Does Ariat Offers Military Discount?

Ariat offers the best boots in working in the saddle and for the military. They provide quality boots intended for the military that come with a patriotic and classic design. These boots are designed to offer the highest quality performance and comfort when working in a rigorous trial or even in a hazardous military environment.

Ariat offers a 15 to 20 percent discount to all active-duty military members, retirees, reserves, and United States Armed Forces veterans. These boots come in various choices based on your preference. These boots come with a patriotic but classic style that you will surely love. 

They also offer discount codes, but these codes are only available for purchase on Note that not all products sold on their website are subject to availability. There are so many military boots that you can choose from. To know more about military boots from Ariat, please check more details below. 

Best Military Cowboy Boots

There are a variety of Ariat Military Boots that you can choose from. These boots come in various styles, designs, and features that you can choose. Check more below. 

Waterproof Military Boots

Working in a military camp or a risky environment is not easy; that is why you need to find waterproof military boots like WorkHog XT Patriot Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boot. These military boots are best for the wet and watery environment as it comes with waterproof features. It offers stability, excellent cushioning, and shock absorption features while working outside. Not only that these boots are waterproof, but it also comes with a carbon toe for extra protection. 

WorkHog XT Patriot Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boot

Ariat WorkHog XT Patriot Waterproof Carbon Toe Men's Work Boots

These boots also come with a patriotic design as it is embroidered with the American Flag. This American flag design is symbolism for saluting the military's hard work for the country. The designs of these boots are of quality patriotic patterns. 

These boots offer maximum support and less fatigue with ATS® Max extra-wide shank. Also, it comes with an impenetrable barrier as it is made with Waterproof PRO™ construction. These boots are made with a Removable Energy Max anti-fatigue insole that offers additional foot comfort. These waterproof boots are also suitable for absorbing shock as it is made with a lightweight EVA midsole. These boots are one of the best military boots as it is durable, water, and oil-resistant. 

Western Boots

One of the best western military boots that you can have is Circuit Proud Western Boot. These boots are made with full-grain leather with a stylish distressed appearance. It comes with American flag designs making you wear them proud. These boots are made in quality materials and are best for any work environment.

ARIAT Circuit Proud Naturally Distressed Brown/Distressed Flag 9 EE - Wide

Ariat Circuit Proud Men's Western Boots

These boots offer stabilized shanks support as it is made with 4LR™ lightweight stabilizing shank. You will surely love its Removable All Day Cushioning insole. These boots are made with high-quality full-grain leather that comes with leather lining. These boots can also be resoled.

Work Boots

When working in a very challenging environment, you must have reliable boots like WorkHog Patriot Work Boot. These boots are typically made for working in a rigorous environment. It comes with a patriotic design with its American Flag and camo pattern. These boots are made with an extra-wide stabilized shank that will keep you supported on your job. These boots are carefully engineered to provide all-around comfort and reduce foot fatigue. 

Ariat Work Men's Workhog Patriot Steel Toe Construction Boot, Earth/Sand Camo Print, 9 D US

Ariat WorkHog Patriot Men's Work Boots

These boots come with a Soft toe feature that is ASTM 2892-11 EH rated. This boot offers stability, support, and foot fatigue reduction due to its ATS® Max technology. These boots are made with the best EVA midsole for shock absorption and comfort. These work boots are also made with high-quality full-grain material. It comes with a mesh lining and is oil, water, and slip-resistant. 

How To Clean Your Military Boots?

In keeping your military boots in their best condition, you must provide proper care every day. It is essential to have appropriate maintenance by spot cleaning using the right tools. It would be best if you wiped down the boots every day. Remove the stains with dish soap, vinegar, or baby powder. Moreover, you should keep your boots in a cool and dry place and wash the inner material when needed. 

Things that You Need in Cleaning Your Military Boots

  • A soft and dry cloth
  • An old Toothbrush
  • A boot Cleaning Doormat
  • Paper Towels
  • A small SPonge
  • A Nylon Bristle Brush
  • A Dishwashing Liquid or Soap
  • A Baby Powder, a Conrstarch or a Baking Soda
  • A Detergent Powder
  • An Old and Clean Newspaper

Here are several steps that you may follow in cleaning your Military Boots.

