Can Converse Be Washed?

Many are into using Converse shoes, and chances are, you may have a pair that you have been using for months or years, and you may want to clean it. These versatile shoes are a favorite, but they are prone to wear and tear and dirt like everyday shoes. However, note that there are many ways to make your shoes clean and look new again.

Converse shoes can be washed, but the washing depends on the materials of the shoes. For sneakers that are made with canvas, you can wash them with water or soap. However, for those made with leather and suede, you may need to dry clean it. Some home alternatives can be used and done while washing your Converse. 

If you don't know how to maintain your shoes or clean and turn them into white again, I can surely help you with that. I have researched and gathered information on how to clean them for your reference. Check them down below. 

Can Converse Go in the Washing Machine?

Others may do that, but Converse advises not to throw your Converse shoes in the washing machine or a drying machine as it may damage the shoes. Though others toss their sneakers in a washing machine, Converse discourages this one under any circumstance. 

However, if you prefer machine washing, you may put your Converse in a mesh wash bag or pillowcase to keep your shoes protected inside the washing machine. Note that you need to use a low temperature and a gentle cycle while doing machine wash. You may use mild detergent and avoid using fabric conditioners. 

How to Wash White Converse in the Washing Machine?

While the best way of cleaning your converse shoes is done by handwashing, you can still wash them in a washing machine. However, some steps need to be followed to have a safe machine wash process. You can use some household cleaning supplies to make your Converse shoes look new again. 

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Part 1 Prepare your Converse before Tossing in the Washing Machine

Step 1: Gather your cleaning Supplies.

If you want to make your Converse sneakers look new again, deep cleaning is essential. Before tossing it into the washing machine, you need to get and remove some dirt around your shoes manually. It would help if you got some stain remover, laundry detergent, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and a magic eraser to remove dirt and stains.

You can use towels or clean rags to scrub and lay out your shoes. Make sure that the cleaning supplies that you are using have no bleach in them. Though you have white pairs of sneakers, harsh chemicals may still cause discoloration. 

Step 2: Get a Clean Rag and Cleaning Solution.

You need to fill in a bucket of warm water and add enough soap. If you don't have a bucket, you can use soapy water to sink or bathtub. To add another extra cleaning power, you may add hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3: Remove the Dirty Shoelaces

To easily clean the shoelaces, you need to remove them first from your shoes. To quickly get rid of the dirt that hides in the tongue and the eyelets of your shoes, you need to remove the shoelace. You can set the shoelaces aside by placing them on a dry towel or rag.

Step 4: Let the Wet Mud or Dirt Dry.

If your shoes still have recent mud or dirt, you need to let them dry first because it's easier to get rid of dry mud. It may sound counterintuitive, but I guarantee you that it is easier to scrape dry dirt off your shoes than wet ones. 

You can smack your sneakers together to knock the mud off. You may also use a toothbrush or bristle brush to get the dry dirt away from your shoes.

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Step 5: Fill your Washing Machine with a Similar Color.

Since you are cleaning white Converse shoes, you need to use white towels or clothes to become a pad to prevent your shoes from bagging around the washing machine. Don't fill in the washing machine too high so that you won't get the full effects of the washing machine. It is best to use white clothes or towels to avoid getting them dirty or affected by your shoes.

Part 2 Cleaning Your Converse

Step 1: Soak your Converse on a Soapy Water Solution

Let your shoes sink in the water for several minutes so that the soap and hydrogen peroxide will sink into the canvas fabric. After soaking but with a soapy water solution, you can lay your Converse shoes in a clean towel. Since most shoes are made with canvas in cotton, you need not worry about them getting soaked. If your shoes have grease from the bike, you can add baby powder hair spray with alcohol to your shoes before it gets soaked.

Step 2: Dip the Rag into the Water and Scrub your Converse.

You can start scrubbing your Converse shoes with a rag to remove lighter stains. If the rag doesn't work, you can use a soft brush to scrape away dirt. You can brush away the dirt in a circular motion to get a deeper cleaning. You can use stain remover sticks and apply them to the dirty area for added cleaning power. To lift the stain, you can use a magic Eraser to both fabric and rubber parts of the shoes.

