Can Crocs Be Worn in Water?

Crocs is an American-made shoe that started from humble beginnings when they first introduced their “boat shoe” at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show in Florida.  They produced and sold 200 pairs at that event.  So, can Crocs be worn in the Water?

Crocs is a high-quality shoe that can be worn in the water. The patented Croslite material is slip-resistant, doesn’t absorb water, and the holes on top and on the sides of Crocs allows your feet to dry quickly after getting wet. 

These shoes are lightweight, durable, and sturdy. So, you have nothing to worry about when you need to get wet.

Whether you want to go kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, walking on the beach, or merely walking on surfaces with water, Crocs will not let you down. These shoes are known for their quick-dry ability. Meaning, you will never tramp in puddles or miss any water adventure.

Besides a comfortable feel and functionality, these shoes are also stylish.

From Crocs' humble beginnings, they have expanded the styles of shoes that they offer.  Some of the models are designed with a synthetic sole and stretchable textile, making them ideal for almost any occasion and season. The hook and loop closure helps you to wear and fasten them quickly.

Can Kids Wear Crocs in the Pool?

Yes, kids can wear crocs in the pool. However, some parents wonder if these shoes can track extra germs into the water since they are worn everywhere, such as at home, sidewalks, playgrounds, or public bathrooms.

If you are using your Crocs all day, then you should wash them off with soap and water before you enter a public swimming pool.  Or bring a separate (clean) pair for the pool and public showers.

Crocs are made from a patented closed-cell foam resin called Croslite.  This material is antibacterial and antifungal. (Source) This will reduce the potential of bacterial growth, but it’s always a good idea to wash your shoes occasionally with soap and water!

Is It Hygienic to Wear Crocs Into the Water?

When it comes to the sanitary issue, putting a pair of Crocs in the chlorinated pool is not proven to be less healthy than letting your kids walk around in flip-flops with grime into the same pool. 

Some experts consider Crocs’ street-shoe aspect a little problematic in terms of hygiene. They do not think it is hygienic wearing street shoes in the water.

On the other hand, wearing these shoes can protect kids’ feet from concrete scrapes, shells, rocks, and other elements. Besides, many Crocs models have waterproofing, and their soft platform is high enough to prevent water from entering.

As mentioned in the previous section, Croslite is antibacterial and antifungal, therefore could be considered hygienic in water.  I’d always recommend that you wash them with soap and water regularly.

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What Makes Crocs An Ideal Footwear in Water?

Many people love to wear their pair of Crocs in the water since they float. These shoes can change your buoyancy the same way as anti-gravity boots or double, similar to pool toys.

Some experts say that Crocs are ideal footwear in the water because they become weightless. You will not burn your feet on hot cement or step on sharp edges when getting out. Additionally, they come out squeaky clean.

The Croslite material is soft and can protect your feet from sharp rocks or other items hidden under the water.  The holes in the top and side of Crocs allows water to enter and leave your Crocs quickly and easily.

I’ve also noticed that my feet stay much warmer when I wear Crocs in the water, compared to wearing nylon (synthetic) water shoes.  I think the reason for this is that Crocs don’t get wet, therefore my feet will warm up the water that might be in the shoe. 

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Compare this to water shoes that get wet and the cold water moves back and forth between the inside and outside of the shoe, keeping my feet cold.

After wearing Crocs as water shoes, they have become my shoe of choice for all my water activities!  From kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing.  You name it!

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Why Should I Do After I Wear Crocs in Water?

Crocs are made of Croslite, which is a patented antimicrobial material. This material helps in preventing bacteria from growing on the shoes. However, even if these shoes come with antimicrobial properties, you still need to disinfect them occasionally.

You can use a simple solution of 10% bleach. You can make this solution by mixing 9 cups of water and a cup of bleach.

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Some experts recommend always showering prior to and after swimming and wearing Crocs, where you may shower with them too. That way, you can prevent the transfer of germs into the pool. You can also contain bacteria that might be lurking in beaches or pools to be carried home.

Mind that several public pools come with chlorinated footbaths located in the front of the bathrooms. Taking Crocs through the foot bath for disinfecting the feet would help.

Personally, I just wash my Crocs with soap and water every so often and they never smell!

What Can I Do to Add Style While Wearing Crocs in Water?

Jibbitz is one of the Crocs’ interesting features since you can design your shoes with them. They are little pins that you can stick in the Crocs’ hole to add some flare. Choose from a wide selection of designs.

Most people use three Jibbitz to customize their shoes. If you go beyond this amount, your shoes seem to be cluttered.

For more information about Jibbitz, read this article: Can you put Jibbitz on fuzzy Crocs?

What Qualities of Crocs Should I Look for When Wearing Them in Water?

Not all shoes are fine to wear in the water. In case you have ever slipped on a dock while wearing a pair of flip-flops or stepped on a sharp rock with your bare feet, you know the key reasons why wearing Crocs matters.

If you are into shoes that offer traction and safety, then Crocs is for you. These shoes have rugged outsoles, flexible materials, and lightweight designs, an ideal balance of comfort and protection. 

Whether it is your first time buying Crocs or not, the following tips may help you.

Look for a Style that Offers Safety and Protection 

Most Crocs that can be worn in the water have thick soles and can cover your entire feet. You need features to protect your feet from any sharp object, such as rocks and shells. With the toe shield style, you can prevent stubbed toes.

This feature is an advantage if you are wading through water with rocky and unpredictable terrains like ocean floors or riverbeds.

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Go for Shoes with Support and Traction 

Crocs come with a specially designed tread that offers excellent traction on slippery surfaces such as decks, water equipment, and boat docks. With rubber outsoles, rest assured that you will get a better grip when worn on water and wet surfaces.

Pick Those with Quick Dry and Lightweight Qualities 

The last thing you want to experience when wearing shoes in the water is the feeling of having anchors on your feet. Shoes that are not designed for wearing in water often get heavy due to waterlogging. This interrupts a smooth fluid movement. When you are not submerged, there’s an added weight.

The good thing about Crocs is that they are designed not only for dry surfaces but also for underwater. It’s recommended to pick Crocs with sipped outsoles so that water can be moved on the side when making contact with the ground.


A regular pair of shoes absorbs and retains water since they are not designed to drain, so you may experience discomfort and plenty of squishiness once you get out of the water. This may even result in potential unwanted odor, blisters, and mold growth in the shoes. 

Make sure to get Crocs that offer multiple perforations drainage points and well-ventilated materials. This thing will help you prevent nuisances and help water drain from your shoes with ease.

Consider Warmth and Comfort 

Crocs are flexible shoes and come with a design that enhances breathability, which keeps your feet cool. These shoes promote improved water flow when you are in water and better drainage when you get out of water.

In case you do not want your feet to submerge for a long time, it’s an excellent idea to go for Crocs that have increased heel cushioning. These shoes are ideal for sailing, boating, and other water activities.


From the pool to water parks, having a pair of shoes that you can wear in water is a great advantage to enjoy outdoors.

A good pair of Crocs can help your feet be comfortable and safe. So, you can focus on having fun. Besides, their style can be customized according to your preference.

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