Are Fuzzy Crocs Waterproof?

Are you thinking about buying a pair of fuzzy Crocs for yourself or for someone else and wondered if they are waterproof? You’ve come to the right place!

I was wondering the same thing.  I have a pair of classic Crocs and although my feet get wet wearing them, well there are holes, the shoe itself is waterproof.  Fuzzy Crocs, on the other hand, have a nice soft fuzzy material inside.  So, are fuzzy Crocs waterproof?

Fuzzy Crocs are not waterproof.  The outer shoe is made from Croslite which is a waterproof material, but the inside “fuzzy” material is a synthetic faux fur made from 98% EVA and 2% nylon and there are holes in the outer shoe. Therefore, the “fuzzy” material is going to get wet and so are your feet.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Crocs are becoming more and more popular. There's something about the user-friendliness and fun/ugly shape that allows them to transcend from a children's shoe to a shoe for adults. 

Crocs have become a choice for all seasons. There are more kinds and a variety of styles of crocs available today.  And fuzzy Crocs seem to be “all the rage”. I’ve heard from some friends who own them that the fuzzy Crocs are so very comfortable

If you are specifically looking for a pair of Crocs that are fuzzy, then here are your waterproof choices:

Let’s talk a little more about fuzzy Crocs!

What are Fuzzy Crocs All About?

Fuzzy Crocs shoes mean you get a cross between a slipper and a Croc. The outer shell is made with Croc’s proprietary material Croslite.  This material is a non-absorbent closed-cell resin.  The inner “fuzzy” material is a synthetic faux fur lining that is 100% thermoplastic (98% EVA and 2% nylon).

Fuzzy Crocs are designed with Croc’s patented Dual Crocs Comfort design, which begins with their Croslite foam foundation with an added extra helping of shock-absorbing material to create the “Dual Crocs Comfort” shoe. 

Therefore, Fuzzy Crocs are a deeply cushioned, supportive shoe that’s “heaven” to wear.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Shoes Relaxing to Wear?

Yes. You get similar fluffy insulation and relaxed fit as a slipper with a durable exterior of a Croc. So meaning the Crocs are able to end up as more of a winter show for colder weather than a summer shoe.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Pink Lemonade/Multi, 4 US

Crocs Baya Lined Unisex Clog

The mixture of the tough outer and soft insulated interior means this can result in being just a house shoe. These are not waterproof but comfortable and relaxing to wear at the office or take conference calls (zoom meetings) without it being apparent that you're wearing a fuzzy Crocs shoe.

Is Fuzzy Crocs a Smart Idea?

Another significant thing to keep in mind regarding this Croc shoe is that the lining is made of faux fur. So, meaning you don't need to worry about using sheepskin once you are fretted about utilizing an animal product or when you're vegan.

It comes with a synthetic lining with a soft pile and materials that enable an array of color options. So, you must find something which meets your preferences and tastes.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men's and Women's Classic Fuzzy Slipper, Evergreen/Stucco, 6

Crocs Classic Unisex House Slippers

This is ideal for men and women alike, with size and choices in women and men, body and girt shoes. Anyone in your house can wear this. There are also vast choices of color.

This takes account of blue, red, pink, white, and black. There is also a combination of colors available. So, you can find something you want.

Are These Fuzzy Shoes Water-Resistant Or Waterproof?

Crocs fuzzy shoes are made of material that does not absorb water, but there are holes and the fabric will let in water and your feet will get wet.  Therefore, they aren’t ideal for wet conditions.

Crocs fuzzy shoes come in an array of silhouettes to keep you feeling and looking good regardless of the situation.

Are you searching for a good pair of waterproof shoes to weather any storm? Crocs have them in an array of styles and colors. These shoes are made of Croslite, a material that isn't just super comfortable but waterproof.  These are Crocs that are specifically designed to be waterproof:

Do I have to wear socks when wearing fuzzy Crocs?

