Fleece Lined Crocs

Crocs have been manufacturing their classic clogs-style shoes since the early 2000s. Since that time, Crocs have developed many different styles of shoes including sneakers, rain boots, slides, flip flops, winter boots, and more.

One of the most popular, especially in the colder seasons are Fleece Lined Crocs, also known as fuzzy Crocs or lined Crocs. Crocs offers the following styles of fleece lined Crocs:

Fleece-lined Crocs have created quite a buzz since they were first brought out and are one of Crocs trending styles that “everyone wants”!

In this article, let’s take a look at the options for fleece lined Crocs that you can choose from!

Fleece Lined Crocs Shoes for All

Fleece-lined Crocs shoes are available for men, women as well as kids. They are also available for all ages. You can find fleece-lined Crocs made with warmth and functions in mind.

Fleece Lined Crocs are great as a slipper and also ideal when playing in the snow. The fleece-lined Crocs provide a generous and roomy fit, which is certain to match every foot.

Lists of Fleece Lined Crocs Available

There are a lot of fleece-lined Crocs available on the market today. Some of the most popular models take account of the following:

Crocs Unisex Classic Blitzen III Clog

Crocs Unisex Blitzen III Clog is made with warmth and function in mind. The soft and fleece-lined Crocs for men and women are great as slippers and ideal for running errands. The same renowned Blitzen Clogs that has a toast-lined fuzz are the Crocs men and women require to keep them going regardless of the season.

The new slipper edition was tweaked to be warmer and plusher than ever before. Incredibly light and easy to wear, this fleece-lined Crocs is soft, cradling as well as blissfully supportive.

This Crocs shoe offers removable and washable lines to keep shoes clean as well as free of smell. With the right and appropriate washing, this shoe for men and women is sure to last.

Crocs Men's and Women's Blitzen III Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Black/Black, 4

Crocs Blitzen III Unisex Fuzzy Slippers

Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

With Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog, you will get a fuzzy and warm feeling inside and outside. You will surely love their step in and comfort and warmth.

It comes with a detachable, washable warm lining as well as a secure-fitting heel cup. It also comes with a rugged lug-pattern and comes with a fully molded material for extra lightweight cushioning.

Adult Fuzz Lined Classic Clogs

Like the common classic clog, the Adult Fuzz Lined Classic Clogs include a warm and fleece liner, this one provides all-day comfort and support, even if cooler temperatures. Note, this fuzzy liner is sewn into the Crocs. This lining can not be removed.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Navy/Navy, 6 US Women / 4 US Men

Crocs Baya Lined Unisex Clog

These cozy and roomy slip-on clogs feature the conventional lightweight foam construction plus a soft lining that assists feet warm, and it doesn't matter if you wear it outside or as slippers around the house.

The Dual Crocs Comfort padded footbed is paired with croslite foam outside. The pivoting heel straps allow you to pick between a slide and clog styles.

Classic Multi-Colored Lined Crocs

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Rainbow Tie Dye, 9 US

Crocs Classic Tie Dye Lined Unisex Clogs
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This is tough enough to use outdoor but soft enough to be worn as slippers for indoor use.

Crocs Classic Fuzz Lined Realtree Edge Clog

The Realtree Fuzzy Crocs are similar to the Adult Lined Crocs and can be worn indoors or outdoors. They’re a warm & fuzzy Crocs option.

Crocs Winter Realtree Edge Unisex Clog

This is one of many designs available as a fleece-lined Crocs option. This offers a fuzzy and warm feeling inside.

This is made with warmth and function in mind; the extremely soft and lined Crocs are ideal for men and women alike and are considered a great slipper and ideal for running errands. The same renowned clog with a toasty lined fuzz are the Crocs women, and men need to keep the feeling going all season.

Classic Multi Leopard Print Lined Crocs

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Lined Animal Print Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Multi/Leopard, 4 US

Crocs Classic Lined Animal Print Unisex Clogs

This provides a roomy as well as generous fit, which is sure to match your foot. You can customize this shoe with Jibbitz charms to reflect your personal flair.

This is fun to wear inside and outside, and the choices are endless if you expand your wardrobe with these fleece-lined Crocs.

Classic Luxe Fur Lined Slippers for Women

The Luxe Fur Lined Slippers are a fleece-lined Crocs are an ideal winter slipper that has a plush fleece lining, which gently wraps your feet and can keep the feet warm and comfortable, most especially during cold weather. This offers all-day comfort.

Crocs Classic Luxe Slipper Burgundy Men's 4, Women's 6 Medium

Crocs Classic Luxe Unisex Slippers

This house slipper for women is made with high-density memory foam cushions, which add support as well as comfort for everyday use.

The best thing about this shoe is that it is waterproof and offers an anti-slip resistant feature. It has a super lightweight EVA upper, with both stain and water resistance.

The integrated non-slip sole offers superb traction as well as stability, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Is Fleece Liner Removable?

The fleece liners are removable for the Blitzen III Crocs Clogs. This makes the fleece liners easy to maintain and clean; it doesn't matter if they got dirty and wet from the snow or could utilize a scrub.

Avoid machine washing the liners because they are very delicate and could get expanded or stretched out or worn down. Expanded fleece liners will not fit properly back into the shoe, which makes them uncomfortable to wear.

 To get rid of the liners, all you need to do is lift starting from the heel gently. Get rid of the slits which fit around the rivets on the side, and then pull out the fleece liners.

Note, the fleece lining is not removable on the Baya lined Crocs or the Classic Lined Crocs nor is the lining removable for the Luxe Fur Lined Slippers.

Men's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot (although not on the list, I thought I'd include the image below!)

crocs Women's AllCast II Luxe Snow Boot, Wheat, 4 M US

Crocs AllCast II Luxe Women's Snow Boots

Washing Fleece Liners

As mentioned above, avoid putting the fleece liner in a washing machine. You need to hand wash it 

gently to preserve the unique and exceptional shape as well as the thickness. Fill the sink with warm and soapy water and then put the liners. Slowly and gently scrub them with soapy water, focusing on stains as well as dirty spots.

Once cleaned to your satisfaction, press out excess water and hand dry in a warm, sunny place to obtain the best and most excellent drying results. Once hangs somewhere cold or damp, they might take a couple of days to dry, which leads to mildew.

How to Expand the Lifespan of Fleece Lined Crocs Shoes?

To keep them in good condition and expand the lifespan, you'll want to keep away from leaving where they will be exposed to sun and heat, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, or hot car because this can cause the fleece-lined shoes to warp as well as shrink.

You can keep the shoe clean via hand washing with cold water as well as a mild soap.

Can I Purchase Separate Fleece Liner for Mammoth Crocs Slippers?

Yes. The company offers a separate fleece liner for your Mammoth shoe. I’d suggest buying them online, it’s the fastest and the most reliable way to get these replacement fleece liners, rather than trying to find a store that carries them.

One note, I've noticed that the Crocs.com website doesn't always have the replacement liners available. I've also noticed that it's hit or miss with Amazon to find the Crocs liners, however, Etsy has been a good option.

On Etsy, there are several artisans who offer crochet replacement liners for your Crocs. Here is an image (click the image to visit Etsy):


Crochet Crocs Replacement Liner, Adults to Kids sizes


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