Are Converse Durable?

Converse is one of the best leading shoe companies in the US and is widely used even in other countries. Converse has already created a high standard name for quality shoes that started a century ago. 

People in any walk of life prefer using one due to its quality, comfort, and durability. You may have been wearing one for years already. You may be curious why it is durable and what makes it durable.

Converse are created using high-quality materials and carefully constructed to become the best durable shoes. Converse will last for a certain period, but that depends on how and where you use them. Converse has already established a good name for selling durable sneakers.

People purchase Converse just for styling; they also consider durability. Some consider durability in looking for shoes since they don't want to invest in cheap sneakers that will easily be worn out and can only last for a limited period. 

Over the years, Converse had already created a good name for durability. To know more about the durability of Converse, please read more details below. 

How Long Does Converse Last?

For some, Converse typically lasts for 18 months. For others, Converse may last for a couple of years, some even reach five years. The materials used in Converse are of high quality making them durable. However, the longevity of the material still depends on your usage. 

Many would say that Converse could last longer if adequately cared for and are not used every day. Footfall and usage can be the basis of how long your Converse will last. 

To prolong the lifespan of your shoes, you need to make sure how to wear incorrectly and how to clean them.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cx Hi Black/Clear/Wild Mango Men's 8.5, Women's 10.5 Medium

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

How long did Converse One Star Last?

Converse One Star is packed with new technology and a Lunarlon insole, making it a durable shoe for skateboarding that could last for one and a half years. However, some may testify that their One Star lasts 2 to 3 years. Durability is one of the best highlights of these shoes. 

One of the features that make these shoes durable and last long is their toe box area that is double stitched. 

These durable stitches enhance the shoe resistance regarding different movements. The toe box of Converse One Star helps maintain a good grip, making it durable. 

How To Keep My Converse Last Long?

The longevity of your Converse shoes depends on how you care for them. You can prolong the life of your Converse by following the simple steps and proper care. Note that you need to hand wash them and never put them in a dryer. 

Even if you machine washes and dry them on a low setting, these wash and dry care methods will still ruin the shoe fabric. 

Note that the outsole of Converse is made of rubber and rubber does not take well to direct heat. To know more about keeping your Converse long, kindly read more details below.

Wash Care

In washing your Converse shoes, The way to do it is by hand washing. This way, you can smoothly scrub the dirt and control how you scrub it. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Mule Slip On Low Top Sneaker Shoe White

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-On Women's Sneakers

Also, you need to use warm water in washing them and avoid using hot water. Hot water causes the fabric to shrink. Avoid using harsh detergents. 

You may mix one part baking soda and one part laundry detergent to make it cleaner. Mix the baking soda and detergent to create a paste, and you may use a toothbrush to scrub the dirt. Rinse it with warm water.

Dry Care

In drying your Converse shoes, it is best to place them in a shoe tree or insert a balled-up newspaper from the midsole across from the shoe toe to the heel. It will help put these inside the shoes so that the shoe structure stays the same when it dries up. 

As the shoe dries, the shoe tree or balled-up paper helps maintain the shoe shape in its proper form. 

Waterproof Converse Shoes

Converse are not waterproof; that is why you need to make sure that your Converse is well protected as you go out since rain may be unpredictable. 

One of the best ways to prolong your Converse shoes is waterproofing them. You can even waterproof the right after purchase. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Sneaker, White/White/White, 5.5 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Women's Sneakers

You can use a nontoxic waterproof spray for your shoes like NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray (image below). This spray is suitable for your Converse shoes as it is good to spray on suede, canvas, and leather sneakers. 

NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray Latest Nano-Technology, Suede, Canvas, Leather, Sneakers, Water & Stain Spray Protector (3.4 Fl Oz)

This spray will surely keep your sneakers water, dirt, and stain-resistant. Also, it does not stain or smell and is also odor-free.

Avoid Wearing Them Everyday

One way to keep your Converse shoes for a longer time is by doing rotational wearing of your shoes. Instead, you can wear it every two other days by interval using other sneakers or shoes. 

Converse is made of canvas, and it needs to air out and recover its shape. By giving your converse time to rest, you can use them much longer. 


Converse shoes have already established a good name for being high-quality and durable sneakers in the US and worldwide. Converse shoes were made with high-quality fabrics with durable gum rubber soles. 

Buying a new pair of Converse shoes is a good investment since it will last for years; you don't need to buy a cheaper one that will only be easily destroyed. To prolong the use of your Converse shoes, you need to make sure that you wash them well, dry them well, make them waterproof using waterproof sprays, and avoid wearing them every day.

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