Are Icebreaker Socks Good?

Icebreaker believed that nature has that answer; that is why they have created a natural performance alternative to synthetic-based apparel to promote sustainability. Their sole purpose is not what they make but how they make the socks. For them, sustainability is not just a feature of their product but its value and design.

Icebreaker socks are good because they do not promote fashion but promote relevant wardrobe socks that can be used for many seasons. They create socks that cater to simplicity, longevity, versatility, purpose, sustainability, and nature. Moreover, 91% of their socks are made with natural fiber, and 9% are artificial.

I know that in choosing socks, you consider their durability, comfort, and performance; however, you must also be responsible for what you purchase if it causes harm to the environment or if it is helping the environment. Good thing that Icebreaker offers all the excellent sock benefits that promote sustainability. For more details, continue reading below.

Are Icebreaker Socks Worth It?

Icebreaker socks are worth the purchase since they offer excellent benefits that keep your feet in the best condition while working indoors or outdoors. Plus, it promotes sustainability that is very helpful in the environment. It uses the most natural fibers and less synthetic fibers.

I have researched some details about how worthy Icebreaker socks are. Consider reading more details below.


The Icebreaker socks promote simplicity when it comes to their designs, styles, and colors. It offers timelessness that doesn't date. As you might notice, some socks that come with a specific design or colors are not so versatile to be paired with your shoes, especially if it has a distinct color. Simplicity offers timelessness since it can be paired with any shoe.


Icebreaker is the opposite of fast fashion. It offers longevity through its high performance and high-quality socks. Their goal is to create socks that can be used in various activities and seasons without easily seating out.

Icebreaker Merino Finegauge Turbulenttide Print Athletic Socks, Turbulent Tide/Midnight Navy/Mediterranean/Blizzard Heather, Small

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One of the features of Icebreaker is its versatility. Men, women, kids can wear it, and it comes with the unisex type of sock. Moreover, it is created to provide protection and comfort in any weather conditions. May it be cold or hot seasons. Also, it can adapt to your different lifestyles if you are into indoor or outdoor activities.


Icebreaker creates purposeful socks that respond to your daily use and needs. May it be active or may you just be chilling in your house watching movies or just sipping your cup of tea on a cold winter night.


The good thing about Icebreaker is that it uses natural fibers in its socks constructions. Merino wool fiber is the primary fiber used in making their quality socks. Icebreaker promotes the use of natural fibers like merino wool since it has the natural capacity to wick away the moisture in your feel while keeping it dry and comfortable.

Icebreaker Merino Women's Hike+ Light Crew Patterns Socks, Intersecting Arrows/Dew/Sorbet/Metal, Small

Women's Icebreaker Merino Hiking Crew Socks
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Icebreaker uses natural fibers that are sustainable since they do not merely prioritize the use of synthetic materials. The production of other synthetic fibers uses many chemicals and water, which means more energy is used. Unlike Icebreaker, it uses merino wool which is naturally sheared in merino sheep. 


Icebreaker creates a top-to-toe layering system for their socks that uses a combination of merino wool and other socks fibers; it adds synthetic fibers to fit like Elastane. Their research and development team is going on natural alternatives and solutions to maintain the high-quality socks they knit.

Why Are Icebreaker Socks So Good?

Icebreaker is good because it focuses not only on good quality socks but also on being responsible for the environment by promoting renewable resources using merino wool. The production goes through an intensive process and the materials used have good features and benefits.

The company uses natural fibers, and they know and make sure that the materials they use are of high quality since they do not outsource. They ensure that they do all the processes, from the quality of materials they use to the knitting and production process. Icebreaker takes full responsibility for the whole process and makes sure that they are helping the environment while making good quality socks. I have searched for many details on how good Icebreaker socks  are; I have listed a series of the information below.

Icebreaker Merino Men's Hike+ Medium Crew , Metric/Midnight Navy/Koi/Fathom Heather, Small

Men's Icebreaker Merino Hike Light Crew Socks
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They Have Good Supply Chain

Icebreaker has a good supply chain that includes seven core stages. They ensure that each step and process is monitored and follow their goal of creating socks that use natural fibers and promote sustainable energy. The stages are listed below.

Stage 1 Wool fiber source

Icebreakers contracted wool fibers are sheared from their trusted merino growers. Their merino fibers have been sourced from their long-term merino growers. In New Zealand, they sourced 64% of their material, from Australia comprising 14%, and South Africa, where they sourced 22% of their materials. Icebreaker ensures that the merino wool they sheared and used in socks is sourced from reliable growers.

Stage 2 Top Processing

Icebreaker's top processing is in Mainland China. The top processing stage includes cleaning the greasy wool and preparing it for spinning. The process comprises four main steps, including Scouring, Carding, Gilling & Combing. It consists of removing impurities from the textile without undergoing any chemical and physical damage to it. The intensive top processing of Icebreaker ensures that the sheared wool becomes cleaner, more refined, stronger, and more lustrous. 