 It is obvious that these Crocs fuzzy shoes are made to be used without socks, but wearing socks isn't much of a sin as wearing socks with a typical sandal. We talk about wearing socks with slides (and sandals) here in this post.

Wear it if you think it is more comfortable.

How do I keep my fuzzy Crocs from smelling?

It is easy to do, and you just stuff crumpled paper inside your shoes to assist in assimilating both odors and moisture.

Avoid wearing these shoes until they are 100% dry. You can also sprinkle baking soda inside it and leave it to sit overnight. This baking soda will absorb the smells.

Why are these Crocs shoes very comfortable?

Crocs fans notably pick comfort over style. Many people wear Crocs as they keep their feet feeling ventilated and massaged so that they can get in a hectic day without any blisters or aches, thanks to the proprietary technology of the brand. Croslite is made of a shock and soft absorbing foam resin.

Can I Take the Fur out of these Crocs Shoes?

Can I eliminate the fleece lining in these shoes? Some fuzzy Crocs have liners that are removable, however other styles do not. 

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Baya Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Pink Lemonade/Multi, 4 US

Crocs Baya Lined Unisex Clog

The Baya-style Crocs do not have a lining that is removable.  The lining is sewn into the shoe.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Blitzen III Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Navy/Slate Grey, 5 US

Crocs Blitzen III Unisex Fuzzy Slippers

The Blitzen III Clog does however have a removable liner. See the image above.

Do Crocs Fuzzy Shoes Have Any Drawbacks?

For some, the soft inner lining of this shoe is not detachable. This has two cons for users. First and foremost, there's no way to eliminate it, and the machine washes it once it becomes dirty or smelly. You can spot wash it with care.

Fuzzy Lining Can Get Smelly

I haven’t machine-washed my fuzzy Crocs yet, but I’ve heard that you can wash your fuzzy Crocs on the delicate cycle of your washing machine.  Ideally, place the Crocs inside a “mesh delicates bag” to protect them.  Don’t put your Crocs in the Dryer, let them air dry.

Some Crocs users have reported that the fuzzy lining can become quite smelly with regular use.

If the lining is detachable, then do so and wash in the delicate cycle of your washing machine then air dry.  (Don’t add to the dryer with high heat).

Crocs are designed to be breathable; however, it turns out that the lining doesn’t breath enough even with the vent hole design.

Some users have stated that wearing socks with fuzzy crocs will prevent the lining of your Crocs from smelling. However, I rarely wear socks with my fuzzy Crocs, I just like the way they feel without socks. 

To each his own!

Fuzzy Lining Wears

There is also a problem with the lining getting flat after continuous use. This is expected. If you have ever purchased a fluffy bedspread, you'll know that it is not relative the same eventually.

This could end up affecting the level of comfort as well as feel between toes. By the next cold weather, they might have a similar fluffy feel which you want.

​Does Wearing Fuzzy Crocs Can Help My Sore Feet?

Crocs were originally designed for people to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet.  The US Ergonomics Council of the American Podiatric Medical Association Certified Crocs for this purpose.

Fuzzy Crocs have been built with a Dual Crocs Comfort System, meaning that they are designed to be even more comfortable than the original classic Crocs!  Therefore, Fuzzy Crocs can certainly help your sore feet!

There are also anecdotal suggestions that these shoes have assisted with osteoarthritis, back pain, and other medical conditions. Some boil down to the support and sole the Croc offers anyway.  The soft lining of the fuzzy Crocs is an extra feature and benefit for added comfort.

There is a potential that Fuzzy Crocs shoes could be a remarkable option after foot surgery. Those, which struggle with mobility, will value a simple show, which is easy to put on as well as take off. The fuzzy lining puts in that luxurious feel which wearers deserve after being in the medical center.


Crocs fuzzy shoes are considered versatile, comfortable, but they are not waterproof. You can wear them in winter, summer, spring or fall but you want to be careful not to get them too wet.

If you do end up buying a pair of fuzzy Crocs for yourself, then I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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