Does Icebreaker Have a Warranty?

Icebreaker innovates socks that are of great benefit to their customers. However, if customers are not satisfied in some cases, Icebreaker guarantees a warranty for them. There are some steps that need to be done before availing yourself of their warranty claims. Nonetheless, these steps are just easy to follow.

Icebreaker comes with a warranty; Icebreaker will eventually send you another pair of socks if it wears or tears out within one year if it has been damaged due to faulty fabric, stitching, or manufacturing. They have a lifetime guarantee that they will replace you with another pair of socks or a gift card. 

Icebreaker ensures that the socks that they are making provide the best comfort and durability that their customers can wear for a long time. So when things don't go well and customers encounter problems or damage, Icebreaker will surely give your desired sock replacement. To know more about the details of their warranty, continue reading below. 

Icebreaker Warranty Request

If you encounter damage on sock fabrics, stitching, or manufacturing, you can guarantee that Icebreaker will take hold of it. They will replace your Icebreaker socks within one year of purchase in case of damage. You may return the socks as soon as possible for them to check and assess their condition so they can send you a replacement. They only cater to replacement for damage that occurs after a year caused by wear and tear. 

Comfort Guarantee

Icebreaker makes sure that what they are creating is the sock that provides comfort, protection, and durability. Icebreaker merino wool socks are innovated to perform at their best performance; in case that you are not completely satisfied with the socks you have purchased, you may be able to return the socks using the instructions provided below. After then, Icebreaker will happily cater to you for a replacement, or they may give you a refund for the amount you've spent.

  1. If you have purchased your Icebreaker socks on their website,, you need to fill out the form to start your easy claiming process. For the process of claiming your replacement or refund, you need to provide proof of purchase.
  1. If you have purchased your Icebreaker socks in a local retail store or one of Icebreaker Touch Labs, you can return the product directly to them. If you have more queries, you can contact them on 1-888-530-0075. Their customer service will surely help you; they are open from Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (CST).

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Lifetime Sock Guarantee

Icebreaker makes sure that customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of socks they are producing. If things do not go well or you may not be satisfied with the products due to some manufacturing issues or other relevant factors, Icebreaker will provide you with a choice of sock replacement or via gift card.

You can visit the original location of purchase, or you can complete the Online Warranty Form to receive your sock replacement. You can also use their gift card. Just make sure to secure proof of purchase as it is required. 

How To Return Icebreaker Socks?

If you find issues with your Icebreaker socks, you can directly return them to the store where you have purchased them. If you have ordered on their website, you can return online via post. Just make sure that if you are returning the item, you have your proof of purchase. 

If you order it on, make sure to complete the Online Warranty Form for your sock replacement.

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Returns Information

Icebreaker offers free return shipping with prepaid USPS shipping labels. You can return your Icebreaker socks directly from within 60 days before the ship date as long as the socks are unworn, unwashed, and come with the original package. Note that items that are listed as final sale items cannot be returned. All pro orders in Icebreaker are Final Sale. They are not eligible for returns and exchanges.

Also, you need to note that they reserve the right to limit returns and exchanges. In requesting a return, provide the return address during the Online Return Authorization Request process, if you have a new address or you have a different address from the original shipping address. Your refund request will be issued based on the exact amount you have paid during your purchase transactions. Icebreaker also does not accept cash on delivery. 

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Icebreaker has currently updated its return policy, and they are unable to support exchanges. If you'd like to consider replacement socks, you can create a return and place another order. They will get your replacement shipped right away, and they will provide a refund for your original order as soon as they have received the item. 

Return Online Via Post

Another way to return the item is by sending it via post. You can start the Icebreaker return process by filling in the information of your order. You need to follow the instructions and drop off the package at a USPS location. It would help if you were a little bit patient by waiting around 2-4 business days. It would help if you remained until the Icebreaker team had inspected your return and processed it for a refund or exchange. 

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It is best recommended to secure your package's tracking ID since Icebreaker will take no hold for the lost returned items during shipments. Note that you must refer to the RMA number when you correspond with Icebreaker. If you want to ask more questions or inquiries regarding returns and replacements, you can contact Icebreaker customer service at 1-888-530-0075.


How Do I Return An Item?

You can quickly return your Icebreaker socks if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can start the return process on their returns page. The page will provide you with the necessary data and information, but if you have more questions, feel free to contact Icebreaker customer service. 

When Will My Return Be Processed?

Once Icebreaker has received the return items, it will take a few days to inspect and process your return request. They will contact you via email about the status of the return. It would take them more than 5-7 business days.

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Can I Return An Item Purchased On Back To a Touch Lab?

 You can return the socks you have purchased on to a Touch Lab as long as you have a copy of your order confirmation. You can find your order confirmation on your email, or you can locate it in your order history in case you purchased while signed in. 

What Is The Icebreaker Warranty Policy?

Icebreaker believes in the quality of its product, and it is reflected in its 100% comfort guarantee and warranty policy. To know more about Icebreaker warranty policy information, please click here.

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How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

In starting your warranty claims, you need to request by filling the  Online Warranty Form on the Icebreaker warranty page. It might be one of Icebreaker's longer forms, but it is guaranteed that the more details that they have about your warranty claims, the easier and quicker for them to help you get it sorted. 


Icebreaker indeed aims to provide you with the best quality and best performing socks. If you are not satisfied due manufacturing issues or other relevant problems, they will surely get you covered. You can avail of your warranty claims by following the steps in the guidelines on their page.

You can return the items directly to the store where you have purchased these socks, providing proof of purchase. You may also return the socks via post, but you need to fill in the Online Warranty Form so the Icebreaker team can quickly sort it for you.

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