What Are Icebreaker Socks Made Of?

You may have been using Icebreaker socks for years already, and you might be wondering what makes them suitable socks and what is it made of. Your curiosity is normal since you must know the materials used in the sock construction when purchasing and using socks. Being able to do so, you will know if it is naturally made or synthetically made. Also, you will know its features if you know the materials being used.

Icebreaker socks are mostly made of natural fibers and blended with minimal artificial fibers. It is mainly made with Merino Wool and blended with Polyamide, Elastane, Nylon, Polyester, and Tencel. These materials are combined to create the best quality socks that fit, are moisture-wicking, comfortable, durable, and provide protection. 

The combination of natural and non-natural materials in Icebreaker sock production makes it the best quality socks. Though Icebreaker uses fewer synthetic fibers, they are innovating and aim to be plastic-free by 2023. Conclusion: Good quality materials make Icebreaker suitable since it uses natural materials and promotes sustainability to help the environment. To know more about the materials used in Icebreaker socks, continue reading more below.  

Materials Used In Icebreaker Socks

Merino Wool

Aside from creating high-quality socks that are best for various activities, Icebreaker also promotes sustainability in its sock production, prioritizing the use of merino wool in each sock. Merino wool is a natural material used in sock making since it has the natural capacity to wick away the moisture, keeps your feet dry, odor-free, bacteria-free, and durable. Below are the Icebreaker merino wool criteria.

Fiber Length

Icebreaker makes sure to specify the maximum and minimum length of the fiber that is used in sock production. The fibers have been customized following the yarns and socks that they produce.

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Fiber Strength

Merino wool is known for its durability; Icebreaker uses merino fibers since it is durable. Weak fiber will eventually break during sock making, and may wear out quickly and may cause fabric flaws. 


Icebreaker make sure that the fibers of their socks are soft and thin to provide a comfortable fit; that is why they specify a maximum and minimum fiber diameter to secure a smooth and hand feel comfort while using their socks.

Coefficient of Variation

Aside from the micron, Icebreaker also specifies the maximum variation in the fiber diameter to secure quality comfort and softness that their socks have to cater to. 

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Icebreaker's criteria in choosing the best merino fiber are that its color must be white. It caters to a clean fiber; it is also essential in achieving the Icebreaker's color palette.

Vegetable Matter

Vegetable matter can be a factor or a problem in the sock processing since it may lead to contamination and issues with the fabric and may cause color flaws. Icebreaker uses a very low vegetable matter content.

Dark Fibers

Dark Fibers in merino wool are natural since merino sheep are exposed to the environment, and wool is the one that protects them. However, Icebreaker is keen to choose their merino fibers, free from dark fibers, that may result in color and fabric flaws. They specify a very low dark fiber contamination. 

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Wool Style

Though Icebreaker uses high-quality merino wool, they ensure that the wool must be Icebreaker's wool style. They refer to the crimp and overall structure of the fleece and fiber. They customized the yarns and the products they create with specific high-quality wool that goes within their wool style criteria.

Absence of Flaws

Merino sheep use their wool as protection and a barrier against external factors. Some merino wool is prone to abrasions and flaws. That is why Icebreaker merino growers are always looking to remove anything that can impact the Icebreaker quality socks. They make sure that all wools sheared in merino sheep are absent of flaws. 


Some Icebreaker socks incorporate Polyamide in their sock material. This type of nylon is generally agreed as the most attractive fiber for hosiery. Adding Polyamide in socks production maintains the most delicate appearance of the socks and provides additional durability. 

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Icebreaker has discovered that wrapping merino wool fibers with ultra-fine nylon will increase the fabric's strength and provide additional durability in sock production. Nylon is widely used in creating socks since this fabric is durable and quite resistant. 

Incorporating nylon in socks is best, especially if the socks are made for tremendous work or activity; though they may undergo a lot of stretching and pulling, they will not wear out quickly. Moreover, nylon also assimilates moisture in comparison to other socks that are made from cotton or wool. 


