Where Are Converse Made?

Converse is widely known for its iconic, stylish, and durable shoes. Over the years, many have been into Converse, including athletes, celebrities, and that might include you. You might be thinking or questioning what makes people buy these shoes, how they are made, and where they are made. Knowing where your shoes are made is also essential because the company's background will hint how well they create shoes or that company is responsible for producing quality shoes. 

Converse shoes are made at plants in India, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They were made in the United States of America until the company declared bankruptcy in 2001. After then by 2003, Nike purchased the company and became the new owner of the brand. 

The company has not been made in the United States of America since its bankruptcy in 2001. Since the new owner of Converse is Nike, the company has many factories in many countries in Asia that manufactures their product. To get into details, I have searched and provided the pieces of information below for your reference. 

Are Converse Made in China?

Since Nike now owns Converse, the company has many factories around Asia that manufacture Converse products. One of Converse's factories is located in China. The company also has a lot of certified dealers and suppliers around the country. You can also order on their website,

Should Converse Say it was Made in China?

Some Converse shoes are made in China, but not all since Nike has a lot of factories all over Asia that manufacture Converse products. Check inside the shoe tongue for the label that identifies the country of manufacture. The label shows made with rubber indicating Made in China together with the shoe materials used. 

Are Converse Made in Taiwan?

Converse has many factories all over Asia, and that includes Taiwan. SOme COnverse products are made in Taiwan, and as you can see in some Converse shoes, the label tag indicates that it is made in Taiwan. Converse expanded to many Asian countries when it was sold under the Nike company.

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Sneaker, White/White/White, 5.5 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Women's Sneakers

Are Converse Made in Vietnam?

When Converse went into bankruptcy in 2001 and Nike bought it in 2003, it expanded its production in many Asian countries like Vietnam. Some Converse shoes are manufactured there since the company has plants in Vietnam. As you can see in most Converse shoes, the label tag inside the shoe tongue indicates Made in Vietnam.

Are Converse Made in the USA?

Converse is a classic American sneaker and is initially made in the USA. However, in 2003 Nike Inc purchased Converse as it went into bankruptcy, and they continue to manufacture Converse shoes overseas in Asia. The Asia countries that make converse shoes are made at plants in Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Pakistan.

How to tell if Converse are Real or Fake?

Knowing the originality of your Converse shoes is crucial because you need to pay for the quality you deserve, not for imitations that do not last long. To identify fake Converse, you need to check the packaging, check the Chuck Taylor patch, look at the trademark, notice the tongue, check the insole, verify the pinstripe. 

Also, you need to check the seller and compare the price on the official COnverse website to the local store where you want to purchase the shoes. In buying online, you need to be aware of the payment methods and consider the source of your shoes. Also, it is best if you are vigilant in purchasing abroad. Many counterfeit shoes have been manufactured recently. However, many enjoy buying low prices for their Converse, while the company suffers.  

Moreover, it is also disadvantageous since imitations won't last long, and also, the worst thing is that you thought you had purchased an original COnverse, but you have purchased the fake one. You need to be very keen and knowledgeable in determining fake and authentic Converse Shoes. If you have no ideas yet, I will give you detailed information on how easily check if your Chucks are fake or not. I have listed the details below for your reference. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cx Hi Black/Clear/Wild Mango Men's 8.5, Women's 10.5 Medium

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Method 1 Examine the Whole Converse Shoes

It would help to examine the Converse shoes since it is essential to detect the materials and make them.

Step 1 Check the Converse Shoe Packaging

One of the easy ways to check if your Converse shoes are fake or imitations is by checking the packaging. As you might observe, Converse has good box and packaging. Most new Converse has paper stuffing or comes with tissue packaging. If the shoes are not correctly packed with no stuffings or tissues inside, then the COnverse you purchased is worth suspicion. 

Step 2 Carefully Examine The Chuck Taylor Patch

The original Converse Chuck Taylor patch has a navy blue star, but the fake or imitated ones have different blue shades. Also, the original one has Taylor's signature and is stamped with one star. Be careful if the emblems there are not clear. Most fake and copycat Converse shoes have a blurry design with additional elements or words. 

All Converse All-Stars come with a wide array of styles and colors. Most logos may not come with a blue color, but most patches are made with rubber. Also, look at the rubber carefully since it must be made with quality rubber that cannot be easily detached. Moreover, you need to look carefully at the printing since the original Converse has a clean print. 

Converse Men's Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Camo High Top Sneaker, Optical White, 12 Women/10 Men

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Step 3 Look at the Trademark

Converse shoes that were made before 2008 have the ® symbol under the All-Star logo. So when you see that there is a ® symbol below the logo that was made after 2008, you need to be cautious with what COnverse you would like to purchase or what you have purchased. 

