Can Crocs Be Worn In The Rain?

Crocs were originally brought to the market in 2002, the classic clogs, as water shoes. Now, Crocs have many different styles of shoes including clogs, sneakers, slip-on flip flops, and more. So, can Crocs be worn in the rain?

Crocs can be worn in the rain. The classic (iconic) Crocs clog is the perfect shoe for warm summer showers. Crocs also offers rain boots for men, women, and children, if the temperatures get a little low and you want to keep your feet warm and dry during a rain shower.

There are lots of perks to owning a pair of Crocs, especially if you live in a place with frequent or unexpected rain. These lightweight shoes are perfect for any weather condition. 

Crocs shoes are made from a closed-resin foam that is water-resistant as well as antibacterial! This means, your feet smell when you wear Crocs and the shoes won’t get all squishy when wet.

Crocs can be worn on the wettest or the warmest of days and your feet will love them.

Let’s take a look at all the styles of Crocs that are available on the market today so that you can see which style you should or shouldn’t wear in the rain!

Which Crocs Styles Are Perfect for Rainy Season?

Crocs are not limited to the classic clog anymore.  There are many different styles to choose from...

Goth Crocs (found on Etsy)


No matter what the season is, there’s a perfect Crocs for your fashion and outdoor needs. Some Crocs are specially designed for the rainy season. So, nothing can stop you from going on an outdoor adventure.

If you are not convinced yet, below are some of the popular choices of Crocs style you can wear in the rain.

Classic Clogs

The Crocs classic clogs are perfect for wearing on grass, pavement, and around water.

Black Pastel Classic Crocs Clogs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Tie Dye Clog, Black/Pastel, 2 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

This style comes with a synthetic sole and removable backstrap for a non-slip fit. They also feature built-in ventilation ports for keeping the feet cool and dry.

They also have ports that help in allowing the water to drain out of the shoe when walking in the rain.


Without a doubt, Crocs slip-on are breathable and comfortable. The top of the slides comes with holes, which is a signature design of Crocs that offers a fashionable look.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's LiteRide Clog, Navy/Pepper, 9 US

Crocs Literide Unisex Clogs

With the LiteRide insoles, you can spend your entire day feeling comfortable despite the rain.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are not only an excellent option for hot summers but also for the rainy season.

Croc's Flip Flops

Crocs Unisex's Men's and Women's Crocband Flip Flops | Adult Sandals, Digital Aqua, 4

Crocs Crocband Unisex Flip Flops

They are extremely comfortable to wear as they have both the design and insoles that can overcome harsh conditions.

Since they are water-friendly, you can wear them while canoeing, kayaking, and more.

Rain Boots

You can keep your puddle-jump feet dry and comfortable with Crocs rain boots for the rainiest of days. Some models feature oversized handles to make the boots easy for you to take them on and off.

Handle It Crocs Rain Boot for kids

Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boots , Cerulean Blue, 9 Toddler

Crocs Handle It Unisex Kids' Rain Boots

Crocs Women's Jaunty Short Rain Boot

Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Rain Boots, Black, 7

Crocs Jaunt Shorty Women's Boots

Crocs All Cast Rain Boot for Men

Crocs Men's AllCast M Rain Boot ,Black/Black, 10 M US

Crocs AllCast Men's Rain Boots

These lightweight boots can keep your feet dry for long periods of time. Besides, they are easy to clean.

Twist Sandals

Crocs twist sandals are more supportive compared to basic flip flops or sandals. People with plantar fasciitis can wear them without any pain. These sandals look nice on the feet.

Crocs Swiftwater Sandal

Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandals, Black/Black, 8

Crocs Swiftwater Women's Sandals

Crocs Twist Sandal

Crocs Women's Meleen Twist Graphic Sandal Flat, Rose/Black, 4 M US

Crocs Meleen Twist Graphic Women's Flat Sandals

Plus, they are extremely lightweight. They are super easy to walk in and very durable, so you have nothing to worry about in the rain.


With the stylish look of Crocs flats, your friends might be surprised that they are actually Crocs. These rubber shoes are ideal footwear if your want to stay fashionable during rainy days.

