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 purchasing socks, you always consider their good features; however, the thing that you also take into consideration is their size. You always want to make sure that what you have purchased fits you well. Correct sizing must not be taken for granted to avoid choosing too loose socks or too tight socks. 

Icebreaker has provided a sock sizing guide for your reference when purchasing socks that best fit your size, and it comes with sizes for men, women, unisex, and kids. It also has US, European, and UK sizes, ranging from Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. They also have a true-to-size sock guide for reliable reference.

In choosing the right size, you can use your shoe size to determine your sock size. Though Icebreaker socks provide a perfectly stretchy fit, you should still ensure that the sock size is correct to avoid wearing too loose or too tight socks. To know more about the sizes and fit of Icebreaker socks, continue reading more below.

Icebreaker Sizing Chart

Men's sock sizeSMLXLOne size
US shoe size7-8.59-10.511-12.513-14.59-13
EU shoe size39-41.542-4444.5-46.547-4942-47
UK shoe size6-7.58-9.510-11.512-13.58-12
Men’s sock sizeS/ML/XL
US shoe size7-10.511-14.5
EU shoe size39-4445-49
UK shoe size6-9.510-13.5
Women's sock sizeSMLOne size
US shoe size5.5-77.5-99.5-116-10.5
EU shoe size35-3738-4041-4336-42
UK shoe size3-4.55-6.57-8.53.5-8
Women’s sock sizeS/ML/XL
US shoe size5-99.5-11
EU shoe size35-3940-43
UK shoe size3-6.57-8.5
Unisex sock sizeS/ML/XL
US men's shoe size6-99.5-16
US women's shoe size5.5-1111.5-12
EU men's shoe size36-4242.5-49
EU women's shoe size36-4242.5-49
UK men's shoe size5.5-8.59-15.5
UK women's shoe size3.5-99.5-10

 Kids Sock Size 

US Shoe size8-9.510-11.512-1.52-44.5-6.5
EU Shoe size24-2627-2930-3233-3635.5-37.5
UK shoe size6.5-88.5-10.511-13.51-33-5

How Do Icebreaker Socks Fit?

Icebreaker socks fit since they added Elastane to their socks for stretch and comfort. Elastane is known for giving an excellent fit to fabrics a small amount, and Elastane added to socks will surely give you the best fitting. Moreover, Icebreaker designed their socks with an optimal fit system.

Their optimal fit features provide the best feet performance for their socks. They have knitted socks with accurate size and shape to preserve, giving their customers socks that fit best in every activity. The extensive knitting process of Icebreaker aims to create socks that are best in shape, size, and fit. 

Icebreaker Merino Men's Mountaineer Wool Sock Mid-Calf, Jet Hthr, Large

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Do Icebreaker Socks Shrink?

Icebreaker socks are made with mainly fine merino wool fiber, which is known for durability. Icebreaker socks will not shrink as long as you follow the socks' correct washing, drying, and storing. Also, it would be best to make sure that the socks are not washed in hot water or exposed to direct heat as they may distort or shrink.

Icebreakers ensure that what they create is of high quality; they guarantee that the socks they make can retain their shape and fit though they may be stretched and worn in harsh working environments. In some reviews or testimonies, you might hear that the merino wool sock shrink is because they air dry their socks. Though it can be air-dried, make sure that it is on the low heat setting, others may forget or misinterpret this instruction resulting in the shrinking of their socks. 

Wmns Mountaineer Mid calf / NATURAL-MONSOON HTHR L

Women's Icebreaker Merino Mountaineer Mid Calf Socks
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Moreover, it would be best to keep in mind that the cause of Icebreaker socks shrinking is inappropriate washing. To avoid socks from shrinking, do not use bleach or harsh detergent powders; as you may know, bleach results in permanent destruction to socks. Once the socks are damaged, it will then result in wearing out, distortion, and shrinking. That is why proper care prolongs the sock life, but mishandling leads to sock shrinking.

