Can Crocs Be Resoled?

If you wear Crocs everywhere, as I do, you might notice that the sole of your Crocs gets thinner over time.  Depending on the surfaces that you are walking on this can happen quite quickly.  So, is it possible to re-sole your Crocs instead of replacing them?

Crocs can be resoled like you might resole other shoes. To resole your Crocs you must clean and prepare the base, prepare the new sole, glue them together then trim the edges to complete the process.

While buying a new pair of Crocs is probably easier, you might want to give it a try and resole your Crocs. What have you got to lose!

Let’s review in more detail your options and the process to resole your Crocs?

Why Resole Your Crocs Today? 

Have you ever worn Crocs with holes? Don’t endure the discomfort of using worn and torn pairs. Resole this type of footwear right away during your free time. 

--Reduce the Risks of Accidents. Since it has holes, you may get your feet hurt and injured. But when you cover the sole, there’s nothing to be afraid of when you go out for a walk. 

--Increase your Safety. The risks of getting hit by something sharp are low. Therefore, you will be safe when wearing Crocs at all times. 

--Your Comfort is not Compromised. You will wear comfy, breathable, and quality Crocs all year round. 

--Transform Your Crocs into Something Useful. Most people leave their Crocs in their garage when they have holes. Resole them right away to restore their usability, comfort, and quality. 

Crocs Resoled Demonstration!

In this video, the fellow is definitely a professional cobbler and has all the tools set up, but I think it’s a great demonstration of the process and what you can do to attach a new sole to your old Crocs!

In this video, the guy uses corrugated plastic on a pair of shoes, like Crocs, but that aren't Crocs. I wouldn't suggest this method, but I thought you should look at the video because this is a very easy way to glue something (plastic) to the bottom of your Crocs.

I wouldn't use slippery plastic (like he uses in this view) and I wouldn't just glue a small piece. I'd recommend preparing the surface and covering the entire tread with a new tread, like the first video.

What Are the Materials Needed to Resole your Crocs?

Many people decide to invest in a new pair of Crocs because they think that resoling may require expensive materials. But the truth is that resoling Crocs is not as costly as you think and imagine. 

The common materials you need to use when repairing your shoes are:

If you're ambitious, then you could get a belt (disc) sander. It's a little expensive, but if you end up repairing at least 3 pairs of Crocs, then you've recoupled the cost of the belt sander!

That’s it! There are no other materials to invest in and purchase. Sometimes, you may need additional items. Get them all ready to circumvent any inconvenience. 

Resoling Crocs

Who says that resoling Crocs take a lot of time and effort? Whether you are a beginner or do have a hectic schedule, resoling Crocs is something you would love and enjoy. 

To resole your Crocs, below are some easy to follow and practical steps to remember: 

Flatten the Soles 

The first thing to do when resoling your Crocs is to prepare the needed materials. When you have the glue, trimmer, and paintbrush, it’s time to flatten the soles.

To do that, use a disk sander. But be sure it has the coarsest grit possible.

If you cannot find a disk sander, a belt sander is an excellent alternative. Flattening the soles may require a few minutes, so be patient. You also have to be careful because a simple mistake may cause other expensive problems at the end of the day. 

But if you have a super flat sole, there’s no need to use a disk sander, belt sander, and other grinding equipment. Don’t grind or flatten it anymore. 

Trace Onto Soft Foam

Place each croc onto the soft foam of your choice. Then, trace it onto the material. Aside from pencils, use other tools that can help you mark the foam correctly. Be sure it has the same size as the actual Crocs. But don’t make it too small because you may need to use another piece of soft foam, so do it properly. 

Cut Out the Sole 

After tracing onto soft foam, cut it out using any sharp cutting tool like a knife. When cutting out the sole, leave an extra inch around the edges. Since it has the same density as the croc foam, an ordinary knife may not be useful. You can invest in an electric turkey knife as it is an excellent tool for cutting soft foam and other forms. 

When cutting the foam, be careful as you may cut your hand. You can use protective gear and other safety tools for your peace of mind. Using gloves will be your best bet.

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Use a Quality Glue

With a variety of options to choose from, contact cement is perfect. It sticks to soft foam well. But it may cause explosions, headaches, and other severe skin allergic reactions. Wearing masks with vapor cartridges is advisable. When using the glue, apply it to somewhere with adequate ventilation. 

If you haven’t used contact cement before, it has specific, easy-to-follow, and beginner-friendly instructions. Read it beforehand, and if you have something to ask, please feel free to contact the company’s customer representatives. 

Apply Effective and Safe Glue

In applying glue on the sole of your Crocs, use your old paintbrush. How much adhesive do you need? Just keep the surface of your Crocs glossy. When the glue runs on the sole, remove some of the excesses. Before you put the soft foam on, let it dry first for an hour or two. When you put them together wet, they won’t stick efficiently. So, dry the glue as much as possible. 

Attach the New Sole 

Once your Crocs are dry, please attach them to the new sole. Line them up before placing them together. Then, squish them properly to bring the surface into contact. While you can press it using your palm, a hammer is more reliable and safer. 

Squishing the soles and Crocs repeatedly can be exhausting. Ask someone for help if possible. 

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Stomp Around

After squishing them together, stomp on it as much as you can so that both surfaces stick together. But don’t overdo it and avoid jumping. Do it slowly. There’s no pressure. If you need to go to the office for work, resole your Crocs during the weekends for your convenience. 

Trim the Edges 

When they stick together, your job does not stop there. It’s time to trim the edges. Use an electric trimmer to remove the extra edges with accuracy. If you don’t have an automatic trimmer, you can use other sharp cutters. When you get rid of all edges, squish the foam tight again with your thumbs. 

Give it a Finishing Touch

Sand the edges to make them smooth and perfectly done. Use a coarse grit abrasive in your chosen sander. When sanding, apply a small amount of pressure because the foam may roll or rip. Be gentle when giving your Crocs a finishing touch. 

What To Remember? 

--Invest in good quality material for the new sole. Although it is enticing to use the cheapest option, purchase on brands available at a competitive rate and high quality. 

--Let the Glue on the Sole Dry. Don’t attach it to the Crocs when it is still wet to enjoy better and stress-free outcomes. 

--Wear Protective Gears. When applying contact cement, don’t forget to wear masks to avoid headaches. You can also use gloves and other safety gear if the need arises. 

Do your Crocs have holes on the surface? Are their soles thinner than before? Whatever your case may be, have them resoled today. If you need other important information on Crocs, please feel free to browse our site. 

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