Are Crocs True To Size?

Crocs is popularly known for its amazing and comfortable features. No doubt, more and more people are choosing to purchase Crocs because of their comfort and all the style options available. If you are among them, you have to know everything about Crocs.

When choosing a shoe, especially when buying online, then sizing is really important. Are Crocs shoes True to Size?

Crocs shoes are labeled with American sizing, therefore use the US sizing chart to convert to your country sizing.  Crocs shoes come in whole sizes and most Crocs styles are true to size, although there are a few exceptions.  Add 1 size when choosing the lined Crocs or the Luxe boots & Crocband boots for best fit.

Understanding Crocs sizes, styles, and designs can be done with just a single click of your finger. Now, to make things easier, you can use this article as your guide.

As mentioned, Crocs footwear is labeled with American sizing. You may also notice a letter located in front of its numbers, such as letters J, C, W, and M.

  • Letter J stands for Junior, which means that this size is perfect for adolescents and teenagers.
  • Letter C, on the other hand, stands for Children. As the name implies, it is designed for children.
  • Letters M and W also stand for Men and Women.  

Let’s take a closer look at Crocs sizing and the different styles and differences in fit for these different styles of Crocs…

Crocs Shoe Sizes

Is Crocs true to size? This question is usually posted on several reviews all over the internet. Now, to make things clear, the answer is yes. However, the sizes of Crocs may vary depending on what type of Crocs you opt to buy.

Knowing if Crocs is true to size or not can be easily done. If you doubt its sizes, the best thing you can do is follow Crocs’ conversion chart. Read this article for a complete summary of all Crocs conversion charts…

This is the Classic Clog Sizing Chart:

M4 | W6M3 | W436-3722230
M5 | W7M4 | W537-3823240
M6 | W8M5 | W638-3924250
M7 | W9M6 | W739-4025260
M8 | W10M7 | W841-4226265
M9 | W11M8 | W942-4327270
M10 | W12M9 | W1043-4428280

In the chart, you will check which US size is perfect for your European foot size.

As advised, simply purchase the same size of Crocs you often used in the European foot sizing. However, when choosing the Crocs shoes, it is a must to consider the shape of your shoes.

Say, for instance, the well-known classic and clog models are perfect for your feet to have adequate space in your shoes. It means that it is essential to know that in multiple designs of Crocs shoes, similar foot sizes may have a distinct shoe space.

Crocs Shoe Size Guides

From my experience, if you choose a pair of Crocs that don’t have a lining, then the Crocs you buy will be true to size.  These would include the Classic Clog, flip flops, sandals, sneakers (LiteRide), etc. 

The Crocs flats are often said to be a close-fitting type of shoes. Crocs don’t stretch as your wear them, so choose a size that will fit you from the beginning.  That is, don’t expect them to stretch over time. Choose a shoe that fits from the beginning.

If you choose a shoe that’s too tight, then return them for a size bigger. Crocs has a very good return policy.  Whether you buy from Crocs direct, or from Amazon.

Crocs Women's Huarache Wedge Sandals

Crocs Womens Huarache Wedge Sandal Shoes, Multi/Candy Pink, US 5

Crocs Huarache Wedge Women's Sandals

If you are looking to purchase a pair of Crocs that include a lining, then these styles tend to fit small.  That is, you should choose a size that is one size bigger than you would if choosing the Classic Crocs clogs. 

Crocs that typically fit a little tight are the Crocs boots including the Luxe and Luxe II boot, the Crocsband boots also tend to fit tight.  Lined Crocs including the Baja Lined Crocs are a tight fit, so add a size if you are choosing to purchase this style.  I’ve also heard that the men’s loafers can be a little snug.  You might want to opt for one size larger with this style too.

Crocs Sizing Information

Choosing the best Crocs shoes may be a daunting task for you, especially when you have limited knowledge about their sizes. To give you some hints, here are the things you need to know about Crocs true to size:

Crocs Classic Clog

This type of Crocs shoes has the best fit since it has a comfortable and adequate space for your feet. Just like other customers, if you opt to have this type, you can have its normal sizing. 

Crocs Crocband Clog

Crocband Crocs are more sporty compared to the classic type.  What makes it different is that it has a valiant mid strip all over the midsole. According to some users, this type might run small if you have big and wide feet.

