Can Crocs Be Washed?

If you’ve owned Crocs, or currently own Crocs you might be wondering about keeping your Crocs clean. There are many different styles of Crocs and each should be treated slightly differently.  So, Can Crocs be washed?

All styles of Crocs can be washed. The Classic is simple with soap and water. Fuzzy Crocs can be washed in the delicate cycle in your washer and let air dry.  Winter Crocs and canvas Crocs can not be machine washed, use delicate laundry detergent and air dry.

Most people who own Crocs may have two attitudes toward taking time to clean them. They either ignore the problem or look for a quick and easy to keep their shoes clean.

Crocs are simple shoes. So, cleaning them should be simple as well. Let’s review the different styles of Crocs and how to clean them below!

Should I Wash My Crocs?

If your Crocs are dirty, then why not wash them up to keep the good and the great thing about Crocs is that you can wash them fairly easily.

However, hand washing is best with mild soap and cold water for slides, classic clogs, and other styles made with the Crocs’ signature Croslite foam material.

You can also machine wash your Crocs, but you should use the gentle cycle and it’s better to place your Crocs inside a wash bag to protect them and your washing machine.

How to Wash Fur Lined Crocs?

Fur-lined Crocs are a popular choice if you want to keep your feet warm during cold months. However, the lining can get stinky and dirty without proper cleaning. 

Mind that this Crocs style is not machine washable. So, please do not attempt to throw them in your washing machine. It is recommended to use cold water and mild soap for the shoes and their linings. You can even wash the fur linings individually.

crocs Women's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot, Wheat, 4 M US

Crocs AllCast II Luxe Women's Snow Boots

Washing Fur Lined Crocs

When you are ready to wash your fur-lined Crocs, then gather these materials:

Step 1: Pour delicate laundry detergent or mild dishwashing detergent.

Mix 1 tsp dishwashing detergent, 1 cap mild laundry detergent, and 3” cold water in a washbasin. While three inches deep water can already cover most of the shoes, you can still add more water if necessary.

Step 2: Remove the fur lining from the Crocs

Flip the heel of the lining up and over to remove the fur lining from the Crocs easily. Press your thumb against the river on the outside.

After that, press against the rivet while lifting the lining straight out. Next is to slide the lining from the rivet and do this on both sides.

Step 3: Push the linings and Crocs into the soapy water 

Push the linings and Crocs into the soapy water. Using a soft cloth, carefully wipe the Crocs to remove the dirt. Rinse the shoes with cold water.

Then, set aside to air-dry. As for the linings, let them continue to soak for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4: Rub the linings together 

The best way to rub the dirt off the linings is to rub them together. Please make sure not to make it to tough t prevent damage. Rinse them with cold water. If there’s excess water, simply squeeze it out of the lining. Then, drape them over a tower bar, shower rod, or clothesline to air-dry.

Step 5: Slide the linings back into the Croc’s toes. 

When the linings are dry enough, slide them back into the Croc’s toes. Fasten them over the rivers ensuring that they will not stretch out. Lastly, turn the linings heel area around over the Crocs heel.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Duet Sport Clog, Black/White, 4 UK Men/ 5 UK Women

Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs

Is It Easy to Wash Signature Croslite Crocs?

Croslite Crocs are comfortable and lightweight, which makes them the favorite footwear for everyday activities. However, it would help if you cleaned them after playing on the beach or going on a short nature walk.

Don’t worry, using soapy water as the main washing ingredient can bring their shine back in no time. The entire cleaning process is straightforward.

Washing Classic Crocs, Flip Flops, Slides (Crocs made with Croslite)

When you are ready to wash any and all your Crocs made with patented Croslite foam, then gather these materials:

Step 1: Rinse Crocs thoroughly with plain water.

Start the cleaning process by rinsing Crocs thoroughly with plain water. That way, most of the dirt can be removed. You may mix some dish detergent with water in the sink or a bucket for the remaining dirt.

Step 2: Wipe Off Dirt and Grime 

Your Croslite Crocs may have stuck dirt and grime to the surface. For more stubborn stains, you can use a magic eraser to wipe them away.