Elastane is renowned for its elastic properties. That is why Elastane is widely used in many apparel companies and is referred to as LYCRA®, a famous brand name. Elastane is ideal in making footwear, especially socks, since it gently conforms to the contour of your foot. Elastane is very useful, especially if your feet tend to swell every day. 

The made-to-measure feel will give you an all-day comfort without the need to adjust your footwear. Elastane will keep your socks in shape since they don't become saggy or overstretched when incorporated with socks. Moreover, if your feet have bunions or swells, Elastane will gently stretch around them, and you won't feel any pressure on your painful toes.

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One of the popular materials in sock making that Icebreaker uses is polyester. Polyester is a synthetic blend material that has been widely used to produce apparel like socks. Though it is absorbent as cotton, it has the edge over other synthetic materials since it dries quickly. Moreover, polyester is much stronger and durable than cotton or wool. It is non-absorbent, so your feet will remain dryer; it holds color better and keeps your sock's design and colors from quickly fading.


Some socks of Icebreaker have Tencel since it gives the yarn springiness compared to pure wool. It also adds durability and strength to socks. Tencel is silky and luxurious with a lovely sheen; it creates a sturdy sock. Since Icebreaker promotes sustainability, Tencel provides premium quality socks that use sustainable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. Moreover, Tencel provides a breathable feature in the socks, helps wick away the moisture, and prevents feet from overheating. 

Are Icebreaker Socks 100% Wool?

Icebreaker socks use 100% pure merino wool sheared from merino sheep from their trusted merino growers over different locations. Icebreaker primarily uses merino wool in their socks and comprises more than half of the sock materials. Merino wool is blended with other synthetic fibers for added strength and fit.

Icebreaker prioritizes using merino wool since it can withstand the scorching summers and freezing winters of New Zealand's rugged Southern Alps range. The same principle is applied once merino wool is used in socks; it is versatile in all weather conditions. Moreover, it is lightweight and breathable.

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Is Icebreaker Merino Wool?

Icebreaker is a company brand that produces high-quality socks made of merino wool. Their main fabric is merino wool; they blend it with other synthetic fibers to add durability, breathability, and fit in socks. They incorporate merino wool as more than half of the overall sock materials.

Merino wool is the primary sock material for many sock companies like Icebreakers since it can wick away moisture, keep your feet dry, odor-free and durable. Also, since Icebreaker promotes sustainability, they use natural wool fibers like merino wool. 

Is Icebreaker Real Wool?

Icebreaker uses real wool like merino wool. However, their socks are not mainly wool-made; they blend some synthetic fibers into merino wool. Synthetic fibers are added to merino wool to add additional breathability, strength, and stretch to the socks.

They use real wool like merino wool since it is sustainable. The process uses less energy than other synthetic blends that use chemicals and more water. Also, the company does not promote fashion but durability that can withstand different weather conditions. They use real merino wool since it is durable and can adjust to changing weather. 

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Are Icebreaker Socks Itchy?

Icebreaker uses merino wool in all of its products; though some wool is known to give you an itchy feel when worn, merino fool fibers play the opposite role. Merino wool fibers are more delicate than other wool. It is the more flexible and soft bend that provides a non-itchy feeling when worn.

In distinguishing the softness of the wool, it is measured based on micron; the lighter the micron, the softer it is. Since merino wool measures about 15- 25 microns, it is considered a fine material suited in socks making it non-itchy. Though the microns in the sheep vary, it is best to know that merino fiber is categorized to be soft to provide a non-itchy feeling.

Though Icebreaker uses merino wool, you still need to gather information about the materials that are blended with it. If the synthetic materials in Icebreaker have a larger amount compared to merino wool, then you better check that since some synthetic brands can cause itchiness to your skin.


Merino wool socks are made of merino wool and a blend of other synthetic fibers. This synthetic fiber adds durability, stretch, and breathability to socks. Being able to know the materials in the socks will eventually give you an idea of their components. It is very important to know the materials so that you will be aware of the features of the socks that you are purchasing.

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