Crocs Bistro Clog

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Bistro Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black/Multi Donuts, 14 US

Crocs Bistro Unisex Clogs

The Bistro Crocs are quite different than the classic clogs. If you have this at home, you may notice that it has a different design.

It has a closed toe and a closed top. According to several reviews, Crocs describes this type as the “most generous” because of its roomy fit. Therefore, the Crocs Bistro clog is perfect for wide feet.

Crocs “On the Clock”

Crocs On The Clock are made a little different from the classic clog. This usually has an enclosed slip on the shoes and is therefore perfect for food attendants and nurses.

Crocs “on the Clock” shoe doesn’t have much space as compared to the classic type because it is built for a more comfortable and protected fit.

These Crocs typically fit true to size.

Crocs Slipper

This Crocs Slipper is just similar to the Crocs classic type. But, compared to the classic type, it has a vague lining for warmth. With this feature, it is highly recommended to use at home.

In addition, its size is just similar to the classic type., therefore true to size.

Lined Crocs (Baya, Freesail, Classic)

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Baya Clog, Khaki, 4 US

Crocs Baya Unisex Clogs

I’ve found that the lined Crocs (find Baya or Freesail or the Classic lined Crocs on Amazon) can fit a little snuggly. For example, if you normally wear a size 8.5 US size shoe, then you will want to choose a Crocs size 9.  If however, you wear a size 9 US shoe, then you’ll be more comfortable in a Crocs size 10.

I’d recommend 1 size up from your normal size when choosing this style.

AllCast II Boot & AllCast Luxe II Boot

crocs Men's AllCast II Snow Boot, Wheat/Black, 7 M US

Crocs AllCast II Men's Snow Boots

Most people who try the AllCast Winter Boots (women's) (or Men's AllCast Luxe found here on Amazon) on advise that they fit small.  The width is more narrow and the sizing feels small.

I’d recommend you add 1 US size to your normal fit to have the right feel with these boots.

Blitzen Luxe Convertible Clog

The Blitzen Luxe convertible clog is one exception to my “rule of thumb” regarding lined Crocs.  This style of Crocs is true to size.

Crocband Winter Boots

When fitting the Crocband Winter boots you will find that there is plenty of space width-wise however the boot will feel short.  Therefore, with the Crocband Winter boots, choose 1 US size larger for best fit. 

Note, if you normally wear a US 7.5 size, then you will likely find that US 8 is fine. However, if you wear a US size 8, then choose the US size 9 for a more comfortable fit. 

Women’s Leigh Chelsea Rain Boot

crocs Women's Leigh Wedge Chelsea Boot Rain, Espresso, 10 M US

Crocs Leigh Wedge Chelsea Women's Boots

The Chelsea Rain Boot, like the Crocsband boots, these boots tend to feel narrow and small. It’s recommended that when you choose this boot, choose 1 US size higher.

I’ll also recommend, if your normal US size shoe is a half size, then rounding up to the next whole size will likely work for you. 

Crocs Loafers

The Crocs loafer is another style that tends to fit small. 68% of people surveyed rate the width as true to size while 28% rate the loafer as narrow. On the other hand, 52% rate the loafer as true to size while 48% rate the loafer as small.

Crocs LiteRide Sneakers

Crocs Men's LiteRide Pacer Sneakers, Black/Camo, 4

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Men's Sneakers

The Crocs Sneakers are considered true to fit. An overwhelming majority of people who own these shoes report them as true to fit.

With the loafer, like the Crocband and Luxe boots, I suggest you round up to the nearest size. If you are a US size 8, then choose a US size 9 loafer. If you are a US size 8.5, then choose a US size 9.

Since you have lots of options to choose from, it is best to understand Crocs true to size reviews. These can serve as your guide in getting the best footwear style, without worrying if they will fit on your feet or not.

Crocs Online Reviews

Crocs is highly in demand in various retail stores around the globe. If you are eager to have one, two, or more pairs, then don’t hesitate to read reviews online. The best way to know if a pair of Crocs is right for you is to try them on.

Use our information above to help guide you to the best, most comfortable fit.  However, the true test is when you have those Crocs on your own feet!

With so many styles, it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer to whether Crocs are true to fit.  That answer depends on the style that you want to purchase.  I hope this guide has helped you to get a better understanding of what to choose!

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