Can You Work Out In Converse?

You may be a gym person, and you have seen some people in the gym using their Converse. You are confused about why they are wearing Converse instead of casual training shoes because you think Converse might be painful in the feet when worn for gym activities. Well, there are some explanations for that. 

Converse shoes are not designed to be worn for gym activities. However, Converse's high ankle support and flat sole features became ideal for powerlifters. The high ankle support adds stability to your ankle, while the flat soles create stabilized connection to the floor while increasing your balance.

Converse are said to be best used for powerlifters. Converse can be used for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. If you have more questions, I have gathered the information for you to check. To answer your questions, please read the details below.

Are Converse Running Shoes?

Converse isn't ideal for running and jumping. The company's shoes are not made for running though it is mainly designed for basketball. Though you may run using Converse, it is not advisable to wear it for running. The features of the shoes are down to their thin, rubberized soles and flat shape.

As you may check on Converse on their website, they do not have categories for running; most are for basketball and skating. Converse shoes have less cushions in comparison to typical running shoes. Moreover, most Converse are made with canvas which is also not ideal for running as it is not good to wear when raining or is not best used for moist areas. 

Are Converse Good for Running?

Converse is not suitable for running as it has no features that make it best worn for running activities. The materials and their components are not ideal for running. The canvas material is not suitable for running, especially in moist environments. The arch and flat sole features won't give enough support for your running activities.

Moreover, the insoles and cushions are not ideal for running and may cause blisters and pain on your feet when you are forced to wear them. Converse may be for street style or streetwear but not recommended for running. Here are some things to consider why Converse is not ideal for running.

Flat Heels

If you have worn Converse for quite some time and you know that these shoes are flat. Flat shoes are not ideal for running as they are not secure. FLat heels are snug in the heel area and will give you an uncomfortable feeling if you wear them for running. Since it does not secure the heel part of your feet, it may easily slip out when you run.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star/Black/Gold Mandarin/White/Size Run D2/Women Sz-5

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox Sneakers

Not Breathable Enough

If you want to purchase running shoes, you need to consider your feet' breathability and good ventilation since your feet will be prone to sweat. Converse shoes do not provide ventilation on your feet and are not breathable enough to keep your feet comfortable when worn. If you are forced to use Converse, it will only give you swampy feet due to excessive sweating and cause blisters and foot irritations. 

Converse are Heavy

If you compare other running shoes from Converse, you may notice that it is relatively heavier than other running shoes. The additional weight of the shoes is a disadvantage for runners as lightweight materials are best suited for them to use when running.

Slippery Sole

The soles of COnverse may be slippery, especially when worn in a wet condition. If you are likely to run or jug on a moist and cold morning, these shoes are not for you. Sometimes, rain is inevitable; you may easily slip on the ground when running with Converse.


Most Converse shoes are made with canvas and are not best recommended for running as it is easy to become wet. Also, the cushions of Converse are not quite good enough to keep your feet comfortable when running. 

Are Converse Good for Basketball?

Converse are primarily created for basketball use. Converse basketball sneakers were innovated to provide control, confidence, and grip to have an excellent move and shot on the basketball court. Converse sneakers and athletic performance features are designed for the highest basketball performance.

The Converse shoes with the best athletic performances are All-Star BB Evo, G4, other street style classics like the Chucks 70 and Pro leather. The Converse basketball sneakers come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. These sneakers are available for men and women. It also comes with various materials made with canvas, leather, and suede. 

As you can see on Converse's websites, they have basketball hoops that will update you about the new and next Converse basketball sneakers and give you an eye to the latest products, news, and stories. To provide you with references about the best Converse sneakers for basketball in different categories, I have listed detailed information below for you to check. 

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal 2019 High Top Sneaker, Bold Citron 7.5 M US

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Converse G4

One of the lists in Converse for best basketball sneakers is Converse G4. The player of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, is the one who debuted Converse G4. It comes with a maximal design to showcase athletes' boldness during the game. Converse G4 is incorporated with Nike Nike React and Nike Zoom Air technologies that make a great combination in allowing athletes to have a spot to spot precise movements. 

The reload-explosive features of these shoes protect athletes due to high impact landings when playing on the court. COnverse G4 comes with distinct features, including Energy To Power Up, Lockdown For Complete Control, And Zoned For Performance. I will list more details, so you will know what makes it best for you to wear.

