Are Converse Bad For Your Feet?

Over the years, Converse was never out in the market. People still prefer wearing Converse shoes for basketball use, skateboarding, and street style fashion. The shoes are known for their durability and high quality. 

However, this might be your first purchase, or you are planning to buy a new pair of Converse shoes for the first time. You might be curious whether their shoes are good or bad for your feet. 

Though Converse shoes are high quality and durable, these sneakers may cause heel pain, tendonitis, stress fractures, and inflammation. Converse may provide good cushioning and shock absorption, but its shoe bed is flat. Converse having a flat sole could be a piece of bad news for your feet. 

However, you need not worry even though Converse has a flat sole because you can insert an insole inside the converse shoes to provide additional support. 

To get to know more about how good or bad Converse are for your feet, I have prepared more details to check to keep you informed. Kindly read them below.

Why Does Converse Hurt My Feet?

Your Converse shoes may hurt your feet, especially if you have low arched feet. Low arched feet have tight calf muscles and will flatten when not supported. It will lead to the stretching of the ligaments and will damage the tendons and other soft tissues. Other issues may also occur, like back, knee, and hip pains. 

If you still prefer using or wearing your Converse shoes, you can get rid of the painful feeling by inserting insoles. The padding will add additional support and comfort. 

You can still pull off your outfit with your Converse shoes without worrying about your feet by using insoles. 

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Is Converse Bad For Your Arch? 

Converse shoes are known to have flat soles. If you have flat feet, this could be bad news for you. However, you can add insoles to get rid of your worries. As you may know, flat sole shoes offer minimal arch support and cushioning. These shoes may not be well suited to all-day use for some people without insoles. 

Converse may not be best recommended to be used for 8 to 10 hours walking since it will only cause you pain. It's good that Converse has a more stable shank, and they have remodeled their shoe's interior and sole to provide better arch support. 

To keep your feet away from pain, you may use orthotic insoles, so you may continue wearing your favorite shoes without a hassle. 

How to Make Your Converse Shoes Comfortable?

To keep your feet from discomfort and pain, you should try loosening up your shoes, use a pair of socks, and you need to wash them. These processes will help you feel relieved and comfortable. I have listed some details below for you to check.

Loosen the Laces

You may feel discomfort while wearing your Converse shoes because you have not loosened the laces or your laces are too tight. It is best if you loosen the laces a bit all the way down to the shoe tongue. 

You can also loosen the laces on the last two holes at the top because loosening all the holes may make your shoes appear wider. However, if you'd like to loosen all the laces in the holes, you can still do so but not too much, just enough to give your feet a comfortable loss. 

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New Shocks

Some may experience pain or discomfort while wearing their Converse shoes since they do not use socks. Since Comverse has a flat sole and may have a stiff fabric when new, you can wear a good pair of socks. 

When looking for it, you must check good quality socks that will add breathability to your feet since Converse has less ventilation compared to other shoes. 

You can find socks that are breathable with fewer cushions. Though cushioned socks are best, not the Converse has a narrow and slim structure, so fully cushioned socks may give you a bulky feeling. Instead, you can use lightweight socks that provide you with comfort and protection.

Give Them A Wash

You may find the fabric of the Converse shoes a little bit uncomfortable as it may be stiff if not washed or it is new. To make the fabric slightly softer, you need to wash them. Though Converse shoes will soften after several uses, you can speed up this process by cleaning them.

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Note that when you wash your Converse shoes, make sure that you wash them with warm water and not hot water. Hot water will make the fabric stiffer as it may shrink. Also, hot water may damage the gum rubber soles of your shoes. In addition to that, Avoid using harsh detergents and fabric softener as it will only damage your shoe fabric. 

Add Insoles

Insoles are one of the best alternatives if you are not comfortable with the flat soles of Converse. Insoles will provide additional cushioning, support, and comfort on your feet. You can insert the insoles on your shoes so you may now enjoy wearing your Converse shoes without thinking of heel pains. 


Converse may be of high quality, but some would testify that Converse may be bad for your feet, especially if you have a sensitive one. If you have flat feet, these shoes are not best recommended, but you may be able to wear them still if you insert insoles inside the shoes for additional support and cushions. 

One of the reasons your feet hurt when you wear Converse is because the laces are tightened up, and the canvas is stiff. You can wash them to soften the fabric and wear socks to make it comfortable.

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