Do Crocs Stretch?

If you recently purchased a pair of Crocs and they are a little tight, you might wonder if your new Crocs will stretch?

Crocs do not stretch over time as you wear them. There are a few things you can do with your Crocs to stretch them a little, but if you purchased a new pair that is too tight, then return them for a larger size before you wear them outside.

If you’ve worn your Crocs for a while and you’d like to stretch them out a little, then let’s talk about that here.  Crocs are made from a patented closed-cell resin foam called Croslite.  It’s a patented material believed to be a form of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

Typically, EVA material holds its shape well under normal temperatures, however, when heated this material can be more easily stretched. Because Croslite is patented, we don’t know the exact chemical composition. 

Based on my anecdotal experience and doing some research with other Crocs owners, there is evidence that heating up your Crocs can allow you to stretch them a little.

So, let’s talk about some of these “stretching your Crocs” experiences and how you can accomplish this.

Popular Methods to Stretch out Crocs

While there are methods to loosen Crocs, here are some of the popular and effective methods you can follow: 

Placing Them in the Dryer 

As the name indicates, the appliance is used to dry your clothes. But you can also use it to loosen your Crocs. How to get started? Simply place them in the dryer with towels. Then, leave them in for a minimum of three minutes on a hot (drying cycle).

After that, remove the Crocs from the dryer while they are still flexible and hot. Wear some thick socks or multiple pairs of socks, then put on your. Walk around wearing your socks and Crocs until they cool back down to room temperature.

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Next, take them off and wear them again without socks. If they are still tight, then repeat what you just did.

Place your Crocs in a dryer (with a couple of bath towels) for 3 minutes on a hot/dryer. Then, while wearing a few pairs of socks, wear the Crocs until they return to room temperature.

Repeat until your Crocs are adequately stretched!

Doing this repeatedly can stretch out your Crocs. It might take several attempts to get to your desired stretch.  You can also try this over several days.

I’ve never tried this, but I’ve talked to others that have done this with some success.

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Crocs Neria Pro II Women's Clogs

Putting them Under Hot Running Water 

Alternatively, you could try putting your shoes under hot running water. But be careful when doing this method as you might get burned and injured.

Wear the right gloves and other safety clothing tools if necessary. Wear them with thick socks while they are still hot. 

This method is basically replacing the dryer with hot water.  You can either run hot water over your Crocs in the sink, or you could boil water and pour the boiling water over your Crocs in a bucket. 


After heating your Crocs up and while wearing thick socks or several pairs of socks, don your Crocs (put them on) and walk around in them until they have returned to room temperature.

“Rinse” and repeat! (Rinse with hot water) See the pun there… lol.

Freezing Water Method.

If you’re not comfortable using the dryer or putting your new Crocs under hot running water, what’s the safest way to loosen them? There is another method that seems a little counterintuitive…

I’ve heard some people suggest that they stretched their Crocs by using water’s natural expansion properties as it freezes.

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog

Crocs Classic Lined Unisex Clogs

With this method, you fill a balloon with water.  Place the balloon filled with water into your Crocs, then place the Crocs and balloon into the freezer.  As the water turns to ice, the balloon expands and therefore stretches your Crocs.

I have never tried this. I’m not convinced it will work, but “hey” it’s certainly worth a try. When I do this experiment, I will definitely update you on my success!

Is It Safe to Stretch Out Your Crocs Using the Dryer? 

Putting Crocs in the dryer is one of the popular methods to loosen them up. But is it safe? It may or may not be safe.

The process of placing them in the dryer is vital. It is a big mistake to place put them alone in the appliance. You don’t want to heat up your Crocs too much.  This could destroy them!

How to do it properly without causing any damage? Here are a few tips you can try: 

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Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Fill the Machine with Towels

Make sure your Crocs are clean so that you will no longer wash a dozen of your towels. (Source) If you have some extra pieces of cloth, you can put them inside the Crocs, too. 

Check the Crocs

Many people said that you could leave your Crocs inside the dryer for three minutes.

You may want to test this by only heating your Crocs in the Dryer for 1 minute. See if this is enough. Once your Crocs have returned to room temperature, then try 2 minutes the next time. Once your Crocs have returned to room temperature, then try 3 minutes.

You don’t want to leave your Crocs in the dryer for too long. They may become permanently deformed!

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Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Read the Instructions Manual

If your time is sufficient, read and understand the instructions manual. Perhaps, there are details on whether you could put the shoes in the dryer or not. 

How Long Does it Take to Loosen Your Crocs

Well, it depends on the method you will use. If you wear them every day, you have to wait for a few weeks before they suit the size of your feet.

If you place them in the dryer, you could experience a quick result on the same day. They won’t be as tight as the first time you wore them.

Putting them under running hot water can heat the material and allow a little stretching to happen.


Does the Quality of Crocs Get Affected When They are Stretched Out? 

Even if Crocs are stretched out, they will remain good quality, breathable, comfortable, and water-proof.

But when exposed to heat regularly, their color may start to fade. If they look dull, you can consider dying them.

It is vital to use multiple cans of paint to achieve a customized and stunning effect. But a single color is perfect for those who want to keep their shoes simple. 

Are you Afraid of Stretching Crocs? Request for a Replacement! 

If you haven’t tried loosening up Crocs and are afraid to try any method, then maybe it’s time to buy a new pair...

Shoes don’t last forever, you could clean up your old Crocs and leave them in a basket in your front hall for visitors to wear as slippers. 

You can use them for other things too.  Read our article about recycling Crocs... “Are Crocs bad for the environment?” There are plenty of ideas there for extending the life and enjoyment of your Crocs.

If you just bought your Crocs, then return them and get a bigger size. Crocs has a very good return policy.

When asking for a replacement, know your size and identify your preferred color in advance to avoid other troubles along the way. The company values your time so that they will respond to your concerns quickly and effectively. 

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Crocs Blitzen III Unisex Fuzzy Slippers

Does Stretching Cause Holes in the Sole of Crocks? 

No. Crocs are made of the finest and the highest quality materials that can resist heat, cold, and other elements.

But if their soles are super thin, it is possible that loosening them up can lead to holes and other expensive damages. Think before doing anything. 

What’s Next? 

Do you have a tight pair of Crocs? Stretch them out by following some of the given methods above. If you are not comfortable loosening up your new Crocs, request the company for a replacement.

But the process would require some time, so you have to be patient. If you are a DIYer or love some craft-related project, stretching Crocs is a good idea.

Disadvantages of Wearing Tight Crocs

Foot Pain is Common

Imagine you wear too tight Crocs in the office for a few hours. You will experience severe foot pain.

Ingrown Toenails

Another foot problem is an ingrown toenail. Growing into the skin of our toes, they can cause swelling, pain, and serious infection. What causes ingrown toenails? Wearing tight footwear is one contributing factor because it can constrict our toes. 

Soreness in Other Areas of the Body

Foot pain is a common concern for those wearing tight pairs of Crocs. Besides that, other people may feel soreness in their lower back, hips, legs, and other body areas. 

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