Do Icebreaker Socks Run Small?

Icebreaker socks don't run small as they are made of high-quality merino wool, and the knitted process gives it a good and excellent fit and shape. However, it may run small once exposed to direct heat, washed by detergent or bleach or washed with hot water.

Icebreaker is dedicated to promoting sustainable and best-fitting socks; that is why they secure the knitting process that would come up with socks that don't run small but sock that remains their best fit and shape. Though these socks are created with optimal fit and form, proper care is still essential as it is vital in keeping your socks in good condition and the best fit. 

Is Icebreaker True To Size?

Icebreakers offer what is best for their customers and the environment. That is why they innovated sustainable socks that provide the best quality, and they won't take the accurate socks sizing for their customers for granted. Their sock sizing guide can be your best reference since Icebreaker socks are true to size.

Icebreaker ensures the accuracy and reliability of their sock size to gain their customers' trust and avoid purchasing socks that are too loose or too tight. They want what is best for their customers; they want them to be satisfied with their perfectly fitting socks. If you are a little bit skeptical about what socks you prefer, you can base it on the size of your shoes.

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Should I Size Up or Size Down in Buying Icebreaker Socks?

In purchasing socks, you should base it on the size of your shoes to avoid buying bigger or tiny socks as it may result in tightness or sagging. If the size of your feet goes in between, like it is 7.8 or 7.7, you should go for size 8. It is better to choose going up to avoid the regret of buying too tight socks.

Should I buy Socks One Size Smaller?

In choosing socks that will fit, you should keep in mind that the circumference of your socks must be an inch smaller than the measurement around the ball of your foot. Your socks should be one inch smaller than the length of your feet, measuring from heel to toe. However, not all feet perfectly fit in the available sizes.

In purchasing Icebreaker socks, you don't need to be confused about whether to buy socks one size smaller since the sizing guide of Icebreaker already has conversions. It converts your UK shoe size, US shoe size, and European shoe size to the appropriate socks size that aligns with your shoe size. It is much easier than being confused about purchasing one size smaller. 

Icebreaker Merino Women's Lifestyle Ultralight Crew, Black, Small

Women's Icebreaker Merino Lifestyle Light Crew Socks
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Do Icebreaker Socks Have Unisex Sizing?

Icebreaker socks provide a Unisex sizing Guide for your reference. The sizes include comparing men's and women's sizes; it ranges from Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. It is also available in European size, US size, and UK size. Icebreaker has some Unisex socks, and you can refer to the guide to purchase the socks that suits you best. 

Is Sock Size the Same as Shoe Sizes?

Finding the best sock size can get confusing. The numerical sock size in the USA depends on how long your foot is in inches. If the socks are labeled 5-9, it does not refer to the shoe size, but it relates to how long the foot is in inches.

However, in purchasing the best socks size from Icebreaker, you won't need to be confused as they have the chart that gives you the reference. They indicate the shoe size for you to choose the correct sock size easily. Luckily Icebreaker has alphabetical sizing like S, M, L, and XL, which corresponds to the shoe size for easy conversion.  

Icebreaker Merino Men's Hike+ Medium Crew , Jet/Planet/Black, Small

Men's Icebreaker Merino Hike+ Medium Crew Socks
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Moreover, you also won't have a problem choosing the correct size for kids as they also have an alphabetical sizing guide that corresponds to the kid's shoe size. Icebreaker has US Shoe size, UK shoe size, and European shoe size that you can use as a reference.


Icebreaker socks provide a sock sizing guide that helps their customers find the best sock size that fits them well. Icebreaker does have sizes for men, women, kids and has unisex sizes. They go through an intensive knitting process to ensure their best shape and fit.

The material used like merino wool does not easily shrink unless exposed to direct heat, bleach, and hot water. Though the merino wool fiber in Icebreaker does not shrink quickly, you still need to care for it to avoid shrinking.

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