Converse, Your Questions Answered!

Over a century, Converse has still been on the top list of best sneakers in words. Its timeless and iconic design is still highly patronized by many. You might be one of the many who has been wearing Converse for years, or you might be just planning to buy a new pair for the first time. Of course, it is expected that you may have many questions to ask before purchasing a new one. 

Most questions about Converse are out of curiosity, like why it has side holes. The medial eyelets increase the airflow of the shoes to keep them breathable. You may also ask why it is called Chucks because it is named after Chuck Taylor. If you may ask about the Converse logo, it symbolizes progress and energy. 

Questions about Converse shoes are normal since people are curious why it has unique features and why this shoe brand still stands even though it was introduced a century ago. 

Today, Converse is widely used by many in any walk of life, so if you plan to purchase one and still have some questions in mind, I have searched and gathered details for you to check. 

Why Does Converse Have Side Holes?

You may have noticed that your Converse shoes have side holes, and you may be questioning why these side holes are there? 

The side holes on Converse shoes are there to provide your feet with ventilation and also give a distinct design to your Converse shoes. 

I want to share further details about the side holes of Converse shoes; keep on reading.

Converse Side Holes Provides Shoe Ventilation

The side holes in the Converse shoes are the medial eyelets used to provide ventilation in the feet. The medial eyelet increases the airflow on your feet to keep the shoes breathable and keep your feet cool. 

Since Converse is initially made for basketball use, the side holes allow the air to get into the shoes and pass through. The side holes on your Converse shoes will help stop your feet from becoming sweaty. And also to avoid foot problems that were caused by sweaty feet. 

Converse Men's Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Camo High Top Sneaker, Optical White, 12 Women/10 Men

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

Converse Side Holes Provides Added Support

Converse Shoes have primarily been designed and created for basketball. You may notice that Converse has side holes, and they are made to add shoe support. Converse put an eyelet on the shoes so basketball players can double loop their shoes to provide added support while playing the game. 

Converse Side Holes Allows You To be Imaginative with Shoe Lacing

One of the uses of the side holes of Converse shoes is to make you imaginative when it comes to your shoe lacing techniques. You can put shoelaces on the side holes to give your shoes a different design and fit. 

You can be creative with your lacing techniques by being innovative with using your laces in the side holes.

Why are Converse Called Chucks?

You may hear that most people do not use the word Converse; instead, they call the shoe Chucks. That is because they are named after Charles "Chuck" Taylor. The Chuck Taylor All-Stars Converse shoes are the first basketball shoes endorsed by a celebrity. 

Though Chucks is one of the most popular basketball shoes, only a few know who these shoes were named after. To get into details why these shoes are called Chucks, Kindly check more below.

The Early Years of Chucks

The story of Converse shoes began in 1908 in the Marquis Mills when the Converse Rubber Company founded it. The company innovated to design and develop a forerunner of the modern All-Star shoes marketed as "Non-Skid." In 1917, Converse All-Star became an elite basketball shoe made with original canvas and rubber construction materials. 

In the late 1920s, Charles Hollis Taylor, known as Chuck Taylor, went into the company complaining that his All-Star shoes made his feet sore due to wearing them. During those times, he played for The Akron Firestones team. The company has adopted all his suggestions in the shoe design. 

The company improved the support and flexibility of the sneakers. Also, they have innovated to add an ankle patch to make the shoes unique and to have an attractive look. The company started to produce the shoes employing all the suggestions and ideas provided by Chuck. 

At those times, the sale of Converse was not that high, but due to the suggestions provided by Chucks, the sale went up and gradually increased. 

The Converse Rubber Company thinks that they need to promote Chuck to become the new model of the shoe company since the redesigning ideas are from him. Also, Chuck is in the basketball industry; when he becomes the company's new face, many basketball players will consider these shoes purposely developed for sport. Also, his presence will make it easier for the company to secure a market presence. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star/Black/Gold Mandarin/White/Size Run D2/Women Sz-5

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox Sneakers

The company continues to innovate its shoes, and in 1932, they included an All-Star logo in the circular patch of the shoes together with Chuck's signature. The signature of Chuck Taylor in the Converse shoes gained massive popularity and became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars. 

With that history, Chuck's name became one of the faces and signatures of the Converse Shoe Company. 

Chucks as People's Word for Converse Shoes

Since the Converse shoes that were redesigned through the ideas of Chuck Taylor became famous, people have tried to call them Chucks. Since the face of Converse All-Stars is Chuck Taylor, they associated the product with him and called it Chucks as a simplified name for All-Star Converse shoes. 