Energy To Power Up

The powerful combination of Nike React in the heel, and Nike Zoom Air in the forefoot provides a reload-explosive effect. The combination allows you to have maximum energy return to stay on the attack at all times.

Lockdown For Complete Control

For an optimal lockdown, especially for powerful movements in the court, Converse G4 comes with Dual upper technology to give you stabilized and complete control.

Zoned For Performance

Playing in the courts comes in a variety and unpredictable movements. Good thing that Converse G4 comes with superior performance technology that focuses on the zones from the heels and forefoot to support flexible and suitable support movements.

Pro Leather

Returning in time, in 1970, Pro Leather made its name as one of the iconic shoes for basketball. Today, these shoes have been innovated to become one of the most sought-after styles of footwear. COnverse updated its features with a streamlined profile, sleek midsole, and comfortable cushioning that gives you a comfortable feeling when worn. 

These leather low-top sneakers are innovated using SmartFOAM insoles for cushioning to ease every activity while providing comfort. These shoes have Iconic Star Chevron branding, a standard woven tongue label, and a license plate with a pro leather wordmark. These shoes will have timeless fashion. 

Pro Leather Styling

In 1976, the All-Pro Leather was introduced and became a basketball classic. These iconic shoes come with new featured technology with a cupsole design. These iconic shoes come with an expression of the Converse Star Chevron logo. These iconic sneakers were elevated and made known by Julius "Dr. J" Erving. These shoes inspire a new generation of players in having a creative approach to the sport.

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Sneaker, White/White/White, 5.5 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low Top Women's Sneakers

All-Star BB Evo

All-Star BB Jet Peace & Unity will give you the best performance footwear on and off the court. In taking court activities for playing basketball, these shoes are responsive to keep you at your best moves. These shoes are made with great combinations of synthetic leather with textile to provide a lightweight, durable style. The reactive support features of these shoes are due to Nike Zoom cushioning in the heel and forefoot. In addition to that Converse, Speed Plate supports you in launching ahead with every step.  

All-Star BB is one of the best Mid-top performance basketball shoes made with comfortable and breathable support material. The Rubber outsole maximizes traction, and the OrthoLite sock liner provides a comfortable feeling when worn.

Chucks 70

The original 1970s design, Chucks 70 provides more cushioning, tougher canvas, versatility made with premium materials, and extraordinary attention to detail. These shoes come with extra cushioned insoles for added support and stability. Chucks 70 can be worn in day-to-day activities. 

Are Converse Good for Lifting?

Though Converse shoes were initially designed for basketball, they can also be worn for weightlifting. The material and the structure of the shoes make them ideal for weightlifting. Converse shoes are less cushioned; thus, they provide more foot and grip. 

The flat sole is similar to barefoot, making you keep steady and keeping you planted on the ground. The overall features of Converse make it best for weightlifting. To know why Converse is suitable for weightlifting, I have listed them for you. 

Converse are Good for Ground Grip

Weightlifters need shoes that keep them stabilized and have an excellent grip on the ground so that they can maintain good posture and muscle alignment as they lift. Compared to other shoes, Converse has a thin bottom, unlike other shoes making it the best fit for weightlifting shoes. 

Converse has an Iconic and Stylish Design

Converse comes with a variety of colors, designs, and heights, and you can find a variety of options that suit your preference. As you may notice, COnverse has an iconic and timeless design that makes people want to buy it. If you consider looks while lifting then, COnverse is the right one for you. 

Converse are Comfortable

Converse are comfortable to wear as it is made with high-quality insoles. They might not be that comfy compared to other brands, but rest assured you won't have to worry about blisters and swellings as you wear Converse. Many weightlifters complain that the other brands make them uncomfortable. That is why they prefer using Converse to give them the best comfort, unlike others. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All HI TOP Star/Black Monochrome/Size Run AS1/Sz-3

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Converse is an Iconic Brand

Converse is not new in the market since they had been established in 1908. They have been known for creating good quality shoes for over a hundred years. Moreover, people prefer using Converse as it maintains an excellent reputation in making shoes. 

Converse are Affordable

Comfort, durability, and quality must not be taken for granted when you do weightlifting or powerlifting. Good quality shoes are the best investment. However, you need to note that to some, quality comes with a price. Good thing that Converse will never compromise what you need though it comes at a low cost.

