Are Birkenstocks Waterproof?

“Are Birkenstocks waterproof?” is the common question of people who are interested in buying Birkenstocks sandals. The materials used to make Birks are of high-quality. But does that make them waterproof.

Birkenstocks are not waterproof. Birks are made with a leather upper which isn’t waterproof.  The footbed has four layers comprising of moisture absorbing suede, Jute (a natural plant fiber which absorbs moisture), moisture absorbing cork with latex and jute again.  The sole, made from EVA would be water resistant.

Birkenstock is a popular name in terms of the footwear industry that has a very long history. They create top-rated products using high-quality materials. Birkenstock footwear is made with a 100 percent leather upper (straps).

Birkenstock offers you all the good qualities you could ever ask for a good type of shoe. Even though it is not 100 percent waterproof, there are things you can do to protect your Birks from water so that they last for a very long time!

As we mentioned, this pair of shoes is made from natural leather. Even though the materials are already processed, the natural and positive properties of the leather remain. Some types (styles) of Birks are made from combined material of leather and wool, keeping your feet dry, warm, and nice.

So, let’s take get into more details about Birkenstocks, and how to protect them so they last for many years to come.

How to Make Birkenstock Footwear Waterproof?

Birkenstock is in the footwear industry for many years, and till now, no one knows why their products are considered as timeless. Considering that Birkenstocks are not waterproof, you might be in search of different ways to make them water-resistant.

Waterproofing this kind of footwear will make sure that your thick or clog sandals will last for a long time. We have mentioned that Birkenstocks are constructed using suede leather. That’s why it achieves a timeless look and, at the same time, benefit your foot.

Women's Salina Birkenstocks

What’s good with the company is that they do not use any artificial dyes to color their products. They stated that they want the materials to breathe by keeping themselves away from artificial colors. Also, what makes Birkenstock famous is its buckle accessory.

The buckles are handmade and applied several layers of powder coating. Aside from that, the buckles went through the sic process to ensure that they won’t compromise their quality.

The sandals are not waterproof, which means that they will decrease their lifespan when the leather or suede receives water.

Birkenstocks Florida Sandal (Women's)

The concept explains the logic of applying sunblock before going out under the sun. According to the marketing assistant of Birkenstock, Jackie Porter, the company does not advise anyone to wear this pair of shoes in situations where it can get wet.

He also added that when the cork footbed absorbs water, it can dry out the cork, which can make the sandal’s footbed susceptible to cracking and chipping.

Birkenstock Papillio Women's Lola Leather Sandals

How to protect your Birks from water damage

According to her, even though Birkenstocks are not fully waterproof, there are still some ways you can do to protect them from any possible damages caused by water.

The following are a handful of ways that can make your Birkenstock footwear waterproof.

Gizeh Birkenstocks

Wax-Based Polishes

Fun fact, the wax is an effective substance to make any surface waterproof. This step requires a little time and effort.

By simply applying a minimal amount of wax (Try Saphir Pate de Luxe on Amazon) to your Birkenstock, you can wear it even during an unexpected snowstorm or rainstorm.

What we love about wax is that it also heals the old scratches of the sandals while protecting its materials against water.

Beeswax and a Blow Dryer

The next method is easy and simple to do. All you need is to rub a thin layer of beeswax (check Amazon for current pricing) all over your footwear and use a blow dryer to melt it.

This step is just like putting another layer of a crystal clear material to your shoe. After that, you can wear it while jumping in the water puddles while walking.

Before doing this trick, remember that melting beeswax to your shoe can make it feel stiff.

Mink Oil

Another product that can make your Birkenstock water-repellant is mink oil (check pricing on Amazon). One thing to note, you want to use Mink Oil with caution. Sometimes mink oil an cause discoloration.

Therefore, be cautions when using Mink oil... We recommend you test the back part of your sandal with mink oil, before you proceed, to make sure it won’t harm the main material of your Birkenstocks.

A Combination of Laundry Detergent, Baking Soda, and Water

The mixture of laundry detergent (1 table spoon), baking soda (1 table spoon), and enough water to create a wet paste. This creates a unique combination when rubbed into your shoes creates a water-resistant surface. All you need is to stir the elixir for a few minutes.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on Amazon

Tide Laundry Detergent on Amazon

With a toothbrush, start covering every part of your footwear with this paste. Wait for some minutes, then wipe it off with a towel and damp cloth with cold water.

Let your Birkenstocks sit in the corner of your room overnight to dry. (Don't use a dryer, air dry is best!)

Cork Sealant

Porter claimed that the Birkenstock’s cork footbed would never be water-resistant. The good thing about it is that you can purchase a cork sealant (check Amazon for current pricing), which will act as the barrier between water and the cork surface.

What’s more is that it is also made from breathable ingredients, which make it a leather-friendly waterproof solution.

But take note that you need to apply more than twice of this solution to your footwear to keep it waterproof the whole day. This requires some work, but we are telling you that it is very effective when it comes to waterproofing your shoes.

Why Birks are the perfect footwear for different seasons

Even though Birkenstock footwear is not waterproof, it is made to be worn in any kind of season. An interesting fact about this pair of shoes is that it is ideal for wearing during the summer season.

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandal

The shoe is form-fitting and very lightweight.

The said brand of footwear offers you endless support and comfort no matter where you are. You can wear it on grassy fields, concrete surfaces, sandy beaches, and even on rocky hiking trails.

Birkenstock ensures that their product will have perfect feet on your feet no matter its environmental condition.

The good thing about this sandal is that it is available in a wide range of styles and colors. Not only that, but you can also wear it on any type of outfit.


Birkenstock’s shoes are well-known among teenagers and adults because of their timeless design and style. You can wear them with any outfit and any condition.

Unfortunately, the Birks are not made from waterproof material. But don’t worry. The things listed above can help you to make them relatively water-resistant and protect the leather from possible damage caused by water.

So, if you are asking if Birkenstocks are waterproof, they are not. You need to put a little effort into making it water-repellant.  

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