Though Converse never uses Chucks in their catalogs and shoe boxes, people still associate their Converse All-Star to Chuck Taylor since he is the one who popularised it. However, you can see that in the boxes, catalogs, and other marketing, the name is Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. 

People are now using Chucks and it has become a popular noun referring to a pair of Converse All-Star sneakers. As the pair of original Chuck Taylor increases globally, people can easily understand the word Chucks associated with Converse shoes. 

Why is the Converse Logo Inside?

The Converse logo patch inside the Converse shoes confirms that the shoe is original. Suppose you can see a logo patch outside the Converse shoes, then it's fake. A logo outside the shoes may be a fake model or can be used as an exclusion criterion. The original pair of Converse shoes always have the round logo inside.

The logo patch inside the converse shoes is placed inside its low top. If it's a hightop, it is located in the ankle part. The logo patch inside the Converse shoes is typically thin. 

The diameter of the original Converse shoe logo is 4.6 cm. You can spot a fake one since fake COnverse has a smaller logo. On the logo patch of Converse shoes, you can see the uppercased Converse All-Star model Chuck Taylor. 

The five-pointed star in the center of it has the typical Converse look. The original Converse has the logo placed at the center of the rubber patch, and it cannot be detached from the fabric though you may rub or kink it hard. 

Converse Mens Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Space Explorer Sneaker, White/Dolphin/Black Camo, 6.5

Converse Street Leather High Top Men's Sneakers

Did Converse Change its Logo Placement?

If you are sneakerheads and have always been a fan of Converse, you may notice that the company logo has been redesigned over the years. In general, Converse already has six logo options though it hasn't had a permanent label since the beginning of its career. 

Converse had used inscriptions in 1932 as they launched All-Star. It gained popularity, so the company decided to associate the Converse logo with a star sign. The company then decided to use the star as the permanent logo based on the star in 1962. To know more about the Converse logo, I will give you more information about it below. 

The first Converse logo that has the star symbol was introduced in 1963. The logo has a subtle and minimalistic design. The logo has a rectangular shape with a small five-pointed star, then the word Converse follows it. The star symbolizes excellence and symbolizes the high quality of the product. 

The background of the logo is in light gray while the Converse name, together with the small star, is in black. This first logo was used from 1963 until 1977.

By 1977, Converse had changed its logo wherein the emblem prevails, and the star prevails as it appears bigger in the logo. The star in the logo becomes bigger wherein it is placed inside the square with a rounded corner. The star inside the round black square shape is white, which stands out with the black square background. 

Under the star is the name Converse, written in black uppercased letters. The name Converse is in bold san-serif, while the letter "n" is in lowercase. This logo was used from 1977 to 2003.

The appearance of the new trademark happened in the year 2007. The five-pointed star logo was black, and it is placed inside the circle with a white background. Though the central element, the star, is small, the new logo design creates a unique impression of a spacious layout. 

Under the circle and star is the inscription "Converse," which is in thin font identical to Zoria Bold. All are in upper case letters aside from the letter "n" in lowercase. This Converse logo was used from 2003 until 2007.

By 2007 the company started to redesign the logo again. The new label has a classic star next to the chevron, forming an open triangle with two broad stripes. The star, which is the central element, has a peculiar placement as it is located sideways, wherein it stands as one beam only, unlike the previous one.  

The star looks like it stands with one beam only. The Company's name is placed at the bottom of the symbols, and the letter style is identical to the previous one. This logo was used from 2007 until 2011. 

The appearance of the Converse logo became more progressive as it meets fashion trends and practicality. The new logo was a combination of graphics and texts. The five-point star symbol is inscribed inside the letter "O" of the word Converse. It still maintains its font the same as the previous one. This new logo became a minimalistic label of the brand. This logo was used from 2011 until 2017. 

The new Converse logo was redesigned to return to the previous 1970 logo, which became the central marking in the 2010s. The change in the logo is insignificant though the chevron and the star were reduced in size, and the color was increased to coal black. Also, the font of the word "Converse" was changed into Typold Extended Black. 

All the letters are in uppercase. This new version is somewhat practical because it looks good in advertisements like magazines, fabric labels, and tags. This Converse logo has been used from 2017 until now. 

How to Tell Between a Fake from Real Converse?

Over the center, Converse has grown into iconic and classic sneakers that everyone loves. Sad to say that there are copycats, and many imitate these shoes at a lower price. You may spot one since they are a low price and have some more odd features.

 Imitation is disturbing since you may not know that the COnverse you may be purchasing is fake. It is best to know how to tell fake and original Converse to prevent yourself from being scammed and buying a fake one as we all know fake ones won't last long. 

