Are Ariat Boots Good For Wide Calves?

Our feet and legs come in different sizes and shapes; that is why finding the best boots that offer a great fit for your comfort is essential. Proper fit will give you a comfortable feeling while working and keep your feet from feeling irritation and pain.  

Note that foot comfort contributes much to your overall work performance because swollen feet caused by your boots will limit you from moving and doing your stuff. It’s also important to have the proper size boots for your calves!

If you have a wide calf, Ariat boots are good for you. They have a lot of wide calf cowboy boots suited to fit your wide calf. Most Ariat Wide Calf boots offer a more expansive shaft entry to help accommodate wider calf sizes. While working, Ariat Wide Calf boots will indeed provide you with an excellent boot experience. 

Ariat has innovated a variety of wide calf boots to find the proper boots that fit your calves. However, Ariat wide calf boots only come for women. If you want to have more details regarding the wide calf boots of Ariat, I have prepared details for you to check. 

Let me summarize my choices for the Best Ariat Boots for Wide Calfs, based on the type of toe:

That said, let's dig into the details!

Wide Calf Boots for Women

C- Wide Width

One of the wide calf boots of Ariat is Heritage Elastic Wide Calf Western Boot. These boots come in three colors: Darn Tan, Black Deertan, and Tan Bomber. There are different sizes that you can choose from. It comes with an easy entry feature and is handcrafted to fit any calf size. It offers a generous amount of comfort and style suited for your daily activity. Moreover, these boots provide excellent durability and come in a lightweight feature. 

ARIAT Heritage Elastic Calf Dark Tan 5.5 B (M)

Heritage Elastic Wide Calf Women's Western Boots

One of the best features of these boots is that it comes with a removable all-day cushioning insole. Also, it offers an additional 1" inch hidden stretch panel that provides a broader range of space for calves. The material used is of high quality as it is made with full-grain leather. It comes with a fabric lining and offers a lightweight and flexible outsole for durability. 

Wide Square Toe Shape

Quickdraw Western Boot is best for hardworking cowboy girls. These boots come with Tack Room Chocolate and Sandstorm colors that you can choose from. It offers a broad shaft color intended for everyone. The good thing about these boots is their quality as it is made with full-grain leather. 

Ariat Women's Quickdraw, Sandstorm/Distressed White, 6 M US

Ariat Women's Quickdraw Work Boots

If you are more on style, you can never go wrong in buying this as it comes with a high-quality eight-row stitch pattern with embroidery, giving it a classic and fancy look. It comes with a great Duratread™ outsole that offers excellent wear resistance and flexibility.

Round Toe Boots 

If you are looking for an R Toed boots, Heritage Round Toe Western Boot is best recommended. These boots come with a wide width and calf features that will surely fit right into your size. These boots have a western design that will give you a classic cowgirl look. Not only will it give you a traditional cowgirl look, but it also offers modern comfort and support that you will surely love. 

ARIAT womens Cowboy Heritage Round Toe Western Boots Women s Leather Cowgirl Boots, Distressed Brown, 8 US

Ariat Heritage Round Toe Women's Western Boots

To have enhanced support, Ariat innovates to use ATS® lightweight forked shank. These boots also come with a removable all-day cushioning insole. Moreover, these boots are crafted with four stitched designed patterns, scoured and distressed heels, and a Duratread™ sole to provide maximum wear. The materials used in these boots are of high quality as it is made with premium high-quality full-grain leather foot and upper. 

Snip Toe Shape

When looking for wide calf cowboy boots with a classic western style, Heritage X Toe Elastic Wide Calf Western Boot is best recommended. It comes with high-quality stitching with the west and traditional design stitches. These bots have StretchFit technology that offers a broader shaft entry with a hidden elastic panel. It provides excellent space for your feet to enter. The wide calf design offers easy access, regardless of your calf size. 

Heritage X Toe Elastic Calf Western Boot

Ariat Heritage X Toe Elastic Wide Calf Women's Western Boots

These boots come with ATS® technology that offers all-day comfort and stability. You can use your boots at work or even just for day-to-day footwear without having a problem regarding your feet' comfort. This boot has an all-day cushioning insole with a rebound. Moreover, these boots are made with a Bantamweight™ outsole that is lightweight and flexible.

