Where Are Icebreaker Socks Made?

Icebreaker is an excellent sock company that offers good quality socks and promotes sustainability in its sock production. You may be one for the many who patronize their socks, or you might be curious and want to try their socks. You might also be curious about where the socks you currently use or the socks you use are made from.

The Icebreaker socks are made in the USA. However, the company is building a solid relationship with its trusted partners in many countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mainland China, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Bangladesh, USA, Cambodia, Canada.

Icebreaker socks' making involves a supply chain process done in various countries, as mentioned above. The process requires Wool fiber sourcing, Top Processing, Yarn spinning, Fabric mills, Garment Suppliers, and Distribution centers sourced and distributed from different countries. To know more about where Icebreaker socks are made, continue reading for more. 

Are Icebreaker Socks Made in the USA?

Icebreaker socks are made in the USA, but the sourcing, knitting, and other sock processing happen in different countries the company has trusted and built a relationship with. The production, construction, and distribution processes also happen in different countries. 

Nonetheless, the company makes sure that the socks they have created are of good quality due to the excellent processes that their trusted companies in many countries are doing. Through various methods happening in different locations, their goal of creating high-quality and sustainable socks is still their priority. I have searched for more details about where Icebreaker socks are made; please check the list below.

Wool Fiber Source

Wool fiber sourcing happens in three leading countries. 64% of wool came from New Zealand, 14% from Australia, and 22% from South Africa.

Top Processing

The top processing that includes Scouring, Carding, Gilling & Combing happens in Mainland China.

Yarn Spinning

The creation of Fine Icebreaker yarns happens in Mainland China, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Fabric Mills

Fabric knitting, weaving, and dyeing happen in Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan.

Garment Suppliers

The process of knitting yarns into socks takes place in Mainland China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, USA, Cambodia, and Italy.

Distribution Centers

Finished socks are distributed in distribution centers in Germany, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.

Our Customers

Socks created may now be sold through Icebreaker's 4,500 stores in over 47 countries and on online websites in 23 countries.

Where Is The Icebreaker Headquarters?

The headquarters of Icebreaker is in Auckland, New Zealand, but it was founded in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1995. The company starts to sell its products in New Zealand, and eventually, they sell in Australia. The company increased its sales and began to distribute in Europe, and acquired distributors there.

The Icebreaker's first headquarters in America is in Santa Barbara, California, and Sun Valley, Idaho. After then, their office moved to Portland, Oregon. In 2008 Icebreaker combined its U.S. sales and marketing office with its global design studio at their new headquarters at 1330 NW 14th Avenue in Portland. 

Due to more sales production, Icebreaker opened many stores around the USA including, a retail store at the Wellington International Airport, TouchLab retail stores in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Portland, Oregon, USA. They also opened their first store in Auckland and their first independent store in Europe; they also have their first store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

After so many manufacturing and retail openings in America, the company moved to Mainland China. The origin where merino wool is sheared in their sheep farm in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Where Are Icebreaker Socks Shipped From?

Merino wool, the main fabric used in Icebreaker socks, came from New Zealand and is the source of a small percentage of their merino fiber in Australia and South Africa. Most processing like Scouring, Carding, Gilling & Combing is done in Mainland China.

Icebreaker socks are distributed in Germany, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Moreover, they have 49 expert suppliers across 65 factories and 4,500 stores in over 47 countries and on websites in 23 countries.

Where Did Icebreaker Socks Start?

Icebreaker socks start in Wellington, New Zealand, and start selling there. Eventually, they made sales in Australia. Due to the excellent quality of socks, they made a reasonable sale rate and started distributing in many European countries. After that they opened many stores in the USA.

Where Do Icebreaker Socks Are Manufactured?

Icebreaker socks are manufactured in Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, USA, Cambodia, and Italy. Though creating these socks is done by many trusted manufacturing partners of Icebreaker, they source their merino wool in a trusted merino farm. 

The merino wool used in Icebreaker is sourced in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Still, some manufacturing processes are done in many countries, including Mainland China, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Bangladesh, USA, Cambodia, Canada.

Who Owns Icebreaker Socks? 

The V.F. Corporation is the one that holds Icebreaker socks. V.F. is one of the largest sock corporations that create good quality apparel and footwear. Icebreaker was purchased by V.F. Corporation, an NYSE-listed entity, in 2018 and is organized to develop brands categorized as Outdoor, Active, and Work apparel.

Icebreaker is a company known for its socks that are made from merino wool. They are innovating on creating an outdoor and natural performance sock brand headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is Icebreaker a Sustainable Company?

Icebreaker aims not to create fashionable socks but socks that are of high quality and sustainable. That is why they make sure most of the materials that they use in sock making are made with natural fiber and less in synthetic fibers. They promote sustainability since using merino wool in sock making uses less energy than other socks made with synthetic fibers.

Is Icebreaker Made in China?

China is one of the leading manufacturing locations of Icebreaker, where knitting, weaving, and dyeing processes are done. Most of the processes of sock production happen in China and other countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the USA, Cambodia, and Italy. 

Though sock processes happen in various locations, Icebreaker guarantees to create socks that align with their standards. Icebreaker socks are primarily manufactured in New Zealand. Still, since they are manufacturing a global brand, due to expansion, they look for an excellent place to manufacture, and they have found the best technology was all based in China.

The company is thinking about the supply chain, so when they think about China, some countries corporate China. There are French companies based in China, a German company based in China; there's a Japanese/Chinese joint venture based in China. It is like the accessibility of business is excellent when they have long-term trusted partners in China. They believe that it is not where the socks are made; it is how it is made.


Icebreaker socks are made with merino wool. The construction of their socks can be located in various countries, including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mainland China, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Bangladesh, USA, Cambodia, Canada.

Through their pioneering headquarter in sock production in New Zealand, they have innovated to work with their long-term trusted partners to create quality and best socks. They believe that it is not the location where the socks are made but the process of creating the best. 

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