Can Converse Be Business Casual?

Sneakers have been an icon for casual clothing. It is primarily made for gym use in the sports field, and for years, wearing sneakers became unethical, especially if working in an office. Over the years, you can see in many offices that the standard of footwear must be black shoes or any formal shoes. 

You can never see office workers wearing sneakers since it denotes an informal look. However, fashion and traditional clothing for office wear have evolved.

Converse sneakers could be business casual depending on your business and office dress code. Many companies or offices shifted their dress code and allowed their employees to wear casual clothing. So wearing sneakers in the office is now acceptable, but wearing them needs careful choice to match your sneakers and dress.

Nowadays, offices have become more casual, and sneakers are becoming more commonplace.

If you have no idea about business casual attires that suit your sneakers, business casual sneaker materials, or styles of the business casual sneaker to wear, I got you. Let's look at some options and choices below!

Ways on How to Wear Your Converse Shoes for Business Casual Attire

There are a lot of ways on how to style your business casual outfit. You can pair it with denim, suit, semi-formal, or collar shirts. You can pull your best casual attire paired with your Converse shoes as long as you have the best ensembles. I have listed some business casual outfits and what are the best Converse shoes to match each.

Denim Business Casual Outfit

If you are into denim, the best Converse shoes you will wear is White Chuck Taylor All-Star. You can pair it with your denim or blue button-down shirt paired with your black jeans.

Converse Men's Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Camo High Top Sneaker, Optical White, 12 Women/10 Men

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

It is preferable to use high-top Converse shoes to pull off the denim business casual look. This look is best for college-going guys, and a casual office look. 

Converse in a Suit Outfit

Most people may find it awkward to pair your suits with Converse; however, if you have the confidence to wear them, then it's okay.

You can pull it off as a casual business outfit by pairing your black Converse shoes with a black or grey suit. The best height for your Converse shoes is a low-top Black Chuck Taylor All-Star with black high socks.

Converse Sneakers for Groomsmen

All weddings have their styles and motifs. As you may notice in some weddings, you can see that some groomsmen are wearing Converse paired with a tux or suit. You may also see this type of outfit on Pinterest since many are into this; if you are one of those who would like to wear Converse at a wedding, you can surely pull off this outfit.

If the wedding motif is black, red, or pink, you can also choose the same colors of sneaker. You can choose between High top Chuck Taylor All-Star or Lowtop Chuck Taylor All-Star. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from depending on the theme of the wedding. 

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Black Sneakers - 7 Men 9 Women

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic Sneakers

Converse with Semi-Formal Look

If you are going to a wedding or official party, you can use Converse sneakers for your semi-formal look. You can wear a formal jacket or blazer with a mandarin white shirt inside. You can have the same color as the formal jacket and straight pants to have an excellent semi-formal look. 

You can wear dark-colored formal jackets and straight pants like burgundy, grey, black, dark brown, or navy blue. You can wear a white mandarin shirt inside paired with white COnverse sneakers. You can choose either High-top Chuck Taylor All-Star or Lowtop Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Collar Shirt with Converse

If you prefer wearing collared shirts, it can also be paired with COnverse sneakers and black denim pants to pull off simple business casual attire.

You can wear chequered shirts, gingham, white button-downs, or you can wear dark tones or a collared shirt. You can wear White Chuck Taylor All-Star with this business casual look that will give you a slightly retro vibe. 

Styles Of Business Casual Sneaker

Lace-Up Sneakers

For business casual outfits worn in workplaces, their best shoes that offer excellent fit are sneakers. Lace-up sneakers have a more casual look compared to slip-on shoes. In looking for casual business sneakers, you need to look for neutral colors and leather materials to help you give that clean office look. There are several sneaker choices that you may consider in pulling off a business casual outfit.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cx Hi Black/Clear/Wild Mango Men's 8.5, Women's 10.5 Medium

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Low Top Sneaker

Low-top sneakers are the best to choose from if you want to have a simple casual look. Low-top sneaks are versatile and can easily be paired with jeans, a t-shirt, tapered pants, and a blazer. To keep a formal look in the office, it is best that you can choose a neutral color like gray or brown.

The good thing about Converse is that they have a variety of Lowtop sneakers that come in various colors, and you can also customize them depending on your preference.

High-Top Sneakers

When comparing high-top and low-top sneakers, the high-top's best choice is more fashion-forward than the low-top. High Top is great for a business casual look and is the best casual shoe choice.