Clean Your Military Boots Everyday

Step 1 Use a Boot Cleaning Doormat

It is essential to remove the excess dirt, dust, and mud from the bottom of your military boots. That is why you should use a cleaning doormat designed to clean the underside of your boots and shoes. Different kinds and models of these cleaning doormats are available with bristles, rubber spikes, or grooves. You may look at local hardware stores department stores or purchase online.

Step 2 Clean and Wipe DOwn Your Boots With a Dry Cloth

After emitting the excess dirt in the external parts of the boots, you need to wipe them with a soft and dry cloth to remove the dust and dirt. You can use a microfiber cleaning cloth best for your daily boot care maintenance. You should keep the surface of the boots clean and its seams. 

Step 3 Remove the Remaining Dirt With A Toothbrush

If there is remaining dirt on your boots, you may thoroughly clean them using a toothbrush. Your toothbrush will do the cleaning. You need to place the boots on top of the paper towels or place them on a clean surface for easy cleaning. You may circularly clean the boots. 

Ariat Work Men's Workhog Patriot Construction Boot, Earth/Sand Camo Print, 8 D US

Ariat WorkHog Patriot Men's Work Boots

Remove The Stains

Step 1 Use A Stiff Nylon Bristle

you must use a stiff nylon bristle brush or a barbeque brush to target the stains from your boots. You need to brush off the remaining dirt from the surface of your boots. It would help if you brushed the dirt off vigorously to remove them. 

Step 2 Wipe the Dirt Using A Sponge

To wipe away the dirt using the sponge, you need to wet it in water and wring it until it becomes moist. Remember that it must not hold much water, just moist enough to clean the boots. Wipe away the dirt in a small circular motion scrub the remaining dirt or stains. To preserve the leather, avoid adding cleaners or other ingredients as much as possible. 

Step 3 Use A Dishwashing Liquid to Remove Stains

If there are still stains after you have cleaned them with water, you can use a dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing soap will remove the stains that water can't remove alone. You can pour the dishwashing soap directly into the stain, and you may rub them thoroughly using a cloth or toothbrush. For the best result, you can remove the soap for several minutes before blotting it away using a damp cloth. 

Step 4 Treat the Boots Stains Using a Baby Powder

To treat hard-to-remove oil stains, it is best to use baby powder. You can generously apply the baby powder to the surface of your boots that has oil stains. Let the baby powder sit for about 30 minutes to absorb the stains, and then brush off your boots. 

Step 5 Remove the Boot Stains Using Vinegar

You can remove the stains from your boots using vinegar. You have to mix it in a small bowl/ You can mix half of a cup of water with half of a cup of white vinegar. It would help if you dipped a cloth into the mixture and you needed to wipe it over your military boots. After that, you can air dry them. 

Groundwork Waterproof Work Boot

Ariat Groundwork Waterproof Men's Work Boots

Cleaning the Inside of The Boots

Step 1 Handwash the Interior Parts of the Boots

You should not machine wash your boots as it is not best recommended; that is why you should hand wash them with a cloth. It would be best to place the boots on a dry sink on top of a clean, dry towel or a paper towel. You may be able to use detergent on a wet cloth and gently scrub away to clean the interior parts of your boots. 

Step 2 Blot the Interior Parts of Your Boots

Grab or look for another pair of moistened cloth with water. After that, you need to wipe down the inside of your boots. You can blot the entire interior parts of each boot to remove as much water and soap as possible.

Step 3 Dry Your Military Boots

It would help if you allowed your boots to air dry naturally. It is recommended to clean them at night so you can keep them dried overnight. Over drying your military boots, indirect heat may destroy the materials of your boots.

Step 4 Keep Your Military Boots Dry

You should make sure that your Military boots are completely dry because the moisture inside your boots can build a persistent foul odor. It would be best to keep your boots cool and dry when you are not wearing them. If your boost is damp, you should stuff them with a newspaper to absorb the moisture. 

Does Ariat offer Military Discounts, final thoughts...

Ariat boots do have many military boots that come with a military discount. You can avail of these military discounts for about 15 to 20 percent less. These military boots are of high quality and created in a rigorous and challenging work environment. To maintain the quality of these boots, maintenance is essential. That is why it is best to have proper boot care maintenance. 

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