If you don't know how to check which is fake and original, you may just be wasting money on a shoe that does not compensate for the amount you've spent. To get into details, please read more pieces of information below. 

Lower Price

Please note that quality comes with a price; though Converse may not be as expensive as other luxury brands, make sure that the range of price that the seller is offering is aligned with the current price of Converse. The cost of Converse shoes maybe around $50 up, and if some retailers offer you a pair of Converse shoes for only $20 or $15, you might think twice. Anything sold at a much lower price is already a red flag.

However, most authorized Converse dealers may have marked-down prices or clearance sales; prices may be 75% less. Make sure that you have checked if the retailer is authorized. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Low TOP Star/Navy/Size Run AS1/Sz-3

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox Sneakers

Poor Packaging

You can compare a fake and original COnverse if it comes with poor packaging. All Converse All Star shoes have an adequately labeled Converse box. The box is in color black with brown stripes around the bottom. Note that the Converse wordmark logo must appear on the lid's top, front, and right sides.

The Logo Patch

To compare the original and fake Converse, you should note that fake COnverse has the round logo patch outside. The original logo patch of Converse must be placed inside the shoes. It was placed inside to add protection for the athlete's ankle.

The Color of the Converse on the ankle is in color white. It is made with rubber and has a "CONVERSE ALL STAR" label in red. Then, a Chuck Taylor signature is printed in blue with a signature navy blue star in between. 

The red, blue, and white-colored badges are not applicable for monochromatic Converse. The monochrome version always has the 3D logo of the same color as the canvas. The logo patch on the Converse shoes is only placed in the ankle part if it is a high top; if it is a low top, it is placed inside the tongue. 

The logo patch is thin and rectangular canvas fabric neatly sewn in the shoes' tongues. For white and natural ivory-colored low-top Converse, the color combination of the logo is white, red, and blue. The word "CONVERSE" is placed in a red background while the "ALL STAR" has a blue color and the star logo separates the two.

 For two-toned low-top Converse, the logo is in black and white, and if it's monochromatic, the logo is the same as the color of the shoes. If you notice that the color combinations, logo designs, and logo patches are placed anywhere, you should think twice since you may be purchasing a fake one. 

Check the Rubber Patch on the Heel

You might notice that all Converse shoes have a rubber patch on the heel. This rubber patch became one of the distinctive features of Converse shoes. The rubber patch is the same as the logo patch for low-top Converse shoes. To know if the Converse you are purchasing is fake or real, you must check that there must be no excess glue showing at the patch's edges. If there is excess glue then, it's fake.

Inspect The Shoe Tongue

One of the ways for you to distinguish if your Converse shoes are fake or not, you shoe check the shoe tongue. Inside the shoe tongue, you can see a rubber patch the provides you with the shoe information. It indicates where the shoe was manufactured, the shoe size, the model number, materials, unique serial numbers, and QR codes. 

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Start Lift Hightop Sneakers, White/Black/White, 9 Medium US

Converse Chuck Taylor All Start Lift Hightop Women's Sneakers

Inspect the Toe Caps and Toe Guards

Converse shoes have distinctive white toe caps made of solid rubber materials, and it is positioned straight and parallel to the bottom laces. Note that fake Converse comes with a bigger toe capsize. On the other hand, monochromatic Converse has toe caps that are the same as the color of the canvas. 

Note that the rubber toe guard must be in a solid form. It must have diagonal lines on its top and a criss-cross diamond pattern at its bottom. The toe guard must be neatly trimmed and securely bonded to the shoe. There must be no excess glue; it indicates that the shoe is fake.

Inspect the Soles

You need to check the innersoles and the outer soles of your Converse shoes. In checking the innersoles, you must pay attention to colors. The innersole must be of the same color as the canvas with a Converse wordmark printed in capital letters. The wordmark must have a navy blue color. For black monochrome, the insoles may be of the same canvas color; the wordmark must be white. 

Note that the outsole of the converse shoes must have the Converse logo, and you can see the Converse ALL STAR lettering. Note that there must be a star symbol. If there is no star symbol, it is an indication that it is fake.

Converse Questions Answered, final thoughts...

Before purchasing a new pair of Converse shoes, it is essential that you need to ask questions about anything that confuses you to avoid being scammed or buying a fake one. Converse's designs, logos, and colors are distinctly designed to give Converse shoes a look, but it comes with specific purposes. 

If you are knowledgeable about these purposes, it is easy for you to know the difference between fake and original Converse.

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