What Are Crocs Without Holes Called?

So, you’re wondering what style of Crocs don’t have holes? You’ve come to the right place. I will review all the different styles of Crocs that don’t have holes in them.  But first, let’s answer your question. “What are Crocs without Holes Called?

The Crocs Clogs without holes are called CrocsRx. This line of Crocs is specifically designed for medical professionals including surgeons, nurses, and other hospital staff. The holes were removed to protect your feet from potential needle falls or messy splatter.

Crocs were originally designed with holes to allow for airflow and water to move in and out of the shoe, easily. Over time Crocs became known for their comfort and many hospital workers began wearing the Crocs Clogs. The nurses and surgeons could add a little color to their daily work life and also wear comfortable shoes at the same time.

In and around 2007, hospital regions began raising concerns that the holes on top of Crocs may allow needles or bodily fluids to reach their employee's feet. This was a risk that ultimately forced many Hospital Regions to ban Crocs from their hospitals.

Crocs, therefore, designed a line of clogs specifically for Nurses, Surgeons, and other medical providers. This line, CrocsRx, was designed with additional arch support, no holes on top and a new Crocs Lock sole that was more slip-resistant than the original Crocs.

The CrocsRx is still made with the Crocs secret formula Croslite, a lightweight, closed-cell foam resin, which makes them so comfortable to wear and an overwhelming choice for medical professionals.

Let’s talk about them in more detail!

Are there Crocs Shoes with No Holes, and Why Should I Get One? 

Yes. The CrocsRx line has no holes and is the leading footwear choice for men and women in the health care industry. These are also ideal for kitchen use.

Woman's Neria Pro II Clog

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black/Multi Floral, 9

Woman's Neria Pro II Clogs
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Crocs shoes with no holes have Crocs Lock slip-resistant treads to assists serve up the best non-slip footwear for everyone. All these are available in an enclosed design to assists protect feet from spills.

The contoured footbeds make these shoes the most comfortable for men and women alike. 

What are the Best Crocs Shoes without Holes?

There are many types of Crocs shoes without holes, but some of the best and most sought after ones takes account of the following: 

Women's Mercy Work Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black/Black, 4

Crocs Mercy Work Women's Clogs

Crocs Unisex Off Road Clog

This is one of the best Crocs shoes without holes available on the market. Its toe is reinforced as well as ventilated to give breathable protection. The thickly treaded outsole provides a very steady step that wouldn't get stuck in the mud.

The footbed of this shoe conforms to your foot, creating a custom fit. Non-marking sole and slip-resistant, it comes with a new rugged sole for traction.

Crocs Unisex Offroad Sport Realtree

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Offroad Sport Clog, Realtree Camo, 6 US

Crocs Offroad Sport Unisex Clogs

The turbo strap is adjustable and removable. It is also integrated with a protective toe cap as well as an exceptional sporty design. 

Key Features 

  • 100 percent Croslite 
  • Synthetic sole 
  • Imported 
  • Available in whole sizes and medium width only 
  • Ventilation ports boost breathability as well as filter water and debris away from the footbed
  • Antimicrobial as well as odor-resistant. 

Crocs Men's Bistro Pro Sure-Grip Clog Mule

The Crocs Bistro Pro Clog is a good choice if you want an added grip and no holes up top.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 12 US

This is another reliable and very popular Crocs shoe without holes. This one is made with warmth and function in mind. If you are looking for a show without holes but integrated with soft and high-quality fleece-lined Crocs, then this one is for you.

You can use this as a slipper, and also ideal for wearing when running errands. Cozy and comfortable clogs with toasty lined fleece are the shoes women need to keep the feeling going regardless of the season. Conventional heel straps offer a snug and secure fit for step-in and comfort.

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, White, 7 US

Unisex Bistro Pro LiteRide Crocs
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It is highly recommended to choose a size up for an additional room or space. This is the best and most comfortable animal slippers, and it is very light as well as easy to wear.

This was made with Croslite foam, providing comfort, soft, cradling as well as blissfully supportive. This also provides a snug fit that will cradle your feet. You can customize these fleece-lined Crocs for women with Jibbitz charms to reflect your personal flair.

This is fun to wear inside and outside. The choices are endless if you expand your wardrobe with these fleece-lined Crocs without holes. 

Key Features 

  • 100 percent manmade 
  • Fleece-lined Crocs ideal for men and women 
  • Synthetic sole 
  • Imported 
  • You can customize this shoe with Jibbitz charms 

Crocs Blitzen Clog Womens III Shoes

The Blitzen III Clog, see the image below

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Blitzen III Clog | Fuzzy Slippers, Navy/Slate Grey, 5 US

Crocs Blitzen III Unisex Fuzzy Slippers

This is also one of the most sought-after Crocs shoes without holes available. This was made keeping in mind the warmth and function. This is a great slipper and offers amazing comfort as it is soft and has a fleece lining.

This one is tweaked to become warmer as well as plusher, so it will surely stand out from the rest. You should definitely get this one if you are after comfort. It is also easy to wear and super light.

crocs Plaid Blitzen Clog,Bubblegum/Light Grey,Men's 4 M/Women's6 M

Women's Blitzen Crocs
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This was made with high-quality Croslite foam, providing dual cross comfort, which is soft, cradling as well as blissfully supportive. 

Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

The Bistro Clog comes in a variety of designs (click here to see what's available on Amazon in your size):

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Hemp Leaves, 4 US

Crocs Bistro Unisex Clogs

Are you looking for a work show without holes? Then this one is for you. This one is made with hospitality, food service as well as healthcare workers in mind, which makes it a great chef and nursing shoes.

They are very light as well as very supportive to get you in even the longest shifts. The non-holes feature keeps feet dry from spills. This is fully molded and can be washed and cleaned easily using soap and water. This also dries easily.  

It has Lock slip-resistant treads that come together in order to assist serve up the most excellent non-slip shoes for women and men without holes.

One reason why this is very popular is the enclosed toe design as well as the thicker metatarsal area that assists in keeping the feet safe and sound from accidental spills.

You can also wear this one with socks for extra comfort. The integrated contoured footbeds make this shoe the most comfortable Crocs shoe for everyone. 

Women's Crocs at Work Flats

Another option for Crocs without holes are the Women's Crocs at Work Flats.

Women's Crocs At Work Flat | Casual Dress Shoe with All Day Comfort for Work or Play, Black, 7 M US

Crocs Duet Busy Day Women's Ballet Flats

These Crocs are made with Croslite, so they are very light on your feet and comfortable. They don't have the added slip resistance or arch support that you would find in the Neria Pro II Crocs or the Mercy Work Clogs.

However, they are a nice option as a shoe/sandal for light office work.

What are Customers Saying about Crocs without Holes?

Crocs shoes without holes are very popular today. And to prove that these shoes get lots of positive reviews online.

Many users love and enjoy the versatility of this show that they say is very lightweight and easy to clean as well.

 Once the customer said, “never thought I would buy a pair of Crocs. I've been making fun of them for the past decade. On the other hand, when we transferred into a new home with hard floors and wet weather, I wanted something to wear comfortably around the house. I bought Crocs shoes without holes and what I've discovered is that they are a very comfortable upgrade from a flip-flop for wearing around the house, most especially in wet weather. It keeps my feet dry always.”

Why do Crocs have holes in them?

Maybe some of you are asking what the purpose of holes in Crocs is. Crocs shape the same as a clog and come with holes located on the top and side portions.

The main objective of these holes is to allow for airflow movement of foreign objects as well as out of the shoes. If you have a sweaty foot, then this one is beneficial for you.

What is more, the holes also serve as an extra decoration. 

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