In case your shoes are really soiled, you can add a small amount of bleach to the water, but I would caution you not to do this unless the stain is really stubborn.

Step 3: Scrub the Dirt Away 

While you are soaking the Crocs, scrub the dirt away by using a scrub brush. Rinse them thoroughly.

Let them air-dry, and once they are dry enough, you are again ready to have another round of outdoor adventures.

Can I Scrub My Canvas Crocs While Washing Them?

Crocs are not limited to Croslite, wool, or leather styles; you can also find canvas Crocs. So, you can easily find one that suits your fashion sense best while getting comfortable wear.

The same way with other styles, a canvas option is easy to wash. You can even scrub it to remove tough dirt.

Mind that canvas Crocs are made of fabric; dirt can quickly get stuck on them. You cannot simply toss them in your washing machine because the glue found in the soles can seep out once exposed to so much water.

Besides, the shoes may shrink in the dryer’s high heat. The best thing you can do is to follow the steps below to wash your canvas Crocs.

Crocs Swiftwater Edge Moc Men's Slip-On

Crocs Swiftwater Edge Moc Men's Slip-On

Washing Canvas Crocs

When you are ready to wash your canvas made, then gather these materials:

Step 1: Remove the shoelaces 

For canvas Crocs with shoelaces, make sure to remove the laces. You can soak them in a sink or bucket full of soapy water if necessary. Rub the soapy water into the laces while moving them around in the water.

When they are thoroughly cleaned, rinse them with water. Then, hand them to air-dry.

Step 2: Scrub suds into the canvas 

Dip the soft brush into the soapy water before scooping some suds onto it. You can test out a small canvas section, and then you can scrub the entire shoe to prevent damage. Gently scrub the canvass Crocs with the brush until thoroughly clean. Make sure not to scrub over the print or labels to avoid them from coming off.

Step 3: Remove tough stains 

If the soft brush cannot remove stains on the canvas Crocs, your next option is to use a stain remover to treat the spots. Follow the particular laundry stain remover directions. Let it sit on the stain for about ten minutes before rinsing the stain remover out.

Step 4: Sponge the canvas Crocs 

Get a sponge or cloth and dip it in clean water. Then, wring the sponge or cloth out before sponging the shoes.

That way, you can prevent the shoes from becoming soaking wet. You can also use the sponge or cloth to wipe off any Croslite soles’ dirt if needed.

Step 5: Pat the shoes with a towel 

Use a clean towel to remove excess water. When thoroughly cleaned, allow the shoes to air-dry.

crocs mens Men's Yukon Vista | Slip on Shoes for Men With Adjustable Fit Clog, Espresso, 7 US

Crocs Yukon Vista Men's Clogs

Can I wash My Leather Crocs?

Crocs also sells some styles with leather. There are three types of leather:

  • Smooth Napa Leather
  • Patent Leather Crocs
  • Standard Leather Crocs

Let's discuss each type of leather separately. Leather Crocs, typically have some portion of the upper that is leather, then the sole or base section is either signature Croslite foam or rubber sole or combination.

crocs Men's Santa Cruz 2 Luxe M Slip-On Loafer, Khaki/Khaki, 8 M US

Crocs Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Men's Slip-on Loafers

Smooth Napa Leather

If your Crocs are made with Smooth Napa Leather, remove dust and dirt with a damp rag, then use a cotton brush to apply a natural waxy shoe cream or wax. Apply slowly in a spiral manner.

Patent Leather Crocs

Patent leather Crocs can be gently wiped off with a clean damp cloth or a professional product designed specifically to clean patent leather. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, detergent, or liquid as they will remove the shine and luster from your shoes. 

Standard Leather Crocs

Standard leather Crocs without a finish can be gently cleaned with a damp rag or brush. Simply apply a waxy shoe cream, then polish with a soft brush or cotton rag to maintain a natural luster.

Source: Crocs


Crocs are lightweight, odor-resistant, and comfortable boat shoes. Besides, they are a great addition to your fashion statement. However, they require proper care to ensure longer service life. The above tips will help you wash your Crocs safely and effectively. 

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