How To Break In Your Converse Sneakers!

I think you would agree that many people like to wear Converse shoes, if not since they are not into sneakers, would know or have the idea how durable and high quality these shoes are. You may have purchased a new pair of Converse shoes, and you are very excited to wear them. However, You find the canvas hard, and you want to break in the shoes before using it in a particular event.

There are many ways on how to break in your Converse shoes. You can wear it around your house first to slightly break in your shoes. You can also freeze your shoes because when the shoe freezes, it expands.  You can also try to heat it with a blower, or you may use a shoe stretcher. 

Breaking in your shoes is very important so that when you want to use your shoes in an event or where you are going, you will find them comfortable to wear. You will not worry about having a painful or uncomfortable shoe experience. 

Most Converse shoe canvas may not be as soft as it is new, but the canvas will surely soften after several uses. To know more about breaking in your shoes, I have listed some details for your reference.

How To Break In  Your Converse Shoes?

When buying a new pair of shoes, even though you have purchased the correct size, you might inevitably find them killing your feet due to their stiff fabric. However, you don't need to return your shoes or use them since a little bit of fixing and breaking in is all you need—breaking in is getting your feet used to the shoes. 

Here are 4 steps you can take to break in your Converse sneakers

Wear You Converse Shoes Around Your House

Step 1 Wear your Shoes Around Your House

Wearing your shoes around the house is the easiest way to break in your shoes slightly. Before you use them out, you may first try to wear them inside your home, like walking upstairs, in the kitchen, standing around when cooking dinner, playing with kids, sitting down, or when just roaming around the house. 

Step 2 Wear your Shoes Often

When buying a new pair of shoes, you may find it painful to wear at first. However, to alter the shoe's frame to fit your foot, you may need to use them more often. You can wear it for ten minutes each day and try it for a couple of days. You will see the difference as days go by.

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Step 3 Bring Your Converse Shoes At Work

If you have no time to wear your shoes at home, you can bring them to work. You can wear your old shoes while going to work, but if you are sitting at your work table, you can change them with your new pair of shoes for a break-in. Doing this method while at work will be the easiest way of breaking in your shoes while saving time. 

Step 4 Wear Your Converse Shoes with Socks.

The size of the sock will help stretch out the frame of the shoe. Also, socks will prevent your feet from blisters when getting into your new pair of shoes. You can wear socks that are a little bigger than the socks you usually wear. If you are used to wearing non cushioned socks when breaking in, you can wear heavy cushioned socks.

Freeze You Converse Shoes

Step 1 Fill In The Sandwich Bag With Water

Try to look at a bag and fill it in half full of water. Try to find a big enough bag to put pressure on your shoes as they expand when frozen. When sealing your plastic bag, make sure to remove the air so you can easily mold it and fill it inside your shoes when it's frozen. 

Note that this process includes placing your shoes in the freezer. Also, there might be instances that your shoes may become wet but don't worry since Converse are durable and won't get easily destroyed when wet. 

Step 2 Put Each Bags inside Your Converse Shoes

You may now put your plastic bags inside your Converse shoes. Ensure that the seal is tightly locked to avoid spills because you may be surprised to check that your shoes are full of ice once it spills. 

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Step 3 Place Your Converse SHoes in a Sealed Plastic Bag

To protect your shoes from outside moisture, you need to put your shoes inside a bigger plastic bag before putting them into the freezer. 

Step 4 Wait For About 3 to 4 Hours

It would help if you waited for a couple of hours to allow the water inside your shoes to freeze. When the water inside your shoe freezes, it expands and makes your shoes stretch a bit. Note that water expands as in frozen. The advantage of using water compared to a shoe stretcher is that water adjusts to the form inside your shoes. 

Step 5 Take Your Converse Shoes Out of the Freezer

you may now take your Converse shoes from the freezer since the water inside the plastic bag was now frozen.

Step 6 Take The Plastic Bag out of Your Converse Shoes

You may now take the plastic bags filled with ice inside your Converse shoes. You may not take it easily since it's solid ice; you may way for a few minutes to easily slide it out from your shoes.

Step 7 Try Wearing Your Converse Shoes

Before trying your shoes, leave them first for a few minutes until they are warm, and you may now use them for whatever activity you have. 

Try Heating Your Shoes

Step 1 Try Wearing your Converse Shoes for 10 Minutes

To prepare your shoes, you may wear them for around 10 minutes.

Step 2 Take Off Your Converse Shoes and Manually Stretch Them

You may bend your shoes backward and downwards a couple of times if the shoe permits. Doing this is a manual way of breaking in your shoes. 

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Step 3 Heat Your Shoes with a Hairdryer

Please note that heat is not best advised for Converse shoes; however, the heat must not be too much. Heating the shoes will expand the materials, especially if you are heating Converse shoes made with leather.  The heat will cause the leather in your shoes to be supple. You may heat your shoes with a minimal heat level for about 2-3 minutes. 

Step 4 Wear Your Shoes

After heating your shoes, you may wear them for around 10 minutes so the fabric will adjust to your feet.

Step 5 Repeat Heat Treatments

You may repeat doing the heat treatment because repeating it a couple of times will make your shoes more comfortable when worn. 

Shoe Stretcher

Step 1 Use a Shoe Stretcher

Using a SHoe stretcher will help in making your shoes a little less tight. After using a shie stretcher, make sure to wear your shoes, or else they will lose their shape.

Use a Potato

Step 1 Peel off Large Potatoes

You may place the potatoes inside the cavities of your shoes, and you may leave them overnight and remove them in the morning. This method will give an added stretch to your shoes.

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Stretchy Spray

Step 1 Spray Your Shoes With Stretch Spray

You can purchase a stretch spray or solution and use it on your shoes. Make sure to follow the instructions well. The instructions will give you the step-by-step process of how to stretch your shoes.

Do Converse Stretch?

Converse stretch a bit; you may find it painful when worn at first since the canvas is slightly stiff if new. However, it stretches a bit in the long run, and you will find it more comfortable to wear. After wearing them a few times, they may stretch out a bit, and the canvas softens. 

If you have a problem stretching your Converse shoes, I have listed some ideas for you.

Thick Socks

Wearing thick socks while wearing Converse shoes is the easiest way of stretching the shoes. USing socks will slowly push the material; it won't hurt your feet, and you are not doing some alternatives that may destroy your shoes.


To stretch the materials of the shoe, you may stuff them with socks or newspapers. You need to make sure to push them right until the end of the shoes, and your stuffings must be sufficient to expand the shoes. You may leave it stretched overnight before removing the stuffing. If it needs a little more stretch, you may repeat the same process. 

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Just like freezing, exposing your shoes to heat will expand the shoe fabric. You need to wear your Converse shoes that use the hairdryer to warm the areas to stretch. You may need to wiggle your toes while warming your shoes to expand the shoe material. Keep using your shoes on until it cools off so that the shoes will remain stretched out for a longer time. 


The fabric of your Converse shoes may be a little bit stiff if new, so you may need to wash them so that the material will quickly soften. The first thing that you need to do is to separate the shoelaces from the shoes. Then soak the shoes in warm water with mild soap. After that, put your Converse shoes in a warm and well-ventilated area to naturally dry them by exposing them to the air. 


When purchasing your Converse shoes, you may inevitably feel a little pain while wearing them since the shoe materials are stiff at first. It would help if you did some break-in or stretching before wearing it outside to become more comfortable when worn. There are many ways of doing break-ins and stretching, depending on what you think is easier.

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