Are Crocs Bad for The Environment?

Have you ever wondered if your Crocs are bad for the environment?  Well, let's take a look at that question.  I love my Crocs and I do buy a new pair every year. So, is that a bad thing?  Am I contributing negatively to our environment?  Are my Crocs bad for the environment?

Crocs are not considered bad for the environment because they are manufactured with a foam resin called Croslite which is a non-absorbent closed-cell foam. The exact composition of this resin isn’t widely known but is not considered biodegradable however is considered a recyclable material.

Experts say that the carbon footprint of the footwear industry is massive and estimated to increase in the coming years.

In the US, for example, Americans throw away approximately 300 million pairs of shoes every year, according to the Department of the Interior, where they end up in landfills, taking a minimum of 30 years to decompose.

What’s worse is that the toxic chemicals found in many shoes are released into the environment, which we don’t want to happen. Global warming and climate change are getting worse in recent years.

Since 1906, the surface temperature has reached up to 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher in polar regions, melting glaciers, shifting precipitation patterns, and affecting wildlife. 

A simple form of footwear recycling can play a significant role in alleviating carbon footprint. Instead of throwing old shoes like crocs to landfills, it is best to reuse or recycle them. 

Let’s talk a little bit more about Crocs and what role they might play in the global carbon footprint?

Let’s also discuss how to get rid of old crocs without having them end up in landfills.

What’s the Impact of Crocs on the Environment?

Generally, branded footwear contains toxic materials, including fire retardant chemicals, plasticizers, bisphenol A or neomycin, colophony, chromium, arabitol, and abietic acid. 

Crocs, on the other hand, is not the same thing because they are made of Croslite. For those who don’t know Croslite, it is simply a closed-cell foam resin that’s nonabsorbent and easily washable. 

The closed-cell foam is composed of copolymer ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is used in the majority of athletic shoes, raising environmental concerns from critics.

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Similar to other synthetic plastics, crocs rubber and plastic composition is not biodegradable. But can they be recycled? Yes! However, many recyclers will just add them to other trash that contains unknown material. 

Can Crocs Be Recycled?

Crocs have been popular footwear since 2002. With their bright colors and rubber-like performance, Crocs have become a trend not only in the US but also in other countries around the world. With more people buying Crocs, you might wonder whether you can recycle your Crocs?

Crocs can be recycled because they are made from a material that is recyclable. However, the easiest way to recycle your Crocs (and any shoes for that matter) is to donate to Soles For Souls who would be happy to accept your Crocs.

It’s become a habit for many consumers to throw their old shoes away. But you don't have to contribute to the piles of shoes wasted at the local dump.

If some of your Crocs no longer fit or if they are a little worn, you can send them to who will gladly accept your donation (and, if you have 4 or more pairs, they will.

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3 Recycling Options For Crocs

Before you toss your old Crocs into the garbage, think about some of the options here to keep them or share the "Crocs love"...

Donating Crocs

One of the best ways to recycle crocs is to donate them. Not only you’re able to declutter your home, but you also make others happy and help alleviate global warming. But where and how to donate your old pairs? 

I've already mentioned who would gladly accept you Crocs or any pair of shoes that you don't want anymore. If that's inconvenient, then...

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Consider a thrift store to donate your shoes. How to get started? Just do some research on local thrift stores and find the most trusted provider. But make sure your Crocs are in wearable and good condition as you can be certain that someone is willing to buy them. 

Apart from thrift stores, coat closets are an excellent and useful alternative. Start by finding a community center or church that accepts clothing donations.

Generally, local community programs accept used clothing, shoes, and other stuff, saving both your time, effort, and other resources. Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, let’s make other people happy during this unprecedented time. 

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Reusing Crocs 

If you’re unable to donate your old crocs, don’t worry, as there are more sustainable ways than throwing them away to landfills. There’s no need to be super crafty and creative. Reusing crocs is ideal for everyone to promote sustainability. 

New and quality crocs are comfortable to wear. They are wide, reaching people’s unique requirements. They feature good shock absorption and less intensive maintenance. 

As days pass by, the product’s quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality change. So, you can purchase something new, and your old crocs may end up in your storage room, garage, or closet. 

After I've worn out the grip of my Iconic Crocs, I'll wash them off and leave them in a basket at my front door. My guests can wear them as "slippers" when they come into my home.

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A lot of people believe that when crocs look old, they are trash. The truth is that they are perfect to use in the garden. The majority of homeowners still use their crocs in their backyard because they are resistant to mold, weather, mildew, and other elements. 

Deer problems in the US have been one of the homeowners’ main concerns. If you have the same situation and don’t know how to deal with it, the solution lies in your storage room. Use crocs as a deterrent. It’s effective, safe, and affordable. 

Crocs also make unique and festive planters. Just fill them with some fertile soil and flowering plant. Then, nail the planters to a tree or post. With your creativity and curiosity, you can craft something you’ve never expected. Also, there’s no rule to follow. 

Talking about being creative in the garden, I also use my old Crocs when I'm mowing the lawn. I used to use runners, but they get all green from the newly cut lawn.

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When I wear my old Crocs, I don't care if they get grass-stained and I can just wash my feet and legs off with the hose when I'm done. It's also refreshing!

Aside from the garden, Crocs can be a pretty and practical container for anything at home. You can use them to organize your pens and toys. You can paint the crocs, but consider your interior to add value, appeal, and interest. 

Another bright idea is to turn a pair of crocs into a simple and beginner-friendly craft project. You can turn them into some of your favorite animals, including puppies and bunnies. You can involve your children throughout the project for family fun...

Do some research online as well to find and try new and bright ideas. Some are available in video tutorials, making your life simple and stress-free. 

Reuse, Recycle, and Donate Today! 

Indeed, crocs don’t have any toxic components and materials that could harm the environment. But when they ended up in landfills, they take time to decompose, which we should avoid. 

Recycling crocs is recommended and advisable. For beginners, reusing crocs is never easy. It requires a lot of patience, commitment, and persistence.

Setting a SMART goal is also imperative. As years pass by, reusing old crocs would become a habit. It would be less stressful than you’d imagined.

One of the major advantages of reusing crocs is that you can also save some cash. Instead of investing in DIY materials for your craft project, crocs can play a significant role. 

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If you don’t have enough time to engage or embark on any craft project, donating your crocs in thrift stores, churches, and community centers is ideal. You do not only make others smile, but you also protect the environment.

Instead of throwing them away in landfills, your old crocs may have another meaning and purpose to others. 

If your relatives and close friends are avid fans of crocs, encourage them to donate, reuse, and recycle as well. It may be overwhelming for beginners. But you would learn to love it in the future. 

Global warming or climate change is getting more complicated than before. But everything is possible if we work together. 

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