid cushion heel for most comfort with your favorite pair of Docs.

Breaking in Doc Martens for an Ultimate Comfort

Once you already have a pair of Doc Martens boots, it would be advisable to break it in first so that you’ll be comfortable while using them.

Don’t get into too much of a rush to wear these shoes for several hours if you are not used to wearing them before since these may give you strain on your feet, or you will not be comfortable afterward.

For you to appreciate the value of Doc Martens boots, it is a good idea to provide yourself with a pair of quality socks which you can wear as you also use these boots.

To give you great comfort and convenience when using Doc Martens boots, it is good to consider the following things:

You need to invest in quality socks

Since these boots offer quite hard leather construction, it would be possible to give you discomfort as you wear them during your first week.

However, this can be addressed by providing yourself with thick woolen pair of socks to wear during the initial period. If you can find a thicker pair of woolen socks, then much better, for it will protect your feet from strain or pain.

But if you cannot easily find a thick woolen sock for your foot, then you can just double the pair of socks on your feet to break in the boots.

Slowly bend and stretch the boots

On the next morning, you must bend and stretch the Doc Martens boots without utilizing too much effort and force. Don’t be fret about this destruction or damaging your boots since it is manufactured with great durability that allows them to be slightly twisted and bent.

Wiggle and flex your boots from either side as you stretch or bend them for flexibility results.

You need to soften your boots utilizing wonder balsam Doc Martens

Aside from using thick woolen socks for breaking in your boots, you also need to use some cream for the leather to soften the boots. Doc Martens boots have their own cream and balm, which you must use for your boots.

These products can help you to shape your boots for comfortable use quickly. You may apply the balm and the cream to your boots during the night and allow them to sit until morning in a warm and dry place.

Don’t be in a rush to use your Doc Martens

You need to make sure that you are accustomed to using your new pair of Doc Martens boots so that you can always be comfortable when carrying them anywhere you want.

As you wear Doc Martens boots for a couple of days, you can finally notice that you’ll get into it, and you are now comfortable wearing your favorite shoes. Just don’t forget to provide yourself with a high quality type of socks that would be compatible with these boots to protect your feet from pain and strain.

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