Where Can You Buy SmartWool Socks?

Smartwool offers the best socks; they are durable, best-fitting, and comfortable. You might purchase these socks for years already, or you might be one of the many who wants to buy these socks for the first time. If you have no idea where to buy it, I can surely give you details on where to purchase it. 

You can directly purchase Smartwool socks on their online site at SmartWool.com. Also, they have many online shop dealers. They have U.S. Online Dealers, Canada Online Dealers, Europe Online Dealers, and New Zealand Online Dealers. 

If you prefer to visit a local store, you can purchase Smartwool socks at the nearest store in your area using the Smartwool Socks Store Locator

You have so many options for buying your Smartwool socks. You have the option to purchase online or from the store near you using their Store Locator. You can buy Smartwool socks depending on your preference and options on which is convenient. To know more details on how to purchase your Smartwool Socks, I have searched about that, so you will be guided when purchasing; just read more below.

Best Price on Smartwool Socks

All Smartwool socks offer the best prices since not only can you have high-quality socks but also you can guarantee that the socks you have purchased are worth it and have a two-year warranty. One of SmartWool US Online Dealer, REI  offers the best prices since they have discounts. I will list them below for you. 

Visit Rei to find deals on SmartWool socks!

Smartwool Ph.D. Outdoor Ultra Light Mini Socks - Men's

One of the best-priced socks is Smartwool Ph.D. Outdoor Ultra Light Mini Socks - Men's.

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks - Men’s Hunt Large Wool Performance Sock

SmartWool Ph.D. Outdoor Ultra Sock
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These socks have Body-mapped mesh zones that make the socks breathable and moisture-free. The original price of these socks is %16.75, and the store offers a 24% discount, making the price drop $12.73, and you can save a total of $4.2. Note that intermediate markdowns may have been taken.

Smartwool Ph.D. Ski Ultra Light Pattern Socks - Women's

With Smartwool Ph.D. Ski Ultra Light Pattern Socks - Women's, you can head out with your skiing activity with these best-priced socks.

Smartwool Women's PhD Ski Medium Over-the-Calf Merino Wool Socks, Black, Medium

SmartWool Ph.D. Ski Sock
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This sock offers breathability, protection, and comfort since it is made with high-quality merino wool. You can save up to $9.22 since it has 36% off from its original price of $24.95; the current price is $15.73. Note that intermediate markdowns may have been taken.

SmartwoolHike Light Margarita Crew Socks - Women's

One of the best-priced socks that I can recommend is Smartwool Hike Light Margarita Crew Socks - Women's.

Smartwool Men's Hike Margarita Crew Light Merino Wool Socks, Military Olive-Black, Medium

SmartWool Hike Margarita Crew Socks
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Your purchase is worth it since it offers the best benefits of merino wool wicks away the moisture that keeps your feet dry and odor-free. The good thing about this is it is currently discounted. The original price is over $20; it comes with a 24% discount. The current price is under $16, and you can save around $5 bucks. Note that intermediate markdowns may have been taken.

Where to Buy Smartwool Socks?

You can buy Smartwool socks in your local area if there are any. You can use their Store Locator to find the nearest store. Also, Smartwool has a lot of Online Dealers where you can purchase. You can find them in many countries including the USA, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand. I have listed them for you to check. 

US Online Dealers

Canada Online Dealers

Europe Online Dealers

New Zealand Online Dealers

Deals on Smartwool Socks

You can find great deals on socks on the Smartwool website; they offer 50% discounts. Smartwool also provides a gift card that you can give to your friend or for yourself. One of the best deals that you can avail of in Smartwool is its PRO PROGRAM. You can avail of Smartwool discounts for personal use only.

In order to avail of their PRO Program, you need to create an account first. Then you need to review eligibility requirements or qualifications. After that you need to meet all the requirements. Then you can submit all the data at propurchase@smartwool.com. Please make sure to add "Pro Application" in the subject line with the supporting documents. Allow them to process the application within five business days.

Note that the PRO Program is only applicable for self-purchase and cannot be shared with friends or family. Any abuse of the PRO Program may result in losing your PRO eligibility. Also, it is important not to disclose your account to others. 

Where to Find Smartwool Socks on Sale?

You can find Smartwool socks on sale at many authorized online dealers; you can refer to the above-listed authorized online dealers. Most of these online dealers come with gift cards and discounts that offer the best price in owning Smartwool socks. Most of these online stores come with discount programs, clearance sales, and markdowns that could save you dollars.  

Find SmartWool’s Authorized Online Retailers by clicking here!


You can buy Smartwool socks on their Smartwool website, but you have more options for purchasing their socks. There are many authorized online dealers that offer the best prices with programs, sales, and discounts. You can guarantee that your purchase is worth it due to the excellent quality of socks with a two-year guarantee.

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