Approximately you can own a pair of Converse around $50 to $60; that's a great deal for great shoes compared to other brands. The prices the Converse are offering will give you a great relief. You can find Converse in many local stores or on the Converse website, giving you great deals. Also, Converse comes with free shipping in return if the size doesn’t fit you well or you may not be satisfied with the product.

COnverse has a Great Feet Protection

In lifting, your feet are significant to consider as it has a substantial impact on the overall posture and affects your flexibility and lifting form. Your feet are vital in maintaining good balance while lifting and also help you stabilize and keep you intact on the ground. If you do not invest in proper and appropriate shoes for lifting, your feet may be damaged or affected. 

Converse are Easy To Find

Converse are everywhere. It is a well-known brand, and you can indeed purchase it around, whether online or in your local store. These shoes were established over a hundred years ago and are still selling in the market now. You won't have a problem looking for weightlifting sneakers that will only cost you money, and not all stores sell that, but if you look for Converse, you can easily buy it at a low price without compromising its quality. 

Converse are Less Cushioned

Converse is not the same as other shoes as Converse has less cushion. Less cushioned helps you stay balanced and helps you transfer force effectively. You may find most shoes come with excellent cushioning, which is beneficial for walking and running, but for weightlifting, cushions hinder your performance, making Converse the best choice. 

When doing squats and deadlifts, you must push up off the ground using your legs and feet. If you have cushioned shoes, you will be pushed down before you push off to the ground. Shoes like Converse will give you a direct push to the ground since it has fewer cushions, which keeps you stabilized. 

Wearing cushioned shoes is like lifting a mattress; you will have a problem stabilizing your squats and lifts. That is why Converse is the best shoe for your lifts. 

Converse has Flat Soles

You may find most shoes with curved soles, and these types of shoes are ideal for running, walking, and other sports. However, for powerlifters or for those who do weightlifting, a flatter sole is what they need. Flat soles give them a good ground grip and proper support.

Flat soles are particularly helpful for weightlifters. This shoe provides an efficient push off the ground. Converse comes with many high-top shoes that are good for arch support, and soles are very flat in comparison to other brands. Moreover, they are made with canvas making them lightweight. That is why many weightlifters like to wear Converse. 

It is essential that in weightlifting, you have a very comfortable foot with additional support to ensure good posture. Also, having quality and good shoes endures a proper muscle alignment for lifting. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Mule Slip On Low Top Sneaker Shoe White

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-On Women's Sneakers

Why Wear Converse for Leg Day?

Converse, is known for its flat soles, and when you do squats, flat heels help have an outstanding balance. When doing squats, thick heels will make you lean forward, giving you an unstabilized position. Thick heels may cause you injury when lifting or squatting. 

Note that shoes with flat soles will make your hips back to a greater degree during your lifting or squat movements. Flat sole shoes like Converse are good for leg days as they keep your feet closer to the ground, giving you a stabilized grip as you do your lifting movements.  

Flat soles make you aware of your weight, and you will know how to distribute your weight all over your body to keep you balanced. That is why for a leg day, Converse is the right choice for you. 

Are Converse Skate Shoes?

Converse are primarily created as basketball shoes. However, some find it suitable for skating. That is why Converse has innovated to construct shoes that are best for skating. Converse remastered their iconic sneakers made with extra durable materials that offer superior comfort while skating.

The Converse skateboard sneaker is made with quality cushioning to provide great foot comfort and impact absorption. Converse shoes also come with a rubber toe cap and traction rubber outsole. You can find a lot of Converse shoes for skateboarding; it includes Converse CTAS Pro, Converse One Star Pro, and Converse Louie Lopez Pro

All Converse skateboard sneakers are available in slip, low, and high-top styles. They are all created to provide style and comfort. These sneakers are designed for men and women and will surely give you an iconic and stylish look built with skateboard elements. 


Many athletes have widely patronized converse for over a century. Though it was created for basketball, it has been innovated to be used in other sports and activities like weightlifting and skateboarding. All Converse shoes are designed to give you the best comfort, protection, support, and durability that you are looking for.

Each shoe comes in different heights, colors, and designs that you will surely love depending on your activity and your preference.

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