Step 3: Scrub the Rubber Parts of the Converse.

If you have tough dirt or bike grease on your shoe rubber, you can get a toothbrush, a cup of water, and baking soda. Be mindful not to overly scratch the rubber strips at the bottom of the shoes since they may break and start to peel off.

Step 4: Put the Laces in a Bottle of Stain Remover.

In cleaning your shoelace, you can soak them in a cleaning solution, but you can use a spray bottle to avoid destroying and damaging the plastic strips. Insert your shoelaces inside the spray bottle and screw the lid back on with the tips hanging out.

You can let the shoelaces sit in the bottle for a minute and then shake it for 30 seconds. You can now remove your laces in the bottle; make sure to clean them before drying them out thoroughly.

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Step 5: Toss your Converse Inside the Washing Machine

A Mesh bag may not be needed, but it is best to keep your shoes from bouncing around too much and avoid hurting the washing machine. You can use your used clothes to sandwich your shoes for extra padding. Set your washing machine in a gentle cycle and use cold water to prevent color discoloration.

Step 6: Dry your Converse Shoes.

In drying your Converse shoes, it is best to dry them indoors so the sunlight will not damage the fabric. You can sit your Converse in a bright, warm, dry place to get it dried. Make sure to lay flat your converse in a clean towel.

How to Wash Black Converse in the Washing Machine?

You can wash your Converse shoes in the washing machine, and you may think that washing black Converse is easy compared to the white ones, it's not. It would help if you were still careful since you may be using detergents and cleaning solutions that may ruin the canvas and cause discoloration. 

Before tossing your black Converse in the washing machine, you should follow some steps first. 

Step 1: Remove the Shoelace and Insoles.

To thoroughly clean your shoes, you should remove your shoelaces and insoles first. It is best to clean your shoes inside and out. To get your shoe cleaner, you should remove the laces and inserts so they can be washed separately. 

Step 2: Pre-treat your Shoes with Stain Remover.

If your shoes have deep dirt, grease, and food stains, it is essential to pretreat your shoe first. You can spray a stain remover in the dirty part and let it sit for a recommended amount of time before washing them. If your shoes have a deeply saturated color, you need to test the stain remover first. You can spray it inside the tongue of your shoes; if there is discoloration or if the color seems to lighten, don't use it. You can brush the excess dirt from the shoes because it may clog in your washing machine.

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Step 3: Place the Shoes, Laces, and Insoles Inside the Washable Bag.

Before putting your Converse shoes in the washing machine, you need to put them first inside a delicate bag or even a pillowcase tied on top. Placing them in a washable bag will protect your shoes and keep the washing machine pummelled during the washing cycle.

Step 4: Wash on a Gentle Cycle

To loosen the dirt and stains on your shoes, you need to use warm water. You can also use cool water if you are worried about keeping your shoes bright in color. However, do not use hot water, no matter how stained your shoes are. The extreme heat will loosen the glue that holds your shoes together and may cause them to fall apart faster than they should. You can use the detergent when washing your clothes but do not wash your clothes with your Converse since it may damage delicate fabrics.

Step 5: Let your Converse Shoes Dry in the Air.

It is not recommended to let your shoes go on a dryer; the best way of drying them is to air dry. Also, do not let your shoes dry in direct sunlight; it may cause discoloration on your shoes and cause them to fall apart by damaging the glue in your shoes. The best thing you need to do is stuff them with newspaper and let them dry on a warm and well-ventilated spot. You can replace the insoles and laces when they are fully dry. 

How to Wash Leather Converse in the Washing Machine?

A washing machine is okay for fake leather, but for genuine leather, it is not advisable. It may damage the leather and may cause it to fade out and crack. Instead, you can use other options like shoe polish, cleaning rags, and shoe brush to keep it in great shape.

Step 1: Remove the Shoelace and Insoles.

To fully access the entire leather surface, you need to remove the shoelaces and the insoles. If your shoelaces are made with nylon or cotton, you can wash them in the washing machine. If they are made with leather, you can wash them with the same leather washing instructions that I will provide.