Icebreaker Run+ Ultralight Micro Sock - Women's Black, S

Women's Icebreaker Merino Run+ Ultralight Micro Socks
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Stage 3 Yarn Spinning

The Yarn Spinning process of Icebreaker happens in Mainland China, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria. The fiber strands made of merino wool are drawn out and twisted to form fine yarns. The yarn spinning process of Icebreaker ensures that the fibers are spun and formed a coherent whole since yarn spinning plays a vital role in the process of sock production. 

Stage 4 Fabric Mills

Icebreaker fabric mills are situated in Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan. The socks fabrics are made by knitting, or weaving the yarns together, bonding, or felting the fibers. Sock fabrics are either dyed in fabric form or dyed already as a yarn. They make sure that the process ensures the quality of knitted fibers and the quality dyeing process. 

Stage 5 Garment suppliers

Icebreaker garments suppliers are from Mainland China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the USA, Cambodia, and Italy. The yarns are knitted with secured processes to ensure the quality of sock production. 

Icebreaker Merino Men's Multisport Light Mini Athletic Socks, Alpine Argyle/Oil/Twister Heather, Small

Men's Icebreaker Merino Running & Multisport Low Crew Socks
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Stage 6 Distribution centres

After knitting and some processes, socks are distributed to Germany, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand centers. The finished product is transported to the distribution centers in Icebreaker key regions. Icebreaker makes sure that their quality socks are only distributed to their trusted distribution centers only where customers can securely buy.

Stage 7 Customers

After the distribution, customers can now purchase their high-quality Icebreaker socks in the company's trusted store. Icebreaker has 500 reliable stores in over 47 countries, and you can also purchase on their website in 23 countries. Icebreaker makes sure that whether you are buying in stores or online, you are buying in a reliable store that sells authentic and high-quality Icebreaker socks.

Material Features

Natural Layering System

Icebreaker socks come with a natural layering system. Since merino wool is the primary material in sock making, it offers excellent warmth to weight ratio and is non-bulky.

Icebreaker Merino Women's Ski Over The Calf Socks, New Zealand Merino Wool, Snow/Prism/Arctic Teal, Small

Women's Icebreaker Merino Ski Over The Calf Socks
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Innovation at the core

Icebreaker introduces core spun, a new innovative technology that keeps the superfine merino wool fibers around a high denier nylon fiber to increase sock longevity.

Cool Material

Icebreaker launched a Cool-Lite™ feature of their socks where they blend merino wool and plant-based TENCEL™ that is made from eucalyptus, the most ecological and sustainable natural fiber. TENCEL™ helps dump the heat and wicks away moisture while adding outstanding breathability to the socks. 

Making Natural Progress

Icebreaker continues to innovate using merino wool, plant-based fibers, and bio-based fibers to promote sustainability in sock creation. They aim to create a plastic-free sock production. The natural merino fiber and plant-based fibers offer the natural capacity to wick away the moisture and offer breathability, comfort, and protection to the skin. 

Icebreaker Merino Men's Ski Over The Calf Glades Skiing Socks, Small, Black/Fathom Heather/Chili Red

Men's Icebreaker Merino Ski Over The Calf Socks
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The good thing about merino wool is it has excellent extensibility. It can be extended by more than 30% of its length without breaking and can recover from extensions of approximately 20%. Merino wool has a crimp structure that has an intrinsic wavelike system making it more resilient. 


Merino wool is known to have soft fibers compared to other wool and synthetic materials. It offers comfort and is gentle enough to be worn in the skin without feeling itchy. Icebreaker socks have an excellent merino fiber that will bend once it contacts the skin, giving it a soft and comfortable touch.


You might not know that merino wool is flame resistant. It also has an extreme performance compared to other textile fibers. Merino wool won't quickly melt or stick once exposed to a burning surface. 

Icebreaker Merino Women's Lifestyle Light Over The Calf Tree Line Athletic Socks, Large, Velvet/Dew

Women's Icebreaker Merino Lifestyle Compression Ultra Lite Socks
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Merino wool is an active fiber, meaning it can adjust to the changing skin temperature. Merino wool can absorb moisture and keep your skin cool in hot seasons, and in cold seasons it can keep your feet warm. Wearing Icebreaker socks is like wearing your air conditioning system as it adjusts based on your body temperature. 

Odor Suppression

Merino fiber is not only good at wicking away the moisture in your feet, but also it keeps your feet from bacterial build-up that causes odor.


Icebreaker socks are good since it promotes sustainability as it uses natural merino fibers and other plant-based fibers to create good quality socks. They are innovating on how to use natural fibers to promote plastic-free production.

Moreover, the quality of socks processes makes the socks suitable as well as its high-quality materials. Icebreaker is indeed worth the purchase due to the quality of the knitting process and the high-quality materials that they use. 

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