Also, you need to check if the logo is well stitched. Some symbols may appear authentic, but you need to check if you can spot a patchy or unclear logo, and if you can see the patchy and uncle logo, it's fake. 

Step 4 Check the Converse Shoe Tongue

 The Converse All-Star logo is printed on the top of the shoe tongue. Suppose you can see that the print is unclear or blurry or the thread is loose around it. The traditional tongue of Converse is made with a thin canvas, and you should pay attention to the stitching around the border of the tongue. If you can notice that the stitches are loose or uneven, then it is fake. 

Step 5 Check the Insole of the Shoes

The insole of original and authentic Converse has the words Converse are printed sharp and plain. Be aware of the print. Some may appear faded, which means that it is already used. Faded insole prints may not mean fake, but they may indicate that it is used. 

Step 6 Check the Pinstripes

Pinstripes are one of the noticeable features of Converse shoes, and that is also one indication that you can check to verify if your Converse shoes are fake. Pinstripes must be painted on the edge of the sole. It must be smooth and perfect. If you can see that it is printed shakily, not crisp looking or uneven, then that may indicate a fake Converse. 

Converse Men's Run Star Hike High Top Sneakers, Black/White/Gum, 7 Medium US

Converse Run Star Hike High Top Men's Sneakers

Step 7 Own A Converse Shoes

The best way to understand Converse shoes is by having one. When you have your Converse shoes, you know the shoes' quirks and attributes, making you easily identify the face and the original. If you have purchased your authentic Converse shoes in a trusted store, save the location from spotting there a great deal next time.

Method 2 Check the Seller

Checking the seller is very important to identify if you purchase a store that sells authentic and original Converse shoes. Some sellers are not truthful in what they sell. It is best to buy at the official dealers of Converse. 

Step 1 Compare the Price to the Official Converse Website

Pricing is one of the essential things you need to look for when purchasing a new pair of Converse shoes. If the shoe price is too high or too low then, you need to be cautious. Most fake or counterfeit Converse shoes may appear cheaper, and sometimes you can be blinded by that idea, thinking you can save money. 

The lower the price, the more ungenuine it is; note that quality comes with a price. You may think that you can save money by buying cheap, but it's not. You will keep on buying again and again as it is easy to deteriorate. Unlike buying the original Converse, you can wear it for several years without buying it again and again. Standard Converse shoes mostly start around $50 to $100, depending on the style, heigh, and designs.

Step 2 Verify the Payment Method

When purchasing online, you need to be very careful; that would not be necessary if you are with fake ones. Cash-only vendors are typically a bit of a red flag. When purchasing online, you need to be careful with the website. 

Make sure to recognize the website or check if the website is legit. Make sure that the website is secure with (https://) when you check out. You also need to check if a padlock at the top corner indicates that no one can steal your information and expect a verification email.

Step 3 Verify the Source

It would help if you considered knowing where the Converse came from or the source of the shoes. Sometimes vendors may lead you to purchase counterfeit foods, and some may conduct illegal operations. It is best advised to buy in department stores that are authentic dealers of Converse rather than in flea markets. Safer transactions are best to consider when purchasing original Converse.

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Slip On Sneaker, Butter Yellow/White/Black, 5.5 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Women's Sneakers

Step 4 Ask Questions to the Seller

Sellers are knowledgeable about what they sell, where the shoes are made, the material used, and the features of the shoes; that is why it is best to ask the question. Observe how they answer your questions and be mindful of body language. If you find them unable to answer most of your questions and their actions are suspicious, then it's a red flag. 

Step 5 Be Cautious When Purchasing A Broad

When you want to purchase a pair of Converse abroad, you need to make sure that the store is legit or sells authentic Converse shoes. You can review travel advisories for the Department of State before purchasing in the store or going to that location. The Department of State has the information of the scene of fake sellers in the area. 

Note that US Customs can potentially confiscate questionable items. Most vendors abroad would target tourists or foreigners with fake goods; that is why you need to be vigilant when purchasing abroad.

Converse Serial Number Check (How to Find the Converse Serial Number?)

You can check your Converse serial number on the Tongue label of the shoes. It is situated below the tag where it is made. The first line of the tongue label indicates where it is made. On the second line to the right, you can see that there are a bunch of numbers. 

The serial number may be composed of 13 numbers and letters. You may be confused since on the second line of the tongue label, there are two sets of numbers and codes. The left one composed of mixed numbers and letters is the SKU, while on the right is the serial number.


Converse is a famous American sneaker company. All Converse shoes were made in the USA until Nike, Inc. bought the company in 2003. After that, they have expanded their manufacturing overseas in Asia, including India, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

When buying Converse shoes, you must know how to identify fake Converse. Never go for low prices since it compromises the quality of the product and avoids purchasing the fake ones; it won't last long.

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