Are Icebreaker Socks Waterproof?

One of the best things about Icebreaker is that it creates the best quality socks that can be worn in different weather or seasons, various activities, whether indoor or outdoor. If you prefer outdoor activities that include being exposed to a watery or moist environment, you can guarantee that Icebreakers socks get you covered.

Icebreaker socks may not be waterproof, but you can guarantee that it is water-resistant. It is made of merino wool that is good for wicking away the moisture in your feet while keeping it dry. Also, their socks are blended with nylon, a synthetic material known for being water-resistant the same as polyester that dries quickly. 

In purchasing socks, aside from durability, comfort, and protection, you must also consider the moisture-wicking capacity of the socks, most importantly if you have sweaty feet. Knowing the moisture-wicking ability of socks is essential since sweaty feet cause bacterial build-up that leads to odor. Moreover, sweaty feet may cause irritations and blisters on your skin. Icebreaker socks uses excellent materials that will keep your feet dry and moisture-free; to know more about it, read more below. 

Do Icebreaker Socks Wick Moisture?

Icebreaker socks are good at wicking away the moisture in your feet since the materials they use are water-resistant and keep your feet dry. Icebreaker uses merino wool that has a natural ability to wick away the moisture by absorbing the moisture from the skin and desorbing it in the atmosphere.

Moreover, Icebreaker blends synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester to merino wool to provide an additional component in wicking moisture in the feet. It will keep your feet dry if you have sweaty feet. There is no need to worry since Icebreaker got you. The synthetic fibers do not only keep your feet dry, but it also adds durability to the socks.

What Makes Icebreaker Socks Water-resistant?

Though the Icebreaker sock is not waterproof, it is best in keeping your feet moisture-free and dry since it is water resistant. The material used in the sock making makes it water-resistant, and the quality knitting process that offers breathability to the socks will keep your feet dry and cool. I have searched for some details on why Icebreaker's socks are water-resistant.

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Merino Wool 

Merino Wool is known for its capacity to wick away the moisture in your feet. It has a thermoregulation capacity that can adjust to changing weather conditions. It adapts to your body temperature and will keep your feet dry and odor-free. Merino wool can absorb 35% of its weight; it exposes the moisture from your skin by desorbing it to the atmosphere. Merino wool has lanolin, a natural wax secreted by merino sheep. This wax will naturally make your socks resist water. 

Nylon Fibers

The nylon fibers blended in the Icebreaker socks will add to the moisture-wicking capacity of the socks. Many companies have incorporated nylon since it is water-resistant, and it adds durability to socks. Moreover, it does not absorb and hold more water compared to other synthetic blends. Nylon is abrasion and water-resistant, which is best if you prefer outdoor and extreme adventures.


Though Elastane is known for adding stretch and fit to your socks, it also has a moisture-wicking capacity. Though it is not breathable, it is resistant to the deterioration of body oils, sweat, lotions, or detergents. Moreover, it is durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear as it provides a great fit. 

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Knitting Process

Aside from the excellent quality materials that Icebreaker uses in its socks, it also has a good knitting process that keeps your feet breathable and makes your sweaty feet dry quickly. The knitting process of the Icebreakers makes moisture ventilating zones for additional breathability that keeps your feet dry quickly and keeps them cool in hot conditions. Icebreaker socks are designed to promote moisture-wicking fabrics that pull moisture away from the skin using its interior materials and draw moisture away to the exterior to make evaporation easier.

Best Moisture-Wicking Icebreaker Socks


If you are into outdoors or adventurous activities, you can try using Men's Merino Ski+ Medium Over the Calf Socks Heritage Stripe. These socks come with stretchy and comfortable features that are best used in snowy adventures. The socks are fully cushioned that are durable, breathable, and comfortable while keeping your feet dry. 

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These socks are suitable for activities in winter; they can also be used in the hot season, like going hunting on summer days. These socks will keep you protected and dry since they can wick away the moisture on your feet while you go on hunting. It keeps your feet from getting stinky and keeps your feet from irritations and abrasions. Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee; if the socks wear out, they replace it with a new pair. 


If hiking is your hobby but has a problem with your sweaty feet, Men's Merino Hike+ Medium Crew Socks are the right socks for you. These socks are lightweight, will keep your feet odor-free, and durable. It provides maximum comfort and fit due to its high-quality materials that wick away the moisture while keeping your feet dry.

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These socks are ideal for long hikes, and multi-day backpacking since the merino wool and nylon in these socks will absorb the moisture in your feet and desorb it to the atmosphere to give you dry feet feeling to keep you going on your hiking adventures. If you worry about the quality, then worry not since they ensure that what they are selling is worth it since it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Once it wears out, they will replace it with a new pair.


If you are looking for casual socks that suit your lifestyle, you can try using Men's Merino Lifestyle Ultralight Crew Socks Backcountry Camp. It has a very light feature that will keep you comfortable even if you are just in your house sipping your tea or coffee or if you are chilling out near a bonfire on a camping site. It is soft and breathable, suited for everyday comfort. The socks are made with merino wool with reinforced heels and toes. 

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The Achilles support of these socks will keep your feet in place, it has reinforced heels and toes for added durability and strength, and it has a seamless toe feature to avoid blisters and bulky feeling. Moreover, these socks are made with 56% Merino Wool and 42% Polyamide that makes the sock water-resistant as it wicks away moisture from your feet while keeping it dry and breathable.


If you are into running or enjoy it, you can choose Men's Merino Run+ Ultralight Micro Socks. These socks are  ultra-lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant types of socks best for your activity. These socks are made with 51% Merino Wool, 47% Polyamide, and 2% Elastane, making them moisture-wicking, durable, and have a perfect fit.

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The materials used in these socks make them one of the best to be used if you have an active lifestyle. It will keep your feet in place due to its Achilles support, cushioned for feet and comfort, instep support for stability, a breathable zone for improved ventilation. You don't have to worry if your feet get sweaty while running since merino wool and polyamide in Icebreaker socks will keep your feet away from moisture and will keep them dry. 


If you are looking for sports socks for your next game or training, you can use Men's Merino Multisport Light Mini Socks. Since sports always make feet moist due to sweat, it is best to invest in good socks like Icebreaker. It is made of high-quality merino wool blended with synthetic fibers that absorb the seat in your skin and let it evaporate in the atmosphere.

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The good knitting ventilation of these socks provides breathability that lets your skin feel cool and dry though you undergo intensive training. These sports socks are lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant that ensures optimal feet and comfort while playing the game. These socks are versatile for the full spectrum of outdoor adventures.


Icebreaker socks may not be waterproof, but they are water-resistant. The things that make it water-resistant are the materials they use in sock making like Merino Wool, Nylon, and Elastane. Moreover, it has high knitting processes that feature a moisture ventilation zone for added breathability in socks to keep them dry and cool.

Also, you can choose various Icebreakers socks that are best in any desired activity you like as you won't worry if you have a sweaty foot since Icebreaker will keep it dry and cool.

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