Can You Put Jibbitz On Fuzzy Crocs?

There is no doubt that Crocs have become a recognized brand in the footwear industry. They had a humble beginning and are worn by people of all ages, including celebrities! Aside from being comfortable, Crocs can also be customized with charms called Jibbitz.

Now that Crocs has expanded from their original water shoe to include styles like Fuzzy Crocs and Lined Crocs, you might wonder… Can you put Jibbitz on your Fuzzy Crocs (aka Lined Crocs)?

Jibbitz can be snapped onto Fuzzy Crocs just as you would with the traditional Classic Crocs. The fabric inside fuzzy Crocs has enough space to allow the Jibbitz back into the shoe and to snap into place.

Jibbitz is available in different colors, sizes, and shapes that you can choose from, and these charms are also easy to find. Here are a couple of examples of Jibbitz that you can add to your Crocs:

How Are You Going To Choose Jibbitz On Crocs?

The following are the easy steps to follow to choose Jibbitz for your Crocs.


The first thing you need to do is to pick the design and shape of Jibbitz you desire. As we mentioned a while ago, these charms are available in a wide range of themes. You can find Jibbitz themes, such as Disney characters and NFL logos.

The next step is to position your Croc in your left hand and your desired Jibbitz in your right hand.

Jibbitz and other forms of charms come with a black button-like that you need to line up. The charms’ bottom part is where you can find the button. You will use this when attaching the charm to the holes of the Crocs footwear.

At this point, you can now push down the button part of the charm through the footwear’s holes. Flexing the Crocs footwear is recommended to insert the charm through the holes much easier.

How to Add Jibbitz to your Fuzzy Crocs

How to Add Jibbitz to Fuzzy Crocs

To add the Jibbitz to your fuzzy Crocs, you can follow the same procedure you would with regular Classic Crocs.

First, hold your fuzzy Crocs in one hand, placing your fingers under the hole that you would like to place the Jibbitz charm on.

Next, push the black base into the hole on top of your Crocs at a 45-degree angle.  The hole will stretch and you will feel the base stretch through the hole as you push down. (while providing some support with your fingers inside and Crocs, under the hole.

Note, the fuzzy Crocs material inside will have enough room for this to be completed quite easily.

Once the Jibbitz snaps into place, you can then twist the charm to your desired position.

Once you have your charms on for a while, you might want to change them or remove them.  Here’s what to do…

How To Remove Jibbitz On Crocs

How to remove a Jibbitz From Fuzzy Crocs

If your Crocs footwear already features Jibbitz or any form of charms, you might be asking yourself how to remove it properly.

As we mentioned earlier, Jibbitz is available in a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes. It also comes in animal and human figures. Jibbitz is the perfect charm to make your Crocs more customized and personalized.

Jibbitz is made from plastic materials, making it easy to insert through the Crocs’ holes. A lot of individuals who are wearing Crocs love to use Jibbitz to improve the aesthetic value of their footwear.

For those who don’t know, Jibbitz features a quite large backside compared to the Crocs holes to make sure that these charms won’t fall out while you are running or walking.


The good thing about Crocs is that they are made from stretchy materials. This means that you can insert the Jibbitz through these holes much easier and more conveniently. You can insert and remove them anytime you want.

If you want to remove the old Jibbitz from your Crocs and replace it with new ones, there are only three steps you need to follow. These are the following:

  1. Place your hand through the Crocs footwear. This will help you to rest your fingers at the backside of Jibbitz.
  2. With your fingers inserted in the Crocs shoe, push the charms upward. You can do this easily as the Crocs footwear and Jibbitz are stretchy.
  3. With your other hand, move the Jibbitz slowly. Do this while the hand inside the Crocs show is pushing the charm outwards. Continue this step until the Jibbitz pops up. Make sure not to pull the charm upward as this could damage the Crocs holes.

Custom Jibbitz

Do you want to improve the overall look of your Crocs in just a matter of minutes? Well, you shouldn’t look further than buying customized Jibbitz. You can purchase custom and unique Jibbitz from the official website of Crocs. These charms are originally developed and designed by moms.

Jibbitz is intended to fit into your Crocs holes perfectly, enabling you to wear a unique pair of footwear. You may consider adding some beautiful charms to your Crocs until it satisfies you.

Sports objects, Disney characters, and food items are just three of the most popular designs and styles of Jibbitz. You may also consider inserting attractive letters into your Crocs footwear.

You may buy Jibbitz letters that would spell your favorite band name, sports team, or your name. The good thing about Jibbitz is that they are available at a low rate.

Customized Crocs

Considering the popularity of Crocs, it’s quite easy to find Jibbitz charms.  I personally like to visit Amazon first.  There is a wide selection of charms available and always seem to be more every time I check.

You can also visit the Crocs website for Jibbitz charms. I’ve noticed some Custom Crocs on Etsy as well.  Etsy local has artisans offering customized Crocs. You can check these out here:

Compared to buying Jibbitz charms, purchasing customized Crocs from Etsy is far more expensive.


Generally, custom Crocs on Etsy range in price from $65 and up. So, if you want something unique to you, then this could be a great option. Otherwise, some inexpensive Jibbitz is a fantastic alternative.


If customizing your Fuzzy Crocs footwear is a must, then Jibbitz will do the trick. Using Jibbitz charms is the least expensive and easiest way to personalize your Crocs.

So, the answer to the question, “Can you put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?” is yes. You just need to follow the steps listed above to customize your Crocs footwear with Jibbitz. So, what are you waiting for?

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