Can Crocs Melt?

Crocs have become extremely popular over the years. Many celebrities have partnered with Crocs to create specialty Crocs for themselves and their fans. From humble beginnings in late 2001, the classic Crocs clog can be worn in any season. 

The material is pliable yet provides support. I’ve noticed that my Crocs can get quite soft when they are in the sun.  So, then I wondered, “can Crocs melt?”

Crocs can melt if exposed to a high enough temperature. Crocs are made from Croslite, a patented closed-cell resin foam that is believed to be composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Typically, EVA has a melting point from 220 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (100 to 176 degrees Celsius).

I have not found any scientific research that measures the exact melting point of a pair of Crocs, however, I did find a couple of videos where people tried to melt their Crocs.

One video, see below, used a magnifying glass to focus the sun and melt a pair of Crocs.

In this video, a pair of pink Iconic Crocs had some paper pushed inside the Crocs and set on fire. The Crocs burned and melted to a gooey ash-like material. It took approximately 9 minutes for the Crocs to completely disintegrate:

Here is another video of someone burning a pair of lemon Iconic Crocs. They placed the Crocs in an aluminum tray.  They appear to light witch-hazel on fire with a match.  The Crocs start to catch on fire, then melt. The Crocs in this video become a molten mess.

As you can see, Crocs will melt when they are burned. The evidence above is quite obvious, however, let’s dive a little deeper into the concept of melting Crocs (without burning them).

What are Crocs make of?

The first thing to consider is what Crocs are made of. Crocs are manufactured with their secret closed-resin foam called Croslite. Crocs has not disclosed the exact chemical make up of Croslite, but it’s believed to be a form of EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate. (Source)

Depending on how EVA is manufactured the melting point can range from 220° Fahrenheit to 360° Fahrenheit. (Source) When Crocs are placed in boiling water (boiling point of 212°F), they don’t melt in boiling water, but they do soften.


Therefore, I would speculate that their melting point is likely closer to the 220℉ range.

One thing of note. The Croslite material is not actually patented. Crocs considers their Croslite material to be a trade secret and that’s why there isn’t a great deal of formulation about the exact formulation of Croslite! (Source)

This video provides an excellent description of the Croslite material and its advantages:

Shrinking Crocs, is this possible?

There have been a lot of reported cases about shrinking Crocs. Is it even possible, Can Crocs shrink?

Crocs can shrink if you leave them in a warm location for an extended period of time. If you leave them in a hot car or in the sun, your Crocs can shrink.

Here is a video where someone left their Crocs in the sun on a 96℉ (35.5℃) day in Thailand.

OK, so if you leave your Crocs somewhere and they accidentally shrink then what should you do?

There are several things that you can do to stretch your Crocs.

You can heat them up again, in a dryer then wear them while they are warm with several pairs of socks. This will help stretch them out.

You can read this article that offers more ideas on how to stretch your Crocs: “Do Crocs stretch?”

Can Crocs melt inside a hot car?

Being inside a hot car can make us sweat a lot, but how does it affect your Crocs?

Well, based on the number of people who have done an experiment, if a Crocs footwear will shrink inside a hot car sitting out in the hot sun, however, the Crocs did not melt inside a hot car.

Some even put it inside the dishwasher, yet nothing happened. Any sign of shrinkage or melting was not seen after the experiment. That then provided stronger evidence that Crocs footwear is durable enough to tolerate such heat.

However, a lot of people still suggest avoiding putting Crocs on direct high heat for an hour. It may not melt, yet visible signs of shrinkage can affect its quality and appearance. So, if you don’t want that to happen to your Crocs pair, then better protect it from direct sunlight.

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Are Crocs resistant to heat?

Crocs are not heat resistant. They will warm up and eventually burn if heated to a high enough temperature.

Croslite, which is the raw material used in producing Crocs footwear, can still be damaged by high heat, especially extended exposure from direct sunlight. There will be signs of shrinkage that will later lead to partial melting.

Given that, the manufacturer and experts suggest that we need to place it in a cool and dry area. This will help retain the quality and appearance of our Crocs pair that can last for years.

Also, if you want your Crocs footwear to last for years, you need to keep in mind the proper ways of using it. Even though it has the quality, proper usage will always be the key for it to last and retain the quality for years. Avoid putting it on areas wherein there is direct exposure to the sun.

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Next, do not put it near heat-generating equipment such as inside the car, motor, iron, and so many more. It is best if you put it on average temperature areas. If not, place it inside a sealed box or container to protect it both from heat and other damaging factors such as pest infestation.

Can Crocs be stretched out?

Yes, as mentioned before Crocs can be stretched. (Read more here)

From my personal experience, I haven’t had my Crocs shrink over the years that I’ve worn them. However, I don’t live in an area where it gets extremely hot outside. 

I’ve found that my Crocs just wear out before they shrink. For me, Crocs usually last a couple of years, then I buy a new pair.

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If you are concerned about your Crocs stretching or shrinking, then do not put them in direct heat from the sun for long periods of time. Heat plays a huge role in the shrinking and later on decreased quality of Crocs, that’s why it must be avoided.

Also, avoid putting it inside the car as heat both from the machine and the sun can contribute to the probability of shrinking Crocs footwear.


Above all the information provided above, the answer to the main question is yes, Crocs can melt if exposed to a high enough temperature.

However, it only happens when exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature for more than an hour. It has a limit to keep the quality and durability for the user. So, letting it be exposed to sunlight for a long time can possibly lead to shrinkage and melting.

Now, get your own pair of Crocs footwear not because it melts but because of the comfort it provides!

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