How to Measure your Calf Size?

In buying a new pair of cowboy boots, you must know your calf size, especially since you know your big calf. It is essential to be guided with correct measurements to avoid buying boots that won't feet in your calves or are uncomfortable in your calf. When ordering online, accurate measurement is essential. Worry not since I have here stepped on how to measure your calf.

Step1 Grab a Measuring Tape

The first thing that you need to grab is a pair of measuring tape. You may also use a string and a ruler if you do not have a measuring tape. The string can substitute the tape, and you can use the ruler in measuring the string.

Step 2 Wrap the Tape Measure

You need to wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your calf; make sure not to leave any space. To ensure that you have measured the widest part of your calf, try to measure two times and choose the largest number. 

Step 3 Add 0.5 Inches If You Often Wear Leggings or Stockings

If you are fond of wearing leggings or stockings, make sure to add half an inch when measuring your calf width. If in case you often wear jeans or trousers in your boots, you will need to add an inch to your calf size. 

Note that it is essential that you need to measure your two calves. If they have a different measurement, choose the largest number. It is necessary to have the largest number to assure that the boots will fit in in case you order online. When purchasing online, measuring your claves is essential to keep you away from buying boots that won't fit in. 

Also, you need to consider if you are likely to wear heels; your calf changes its size. To ensure more accurate sizing, when measuring your calf, your heels must be raised, similar to the height of your boots. In that way, you can effectively measure the calf width.

ARIAT Women's Heritage Elastic Calf Western Boot Round Toe Black 7 W

Heritage Elastic Wide Calf Women's Western Boots

Tips in Finding Wide Calf Boots

You may know what you are looking for-- wide calf boots. However, you need to know exactly what to consider when buying wide calf boots. It is essential to know about the product details to dissect the details that need to be considered before purchase. Below are the tips for buying WideCalf Boots online

Tip 1 Know Your calf size

You must know precisely the circumference of your calf. You may sit on a chair. Your legs must be bent at a 90-degree angle. You need to measure the widest part of your calf using a tape measure. Make sure that you measure the two calves. After knowing the circumference of your calves, you may now check the product description of the boots to check the circumference of the boot. 

 Tip 2 No Return Policy

Some online store has no return policy; that is why exact measurement is essential; it keeps you away from the hassles of purchasing online. Moreover, return shipping can cost you more, plus the long wait for your exact order. 

Tip 3 Never be Discouraged

Purchasing online is very risky. You may receive an item that will disappoint you. That is why the proper investigation of buying in an online store. It would help if you had the appropriate measurement to have the boots that suit correctly to your calf.

Ariat Women's Quickdraw, Badlands Brown, 6 M US

Ariat Women's Quickdraw Work Boots

How do I know I have a big calf?

If your calf measures more than 15 inches, you will need wide calf boots. Typically, you will need 16 inches circumference boots. It is essential to have an extra inch, especially if you prefer buying taller boots. Note that in measuring, consider measuring the widest part of your calf. 

The standard measurement for women's boots is between 14 to 15 inches. Note that if your calf measurement is 14 to 15 inches, you will need to look for wide calf boots. If your height is under 5'4, but your calf measure 14 to 15 inches, then standard boots with a standard calf width may not fit you. 

What is the average calf size for a man and a woman?

 The calf sizes of a man and women have a slight difference—the average calf size of a woman clocks in around 14 inches. However, men ahs bigger calves as their calves measure from 14.5 to 16.5 inches. If you have a class more than the average calf measurement, you need to find wide calf boots. 

Best Ariat Boots for Wide Calves, final thoughts...

Everybody comes in different calf sizes, and if you have a wide calf size, you don't need to worry as there are Ariat wide size boots. In buying online, a few things need to be considered, like measuring your calf size accurately. Measuring your calf will serve as your reference as to what calf size you will buy. After measuring, you can now look for some Ariat wide calf boots that suit your preference. 

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