Are Ariat Boots Good Quality?

You are here because you are wondering if Ariat boots are good quality, but, before I satisfy your curiosity, why do you ask? Is it the hype around these boots? Or have you heard about Ariat boots from a friend or colleague, and you wish to know more?

Well, no matter the reason, let’s get into the details about these boots and first off, “Are Ariat boots good quality?”

Ariat boots are a very good quality boot that offers all-day comfort and support.  Ariat boots undergo a 150-step construction process, utilizing genuine leather and including insoles that provide strong support while being soft and cushioning.

From my research, I discovered that Ariat makes excellent imported boots that strive to match American-made boot standards. Known as the "The New Breed of Boot," Ariat brand radiates quality as the first company to integrate athletic footwear technology into boots for equestrian athletes.

Also, their product quality is non-negotiable. From the leather to the soles and the overall appearance, The various footwear designed for different purposes such as working, hiking, outing, riding and a wide range of selection for both men and women and kids is reflective of one word 'QUALITY.'

What Are The Quality Features Of Ariat Boots?

From reviews, I learned that the management of Ariat Company is passionate about what they do. The Ariat brand ensures their boots reflect the quality of their work. I also discovered that the quality of the boots is evident in their durable soles and overall leather appearance, which guarantees comfort and durability. Having said these, what are the quality features of Ariat boots that give the boots the credits as mentioned above?

I discovered from research that Ariat boots are perfectly hand-crafted with stout, rugged and thick top-grain leathers and full-grain leathers. These features make Ariat boots comfortable and lasting.

From research, I found that Ariat boots are hand-crafted by highly qualified crafters and designers to meet the highest standard. The quality of their work is remarkable, accompanied by the use of genuine leather. (Source).  From further research, I got hold of the verifiable fact that each is designed by paying attention to details and ensuring that the raw materials are suitable for the particular boot, whether a lifestyle boot or a work boot.

Based on my discovery, one of the company's core values is 'quality craftmanship,' which shows its uniqueness in the footwear world. Ariat partners with world-class biomedical research groups and testing labs to improve their products and promote one of their core values: the production of quality boots. (Source).

In terms of comfort, Ariat boots are known for their comfort, which reflects the quality of the boots. The soft interior of these boots makes them one of the best boots in the market today.

As a result of its integrated technology, the Ariat produces different quality boots suitable for various ranch activities, work, other outdoor activities, and even for lifestyle. (Reference)

Note that they produce workbooks that they are popularly known for. They also make and design all sorts of boots for fashion, lifestyle, etc.

Materials that Makeup Quality Ariat Boots

From Ariat's official website, I discovered that they produce and design boots that are of quality, the company, through its team source for raw materials that are stout, rugged, and thick. Also, the company partners with a tannery company and ensures that the hides (raw material) meet the company's quality standards. (Reference)

From further research, I discovered that the full-grain leather is wholly insulated as well as waterproof. In slick situations, the Duratread outsole delivers exceptional grip and wear resistance. They source most of our hides from American cattle ranchers, as it is part of the company's belief that the best hides come from the U.S. Kindly check what I further discovered below:

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather means they will be able to stand tears of wear and tear without wearing out. Full-grain leather means the leather has not been altered or corrected from its original state. This makes it highly unique.

Top-grain leather

Top-grain leather, another premium leather, is also used by the Ariat brand to produce their boots. It is also more accessible than full-grain leather.

  • Due to modern technology, some western boots by  Ariat are made using synthetic and hybrid materials.
  • Ariat also makes use of long-wearing and flexible outsole for its boots. Duratread outsoles are created to give the best combination of wear resistance and comfortability.
  • Ariat's insoles have soft cushioning and strong support to keep the feet comfortable. This ensures maximum comfort for your feet, and the Smart Rebound Technology help absorb shock and reduce heel pressure.

What Customers Are Saying About the Quality of Ariat Boots

As the saying goes, 'reviews don't lie. There are thousands of positive customer reviews online about the quality craftsmanship of Ariat Boots.

From many reviews, Ariat is probably worth a try. Complaints directed towards the brand are rare, and it's much more probable you'll appreciate their products.

Based on some reviews from Autopilot, customers made great comments on the quality of the boots.  Particularly, one of them said: "these are good-looking, solid work boots. A very substantial tread of the sole and chunky heel area are really nice….."

However, I discovered that they commented badly on the customer service relationship. (Reference )

Are Ariat Boots Worth the Money?

This is a difficult topic to answer since everyone has a different financial situation! Although Ariat offers a variety of goods at a variety of pricing points, the best advice is just to get the best you can afford from the company's catalog.

As simplified from reviews, the majority of individuals who buy Ariat boots believe that they are well worth the money in the long, long term. This is due to the fact that they are durable and long-lasting, outperforming and outlasting their less expensive counterparts.

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