To pull up a man-looking statement for your casual look that comes with style, you can choose a variety of Converse high-top sneakers that come in different colors and styles. 


Slip-on sneakers are somewhat a combination of a sneaker and a loafer. In comparison to the sneaker, slip-on offers a combining comfort, sleek design, and formal look.

You can choose a variety of Converse Slip-On sneakers on their website or many local Converse stores and distributors. These slip-on sneakers come in different colors, designs, styles, and you can customize them depending on your preference. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Mule Slip On Low Top Sneaker Shoe White

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-On Women's Sneakers

What to Consider when Wearing Sneakers for Business Casual Attire?

In wearing sneakers for business casual attire, you need to consider the simplicity of the shoes, tailoring, and suit. I have gathered detailed information so you can pull off the best business casual look. 

Consider Simplicity

In pulling off a good business casual outfit, start by matching your sneakers to a simple look. You can try using slacks and one colored button-down shirt matched with neutral leather sneakers. Matching your sneakers with one colored button-down shirt and slacks offers a trendy and office-appropriate look. 

Consider Good Tailoring

When wearing your business casual outfit, it is best to pair your sneakers with a well-tailored suit or outfit. Wearing baggy clothes will only give you an unkempt look. Baggy clothes accentuate the more casual nature of the sneaker. 

Converse Men's Chuck Taylor All Star Slip Sneaker, Papyrus/White/Black, 4 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-On Men's Sneakers
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Consider Wearing Formal Attire

You should wear sneakers with a formal suit or attire such as a well-fitting suit to create a combination of formal and casual looks. Sneakers offer a casual look and a formal suit that provides a perfect balance of business casual looks. 

Best Converse Sneakers for Business Casual Look

If you have no idea what Converse sneakers to choose from, Converse offers the best sneakers for your casual look. They have slip-ons and lace-ups that suit your choice for your outfit. I have listed the best lace-up and slip-ons for men and women to have a reference on the best option. 

Slip Ons

Best Slip-ons for Men

The best slip-on sneakers for your casual look is the Custom Chuck Taylor All-Star Double Gore Slip By You. This sneaker is made with lightweight and durable canvas with a lightly padded footbed that offers everyday comfort when working in an office. 

It comes with a fixed tongue that makes it easier for you to slide in and out of your sneakers. These sneakers also come in various colors for your preference, and you can also customize them depending on your choice. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Slip On Sneaker, Butter Yellow/White/Black, 5.5 M US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Women's Sneakers
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Best Slip-ons for Women

Custom Chuck Taylor All-Star Double Gore Slip By You is one of the best slip-ons for women. These sneakers are made with lightweight material and durable canvas material.

It has a lightly padded footbed that makes you have a comfortable day at work. These sneakers also come with easy slipping in and on due to their fixed tongue feature. You can also customize these sneakers from the rubber to the lining. 


Best Lace-Up Sneakers for Men 

The best lace-up sneakers for men is the Chuck Taylor All-Star. These high-top Converse sneakers are best recommended as it is more fashion-forward compared to low-top sneakers. The upper canvas material of these sneakers is durable and lightweight. It has a timeless silhouette that you will surely love and a high profile for classic coverage. 

You can choose different colors as Converse has many colored shoes to choose from. With Converse high-top sneakers, you can surely pull off your desired casual look without compromising your feet' comfort.

Best Lace-Up Sneakers for Women 

If you prefer wearing lace-up sneakers that offer an extra layer of comfort, you can try wearing Chuck 70. By pairing your business casual outfit with these sneakers, you are giving you a look of 1970 heritage design forward with premium comfort, durability, and fit. 

Converse Chuck 70/EGRET/String/Barel Y Volt/Size Run AS1/Sz-3

Converse All Star '70s High Top Women's Sneakers
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This sneaker comes with a good comfort insole that gives extra arch support and stability. Wearing these shoes will add an iconic, stylish, and vintage look to your overall outfit. 


Wearing sneakers for office may not be the standard way of wearing shoes for work, but nowadays, this style is already acceptable to many. Most companies allow wearing sneakers as long as they give you a business casual look. 

Many would pair their Converse sneakers with a suit, button-down shirts, and tux. Others would use their Converse in a formal gathering like weeding and business parties, but pulling off the best business casual outfit comes with good ensembles on what best suit and pants to wear. Converse offers a variety of lace-up and slip-on sneakers that best suits your casual look.

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