Step 2: Remove the Dirt with a Brush

Using a brush, you need to brush away the dirt from the sole, tongue, and outside of the shoes. Then you need to wet cotton or microfiber and make sure to squeeze out the excess water. Then wipe the whole shoe, excluding the sole. 

For deep dirt that sits, you can create a cleaning solution by mixing water with mild laundry detergent. Apply a generous amount of water and detergent mixture to the shoe surface. You may rub it with a rag to remove the dirt and then wipe them with a clean rag. Once clean, remove much moisture from the shoes and allow them to air dry.

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Step 3: Clean the Shoes Thoroughly

You can rewet the rag and squeeze it to remove the moisture, and you may scrub the sole until it's clean. If the soles are filthy, you can apply laundry detergent to the rag, work it into leather and wash the soles. Once clean, remove the moisture in the shoe using a rag. 

Step 4: Clean the Interior

The interior of the shoes must be cleaned, and make sure to wipe the insoles with a dampened rag. Allow them to be completely dry by reinserting. While drying the insoles, you can turn your shoes upside down to shake out any dust, dirt, or debris. You can wipe the inside with a dampened rag, or you may vacuum it. 

Step 5: Apply Shoe Polish

When your Converse shoes are completely dry, you can add shoe polish to them but make sure they match the shoe color. Use a small amount of shoe polish and brush to spread the polish evenly across all the shoe surfaces. You can then buff it using a clean rag. Continue to polish until desired sure has been achieved.

Can Converse Get Wet?

Converse shoes are not waterproof; they can get wet, especially if you are using them in a moist environment. Chances are your shoes can quickly get wet, especially during winter. However, the company innovated Gore-Tex technology in their classic Chuck Taylor, One Star, and Fastbreak to offer waterproof shoes.

The waterproof unisex collection of Converse shoes come with five unisex black, and white designs are all created with Durable Water Repellant (DWR) that comes with a trendy Off-White-inspired aesthetic. Finally, you can now have trendy Converse shoes without worrying about getting your feet wet, especially during winter.

Can you Wear Converse in the Rain?

You can wear Converse in the rain if you use their Converse Waterproof Shoes, as it is made to repel water. The company has innovated some of its shoes to hold up in the rain. They have re-engineered the classic silhouette with waterproof leather upper, great outsoles, and inners. You can now play or walk in the rain without worrying about your shoes.

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Will Converse Get Ruined in the Rain?

Fabrics can quickly get wet and feel heavy when wet; since most Converse shoes use canvas, they may quickly get ruined once soaked wet all the time. If you typically work in a damp environment, you can choose waterproof Converse shoes, as there are many options to choose from. 

Can you Bleach your White Converse?

You may bleach on your white shoes, but it is not considered a delicate cleaning process and keeping your shoes white and clean. If you prefer using bleach though it may not be the safest option, I can give you steps and details on cleaning your Converse with bleach.

Step 1

Use the bleach and take 50 ml of the agent.

Step 2 

Create a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste.

Step 3 

Add warm water to make it a runny paste.

Step 4

Apply the mixture all over the shoes and soak them for a couple of hours.

Step 5

Wash your shoes using cold water, or you may use a washing machine.

Step 6

You can alternatively use lemon on your shoes as it also has natural bleaching properties. You can rub the lemon and sprinkle the baking soda all over your shoes. Please note that bleach may make your shoes old and faded. 

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Can Converse Go in the Dryer?

Converse shoes should not go on a dryer since it may crack the rubber and cause damage to the whole shoe. Putting them in a dryer will warp the rubber soles, and the canvas may shrink. Putting them in a dryer will damage the glue that holds them together. 

The safest and best way to dry your shoes is by naturally drying them in the air. You can insert crumpled paper inside it and place it in a warm and well-ventilated area. 


Though Converse shoes are durable and known for their high quality, their longevity also depends on your care for them. Improper washing of your Converse shoes may result in discoloration, warping the canvas, fabric shrinking, and may cause shoe damage. 

There are many ways to wash your shoes, and that depends on the materials the shoes are made of. Proper wash care is vital in shoe performance.

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