Can Ariat Boots Be Resoled?

Ariat is one of the best cowboy boots companies that offer excellent quality boots. They have been engineering and innovating high-quality boots that suit your needs and withstand the harsh working environment. However, it can't be denied that Ariat boots get old and need repair like resoling them.

Ariat will bring new life to your old cowboy boots as they come with boots that can be resoled, and they offer repair and resole. They restore your boots to make them new again as Ariat partners with NuShoe, their partner website, in keeping your boots looking new. 

Ariat comes in a variety of repair options that you can choose from. They do also have a lot of boots that can be resoled. Though they make sure that they make quality boots, they still offer boot repairs to maintain their high performance and give new life to your boots. To know more details about repairing and resoling Ariat boots, read more details below. 

Ariat Boot Restoration

Ariat makes sure to keep your favorite boots in the best condition; that is why they are offering boot restoration. NuShoe Offers shoe restoration that comes in easy steps. Their expert craftsmen will bring your well-worn boots back to life. 

Ariat Mens Midtown Rambler Casual Boot, Barn Brown, 11.5 D US

Ariat Midtown Rambler Men's Western Boots

How does Restoration Work?

You need to remember three easy steps when it comes to boot restoration.

Step 1 Fill Form

You need to fill in the required pieces of information first by filling out the order form.

Step 2 Mail Boots

It would be best to mail the boots by providing a FedEx label.

Step 3 Wait

You may need to wait for about three to six weeks.

Ariat Boot Renewal Order Form

You need to fill in some pieces of information before getting a package. Follow the order instructions below.

Instruction 1 Complete the Order form.

Upon clicking the Submit Order button, The pieces of information that you have provided will populate the address fields at the website of FedEx for label printing.

WorkHog XT Patriot Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boot

Ariat WorkHog XT Patriot Waterproof Carbon Toe Men's Work Boots

Instruction 2 Print And Retain A copy

You may need to print and retain a copy of your order form, including the ticket and the tracking number. The document must include the order composition with your boots inside the box.

Instruction 3 Payment Information

You need to include payment information in r check. Remember that you won't be charged unless the boots are repaired.

Instruction 4 Print the FedEx Label

You must print the FedEx label and tape it to a box. 

Instruction 5 Drop your Order

You may now drop your order at any FedEx box or any FedEx pick-up location. 

ARIAT Keswick Womens H20 Waterproof Boots - Distressed Brown

Ariat Keswick Steel Toe Paddock Women's Boots

Repair Packages

Western Boot Lether Sole

This package comes with a Replacement of Ariat sole. However, this depends on availability and product. They will replace your boots with the new Ariat insole. They also include stitching if necessary. They will also clean, condition, and polish the leather.

Western Boot Rubber Sole

This package offers the replacement of new Ariat soles. They will also replace your insoles with new ones. If, in any case, there is a need to stitch, they will surely do if necessary. They will also provide cleaning, conditioning, and polishing the leather of your boots.

English Tall Boots

Ariat offers a restoration package for English tall boots. They provide the replacement of a sole, but it depends on the availability of the material. They also provide insole replacement. They will stitch in case there is a need to, and they suggest cleaning, conditioning, and polishing the leather.  

English Paddock Boots

Ariat offers restoration of your English paddock boots. They offer sole and insole replacement; however, this depends on the product's availability. They offer zipper replacement or laces in case there is a need to. They will also provide stitchings if necessary, and they suggest cleaning, conditioning, and polishing the leather. 

Tall Boot Zipper Replacement

If your boot zipper is damaged, Ariat offers services for that. They provide a tall boot zipper replacement. They will also replace the insole of the boots and will provide cleaning, conditioning, and polishing of the leather boots. 

Zipper and Sole Replacement

Ariat also offers zipper and sole replacement, plus they will also provide a replacement for the boot insole. They offer tall boot zipper replacement and provide stitching if necessary. They offer cleaning, conditioning, and polishing of the boot leather.

Ariat Women's Quickdraw, Badlands Brown, 6 M US

Ariat Women's Quickdraw Work Boots

Work Boot

If you have work boots, Ariat offers a package for that. They provide a sole replacement, but it depends on whether the product is available. They also offer insole replacement and stitchings if necessary. They provide cleaning, conditioning, and polishing of the leather. 

Cedar Shoe Trees$25
Cedar Boot Trees$30
Military Dual Density Gel Insole$15
Military Boot Care Kit$20
Rough Out Leather Shampoo$8
Rough Out Leather Renewal (Mojave)$8
Rough Out Leather Renewal (Tan)$8
Black Edge Dressing$8
Odor Away Fresh Scent$8
Spenco Gel Insole$20
Spenco Total Support Insole$40
Spenco Gel Comfort Heel Pads$12
NuShoe Water and Stain Protector$8
Cork Renew$12
Shoe Cream (Black)$6
Shoe Cream (Neutral)$6
Shoe Cream (Dark Brown)$6
Shoe Cream (Medium Brown)$6
Suede and Nubuck Shampoo$8
Extra Laces (Marine Corps Mojave)$5
Extra Laces (Desert Tan)$5
Extra Laces (Air Force Sage)$5
Extra Laces (Black)$5
NuShoe Leather Dress Insole (Black)$15
NuShoe Leather Dress Insole (Natural)$15

Restoration Payment Options

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa
  • MC
  • Discover

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to choose NuShoe to repair my boots?

Ariat has trusted NuShoe to restore boots for 18 years already. They are also known for their high-quality boot restoration. Their cobblers already understand the construction and Ariat's use of authentic soles, insoles, zippers, and laces.

ARIAT mens Circuit Patriot Western Boot, Weathered Tan, 6 US

Ariat Circuit Patriot Men's Western Boots

When will the boot restoration be done?

The restoration may take about three to four weeks.

How much does restoration cost?

There are a variety of packages; there is $80 up to $165; it depends on the kind and type of boost you will be restoring. Moreover, it depends on the type of repair.

How will I know if my boots can be repaired?

You need to email a photo of your boots and send it to before selecting the package offered. If you have more questions in mind, you may email NuShoe directly at

Can Ariat Boots be Re-Soled, final thoughts...

Ariat makes sure that the boost they are making is of high quality. However, over time some boots need restoration to give life to them. Good thing that Ariat has NuShoe, their most trusted partner for 18 years that is best in restoring boots. NuShoe comes in a variety of packages that you can choose from. 

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