Can Crocs Be Used As Shower Shoes?

I think that Crocs are the most versatile shoe that I own.  Crocs have become very popular since their humble beginnings when they were designed as water shoes.

So, Can Crocs be used as shower shoes?

Crocs are a fantastic shower shoe. The Crocs strap will keep the shoe firmly on your foot, the holes and the sides will allow water to flow in and out of your shoe, the sole has a palm tree design that provides good grip in the shower and you can stick your toes out of the side holes for added grip.

I have often used my Crocs when I go to the gym.  I don’t like taking a shower at the gym in bare feet.  I prefer to keep my feet out of the standing water and off the surface that many other people have been walking on. 

I’ve used slides and flip-flops in the past, but I find my Crocs the most convenient. My feet just feel more protected and find Crocs to have a slightly better grip on the slippery tile floors of showers compared to my slides.

Let’s talk a little more about Crocs and using them in the shower!

Crocs as shower shoes

Crocs can be used as shower shoes. Using a pair of Crocs during a shower is great since it can reduce the risk of slipping. Crocs are made from a patented closed-cell antibacterial form called Croslite, therefore protecting your feet from potential infection!

Crocs easily stay on your feet when wet because of the design and there is also a strap you can pull across your heel to ensure they don’t come off...

Some people think they are ugly, but I love ‘em.

What makes Crocs as good shower shoes?

Crocs footwear is considered among the best shower shoes. What makes it to be good shower shoes?

Stays on your feet

The good thing about Crocs is that it stays on your feet while it’s wet.

Slip resistant

You don’t need to worry since Crocs are great to use while showering. Thus, it reduces slipping, which can prevent falls and other injuries.

Inside the shoe, Crocs are also designed with tiny massaging bumps.  However, not only are they massaging, they allow the skin of your feet to grip inside the Crocs!  Therefore, your feet won’t slide around in Crocs like they do in other shoes.


The footwear is lightweight so that you can move freely during a shower.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Duet Sport Clog, Navy/Orange, 3 UK Men/ 4 UK Women

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Quick to dry

It is quick to dry, making it ideal for shower shoes. Crocs don’t really get wet.  The Croslite material doesn’t absorb any moisture. 

When Crocs get wet, the water just washes right off allowing the surface to dry very quickly!


Crocs shoes are very comfortable to wear even wet. It can be your best shower shoes which you can use every day.


Crocs are affordable, but they can offer reliable quality that can satisfy you. With its good functionality, you have the assurance that it is worth purchasing for your shower shoes needs.


The footwear is built with sturdy material for its maximum efficiency.

No odor

In addition, Crocs don’t have a foul odor. It is designed to last and intended to make you feel safe as you wear it during the shower.

The Croslite material is antibacterial and therefore bacteria that cause “smelly feet” don’t survive or grow in your Crocs.  If your Crocs happen to get a little smelly, then you can simply wash them with soap and water and they will smell like new again!

Easy to transport 

The footwear is lightweight and easy to transport. With that, you can easily bring it on your travel.

For example, you can take it with you to the beaches. You can use it as you shower. You can bring it on your travel to prevent communal showers that can be dangerous for your feet.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Clog, Electric Pink, 4 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Are Crocs safe as shower shoes?

Do you wonder if Crocs are safe to use during a shower? Well, the answer is simply yes.

Crocs are made from Croslite foam material, which makes them lightweight and flexible. With that, it can offer your feet great support.

The shoes also come with massage-pod footbeds to keep your feet from sliding if it’s wet.

They are also weightless, waterproof, and durable. It is built with comfort in mind, so it can be safe as shower shoes.  

Advantages of Crocs shower shoes

Using Crocs shower shoes can offer you amazing benefits. These include the following:

Different colors

Crocs are available in different colors. You can choose your favorite color for a more customized experience. The colors are bright, which can make it appealing and more attractive.

Elegant and comfortable designs

Crocs shower shoes come with comfortable and elegant designs that suit your taste and standards.

It will stay on your feet while protecting your feet against fungal infections. The design can offer a perfect fit for your feet.

Easy to put on and remove

The shoes are easy to put on and remove for a hassle-free shower experience. The shoes are available in different sizes for a perfect fit. It is easy to clean. With its durable and sturdy material, you can expect its maximum efficiency during a shower.

Quick to dry

Just like what we mentioned earlier, Crocs shower shoes are quick to dry. So, there’s no bad odor and bacteria buildup.

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Disadvantages of Crocs shower shoes

Now that you have learned the advantages of Crocs shower shoes, let us discuss some of their disadvantages.

The straps are not adjustable

One drawback of Crocs shower shoes is that the straps are not adjustable. Although the strap is fairly flexible.  I accidentally wore a pair of my son’s Crocs, which are 1 size smaller than mine.

The Crocs felt tight, but I could still wear them for short periods.  One thing I noticed was that the Crocs were uncomfortable when I pulled over the strap. My feet felt too squished when the strap was pulled over.

When I went back to my own pair, then I wore the strap and my feet felt fine. 

What are the tips for finding the best Crocs shower shoes

The following are some factors to consider when finding the best Crocs shower shoes.

Level of comfort

The level of comfort is among the essential things to consider when finding your shower shoes. With this, you can have a hassle-free and safe shower experience. You can also avoid slipping and other potential accidents because of the wet floor.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Graphic Clog, Butterfly/White, 4 US

Crocs Classic Realtree Unisex Clogs

Type of material

Your shower shoes will have constant contact with soap, water, and shampoo. In this case, there’s a possibility that your shoes can wear down.

Therefore, make sure to choose shower shoes that are made from durable and sturdy materials like rubber or Croslite.

The type of material used can also affect the protection of your feet.

Some shower shoes are designed with antimicrobial compounds. It helps to fight bacteria and fungi, which can harm your feet.


Make sure to choose slip-resistant shower shoes. With this feature, you can feel stable and safe as you wear shower shoes, even your feet are wet. You can avoid possible injuries that can be caused by accidents on the wet surface.

Type of use 

It is also important to consider the type of use. Whether it is shower shoes on beach shoes, there are many flexible Crocs shoes that you can wear on the beach or during the shower.

Design and style

Another factor is the design and style of shower shoes. You can choose the best design and style that is convenient for your feet. Among the common designs for shower shoes include sliders, flip-flops, clogs, water shoes, and holes. Fortunately, the design of Crocs is suitable for both genders and all ages.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Graphic Clog, Transgender Flag, 4 US

Crocs Classic Realtree Unisex Clogs

Easy maintenance

You must prefer shower shoes that come with easy maintenance. So, it is easy to clean without bacteria buildup. It is easy to wash as you take a shower.


Shower shoes are available at various costs. You can get the best shower shoes that suit your budget and needs.

By considering these buying tips, you can get the best Crocs shower shoes that you use regularly.

Is it necessary to wear shower shoes?

According to health professionals, it is recommended to wear shoes when using commercial showers, like gyms, schools, other locations where several people might shower.

Shower shoes can protect your feet against fungi and bacteria that can harm your feet.

Even more important, it can prevent you from fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, staph and MRSA infections, and plantar warts.


To sum it up, Crocs can be used as shower shoes. They are quick to dry, making them comfortable and safe for your feet as you take a shower.

The footwear is available in various colors, styles, and patterns that you can choose from for your specific needs. You can feel secure even your feet are wet because it is slip-resistant.

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