Women's Crocs At Work Flat | Casual Dress Shoe with All Day Comfort for Work or Play, Black, 7 M US

Crocs Duet Busy Day Women's Ballet Flats

They are also super lightweight, which makes them good travel shoes. Besides, they do not put any pressure on the toes.


You can find Crocs wedges with easy-to-adjust buckle straps alongside pushpin closure for making on and off a snap. With the raised insole profile and deep heel cups, you can expect stability and added support.

Crocs Women's Patricia Wedges Sandal, Oyster/Gold, 4

Crocs Patricia Wedge Women's Sandals

The lightweight Croslite foundation helps in minimizing fatigue. Another good thing about these wedges is that the strap is rubber. So, washing them is very easy.

Beach line boat shoes

Everything in Crocs beach line boat shoes is 100% synthetic. This is what makes them great for the rainy season. These shoes are very comfortable to wear and easy to clean and it won't feel like you are wearing a wet pair of noodles when they are wet!

crocs mens Classic | Casual Slip on Men Boat Shoe, Navy/Stucco, 7 US

Crocs Classic Men's Boat Shoes

You can wear them in the rain without any worry.

What Criteria Can I Use When Choosing Crocs for Rainy Season?

Most of the time, people wonder how they can look fashionable while ensuring their shoes are ready to take on the rain. Fortunately, Crocs are among the top favorites during the rainy season, and choosing a good pair of them is very easy.

Below are a few pointers when getting a pair of Crocs for rainy months.

Not Canvas 

While canvas Crocs is very stylish, especially for streetwear, some materials of these shoes are fabric. So, they are not ideal for rainy days. Water may penetrate the shoes and make your feet soggy after long hours of rain. Make sure to go for Crocs with features and materials that can prevent water from entering your shoes.

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker (find on Amazon)

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneakers, Black/Camo, 4

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Men's Sneakers


Go for Crocs that are made from materials that you can use on the rainy streets. So, even heavy rains cannot stop you from going to essential appointments, events, or outdoor adventures.


A comfortable feel is essential when choosing shoes that you can wear when raining. The weather condition may already bring discomfort to you. So, make sure to consider comfort as one of the deciding factors. Besides, look for Crocs that offer a good fit. No matter where you go or the weather condition, your feet will not quickly get tired or experience discomfort.

Classic (Iconic) Crocs Clog (check current price on Amazon)

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Clog, Bright Cobalt, 6 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs


Whether you are a fashion plate or not, it’s always good to look up-to-date. Some people may not see Crocs as very fashionable, but plenty of designs can suit your fashion requirements.

From colors to styles, you can choose from a wide variety of options for your rainy day fashion.

Classic (Iconic) Crocs Clog (check current price on Amazon)

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Tie Dye Clog, Psychedelic Swirl, 2 US

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Will Wearing Crocs In Rain Affect Their Quality

One of the Crocs’ best things is that even if you wear them in the rain, their service life and quality are not affected. With the signature Croslite material, rest assured that you can use them for a long time.

Realtree Classic Clog (check Amazon)

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Realtree Clog | Camo Shoes, Khaki, 11 US

Crocs Classic Realtree Unisex Clogs

Which Color of Crocs Is Best to Wear During Rainy Days

When you want to walk in the rain, it is best to avoid light colors. Black or brown Crocs are always a winner. Make sure to steer clear from beige, white, and other good-looking colors for rainy seasons.

However, if you really love a specific light-colored Crocs and match your outfit for that day, you can still wear them. Just make sure to clean them after using them immediately. 


Crocs are among the top picks in footwear for the rainy season. With their water resistance, comfortable and lightweight feel, variety of colors and designs, and customization, walking in the rain becomes hassle-free.

Whether you will go to work or hang out with friends, you can find a specific Crocs style and color that will match your outfit, and you do not need to feel discomfort walking in the rain.

So, no need for you to change your schedule. Crocs are safe to wear and do not easily get damaged even after wearing them in the rain for hours.

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